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5 Foods To Avoid In Order To Keep A Man’s Sexual Health On Top Shape

Achieving and maintaining healthy and long-lasting erections on demand are results of good nutritional and dietary choices.

On the other hand, poor nutrition choices can lead to various health issues including vascular disease, which is connected to male sexual health resulting to erectile dysfunction.

A man’s first line of defense against ED would be good nutrition by eating healthy, and nutritious foods that provide all the essential nutrients for the body to function properly.

Medical studies have come up with consistent results that ED responds readily to nutritional changes. Mentioned below are some essential food groups that could severely impact male sexual health and performance when consumed regularly.

1 – NO Fried and Fatty Foods

Fatty Foods

With today’s busy environment, fried and fatty foods are available readily at fast foods. However, foods prepared in fast food chains are full of fats, particularly saturated fats. In turn, this causes a slow down in blood circulation on the entire body, plus the stomach experience difficulty digesting fatty foods.

Moreover, saturated fats are also found in dairy products such as butter, cheese, whole milk, nuts, and red meats. If it is unavoidable to eat these foods, reduce the portion and do not eat them every day.

With regards to milk, switch to non-fat milk, and for both butter and margarine, replace them with healthy oils such as olive oils, canola, and other vegetable oils.

However, keep oil consumption at a minimum, as even healthy fats and oils such as olive and coconut oils, and butter can be deadly when consume overly.

In addition, read meat is no doubt contain high amounts of saturated fats. Therefore, choose extra lean ground beef in order to cut down on both calories and fats. Avoid eating food products that contain trans-fats hence read the labels carefully. Trans fats are found in pre-packaged foods such as cookies, crackers, and chips.

The good news, FDA had given food manufacturers to remove trans fats from processed foods.

2 – NO White Flour

White Flour Products

Dietitians and nutritionists always recommend buying or using unprocessed whole wheat flour. White flour is a processed flour, and during its process, it removes most of the essential nutrients including those important for boosting sexual health. The processing of whole wheat flour into white flour removes approximately 75 percent of its zinc content.

Zinc is essential for men to produce semen resulting to an increased libido. Keep in mind, a well-nourished body achieve both fitness and great sex. Therefore, take some time to consider the foods consumed, and avoid or disregard all unhealthy ones.

In addition, consuming too many refined grains such as white flour is linked to insulin resistance, which is a precursor of diabetes. In fact, studies linked diabetes to erectile dysfunction and high risk of having heart disease due to the narrowing of the arteries and blood vessels.

3 – NO Sugary Foods And Soda Drinks

Sugary Soda Drinks

One of the most vital molecule in the human body for achieving an erection is Nitric Oxide. However, fructose a simple sugar found in sweets and treats is an inhibitor of nitric oxide. It is the same sweet taste found in carbonated drinks or soda that contain a high amount of calories, and artificial sugar that cause obesity, diabetes along with heart disease and erectile dysfunction in men.

However, it does not imply one must refrain from anything that is sweet completely. Instead, switch simple sugar with naturally sweet foods such as raw and fresh fruits that have high fiber contents. Additionally, avoid sugary junk food such as cakes, donuts, pastries, or anything that uses artificial sweeteners for taste.

4 – Avoid Being Alcoholic

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

A study conducted at Duke University Medical Center found out that male who are moderate drinkers of alcohol experienced a reduction of achieving hard erections, semen production as well as sperm counts.

Alcohol, even when consume in a small amount can interfere a man’s ability in controlling his ejaculation leading to PE or premature ejaculation. Furthermore, alcohol can affect the quality of orgasms significantly.

5 – Quit Smoking Tobacco/Cigarette

Quit Smoking

Nicotine was mentioned at this previous article, and it is among the things that must be avoided at all cost for any man who wants to maintain sexual health in top shape.

Clearly, smoking or the consumption of tobacco can lead to vascular diseases, poor sexual performance, and sexual dysfunction. There were 27 studies conducted to analyze the effect of cigarette smoking on sperm count, morphology, and motility in both fertile and infertile men.

The study found that a modest reduction in the quality of the semen along with hormonal changes among men who smoke compare to non-smokers.

Similarly, many other studies conducted for non-fertile male smokers and non-smokers have reported an average 23 percent reduction in sperm concentration, and 13 percent reduction in sperm motility for male smokers.

Not to mention, cigarette smoking increases the risk of lung and heart diseases as well as diabetes, all link to male impotency. Hence, maintaining a healthy sexual health and performance requires one to abstain smoking at all costs.

Although studies have found the deteriorating effect of smoking towards male sexual health, there are individuals who smoke moderately but still do well in penis enlargement.

This is a very interesting real-life fact, yet these individuals are only talking about the quality of erections and achieving great results in increasing penis size, but no mention about sperm quality.

The things mentioned in this article are very common, and the majority of men seem to ignore the facts associated with each until such time when it is too late. It is a simple matter of making smart food choices and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy body and mind result in a healthy sex life. Health is truly vital before one consider medication of erectile dysfunction.

Lastly, it is crucial to note that health vital for anyone who wants to increase penis size. You could be taking great and effective supplements, perform penis exercises on a regular basis, use extender or penis pumps such as Bathmate and Penomet, but if you do not follow a healthy and well-balanced diet, all your efforts could be wasted.


  1. I think the best way to prevention is the best way to avoid having health problems in the future, that’s why I love reading articles like this. I had a terrible lifestyle before that included stress, I was always in a rush so I would eat fast food 3 times per day, my alimentation was killing me and I didn’t realize of it at that moment, after I reached my middle 40s I started having sexual problems, BPH and some other problems and that’s when I opened my eyes and decided to make changes on my life , I started changing my alimentation, I quit smoking and drinking and started working out, besides those I found a very good supplement on Amazon that offered a guarantee that if it doesn’t help me they would return me my money so I was like.. lets try it! after some months taking it I can tell it worked miracles. I feel like a new man, my prostate problems are just past, I have a better lifestyle and a better sexual life.

  2. There are a lot of claims on the web but I wish I could learn from men who have actually tried different items what works and what does not. On the contrary, I guess eating and living healthy are valuable contributors to achieving better sexual health, as well.

  3. My bf is at his mid 20s and no he isn’t a virgin however he keeps going down when were about to make love. i’ve tried by best to keep it up but it just lasts for like 1min… i do not know what to do and neither him.

    • Is your boyfriend a super heavy chain smoker and alcoholic? Both contribute to sexual function in both men and women. Or, does your boyfriend engaged in a very stressing job? Stress is sex drive killer, as well.

      I think what your boyfriend need to try first is to check his lifestyle and if the current lifestyle sucks, change it for the better. Eat and sleep right, if he is a smoker and alcoholic then minimize both if it cannot be eliminated at once.

      Also, ask him to unwind through relaxation…deep breathing or short meditation. Workout regularly with either Yoga or cardiovascular workouts… this can be done both at the same time, or do it alternately.

  4. I’m not really in need of this, but my bf. I think I have to convince him to live a healthier lifestyle and eat the right foods for his health. I’m the one who is healthy conscious, but he(my bf) is somewhat wild at unhealthy foods. And, guess what??? his performance is not that great, always tired, etc.

  5. I have read from someplace that 1-in-5 men/guys ages 20 and up has actually had erectile dysfunction. Does anyone know about therapies, if there is any?


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