Chronic Sinusitis Is A Warning Sign For Erectile Dysfunction


Sinusitis is a health condition caused by swelling or inflammation of sinuses lining. It is a very common condition with cold-like symptoms such as a runny and stuffy nose.

Chronic Sinusitis Affects Sexual Function

However, if it’s a chronic sinusitis, researchers at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital in Taiwan found that it is associated with erectile dysfunction.

This means if you have a chronic sinusitis, there is a chance you’ll be having erection issues if the condition is not addressed.

The Doctors discussed it recently and they agree because the tissues in the sinuses and erectile tissues are similar.

In fact, the erectile tissues in the penis are also called cavernous sinuses.

Another thing that seems to confirmed this is that, one of the side effects of taking erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra is a runny nose.

Hence, if you’re taking any of these ED drugs, it’s not just the penis erectile tissues are going to be affected, but other similar tissues in the body, as well.

The study1 is published in Nature and it’s a population-based study.

The researchers were uncertain of the underlying mechanism in the development of ED in individuals with chronic sinusitis.

Although as mentioned earlier, the effects could be due to similar tissues found in sinuses and penile erectile tissues.

The researchers added in the discussion section that treatment of chronic sinusitis has been found to improved erectile dysfunction condition.

In this study, researchers found that this association has a stronger indication on men that belongs to age group 36 to 50 years old. The study conclusion;

This study found an association between having CRS and a significantly higher risk of developing ED than the general population, regardless of age, the presence of comorbidity, and medications. Because of the high (and potentially increasing) prevalence of CRS, clinicians should be aware of the risk of ED in CRS patients. Further research is required to determine the underlying mechanism linking these two adverse health outcomes.

First Line of Defense Against Chronic Sinusitis

One of the primary thing that can be done in order to prevent sinusitis and even erectile dysfunction is maintained a good immune system.

Probably, one of the most important thing to consider maintaining a healthy gut. This is where most of the immune system response come from.

Therefore, focus on good nutrition, regular exercise, and yoga.

Of course, getting regular quality sleep is another vital factors for boosting the body’s immune system.

Dr. Mercola also has amazing tips on how to naturally treat sinusitis and even prevent from happening. Drinking plenty of water also helps and doing relaxation or mindfulness meditation is just as helpful, as well.

Acupressure For Sinusitis

Another natural and can be done anywhere for relieving sinusitis is acupressure. This is stimulating acupuncture points, but instead of needles, the fingers are used to press and put pressure on the points.

There are lots of natural and holistic approach to relieving and preventing sinusitis. The great thing about the holistic approach is that it affects the entire body in a positive way.

Always remember that foods referring to organic whole foods are key good health.

Combine that with exercise and healthy lifestyle practices like regular sun exposure(whenever the sun shines), obtaining quality sleep, quitting smoking, minimize or stop drinking alcohol, plus many others are vital for health.

Of course, minor sinus cases are non-preventable. But when it comes, your body will be able to get rid of it quickly.


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