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Various Popular Penis Enlargement Exercises For Achieving Bigger and Longer Penis



Nowadays, numerous men are constantly in search of methods to achieve a bigger and longer penis through natural means preferably. Although, there are those who are willing to take it beyond natural means, but majority wants safe and natural techniques. Based on surveys, women want an average size penis. However, having an above average penis size is more satisfying according to some women.

Penis Exercises Bigger Penis

Male enhancement pills and penis enlargement devices are widely available to help men achieve a bigger and longer penis. However, male enhancement supplements are far more effective when combined with penis exercises.

Penis exercises are still popular for men wanting to increase their size. Anyone can do it. The popular penis exercises involve using hanging weights, stretching, Jelqing, and Kegel. Each of this exercises offers different things of achieving a bigger size or longer. Keep in mind, just like with those regular exercises to build muscles, it entails dangers of injuries. Therefore, extreme care must be follow right from the start.


Weights used for penis exercise come in a variety of sizes and weights. It is crucial to pick the right weight and size appropriate for one’s situation.

For beginners, never use heavier weights but opt for lighter ones and move to heavier weights gradually. Immediately using heavy weights while in the beginning stage will not help achieve a bigger size. Using too heavy weights can pull the muscles in the penis that could lead to injuries.

Using heavy weights for a long time can lead to overstretching the tissues in the penile shaft making it thinner and might lead to tissue damage. This can result to thinning of the penile shaft and loss of sensation due to tissues being damaged by heavy hanging weights.

Hence, never use weights in your penis enlargement routine if you are just getting started. Certainly, the penis at this point is not yet ready to take such advanced routine.

This is how penis weights is used. This is just a demonstration and weight used is not actual penis weights, but the concept is similar. Video demonstration by PeniMaster traction extender device in laboratory testing.

Warning: The demonstration uses extreme weights. Do NOT try this if you have no previous experience.

JELQING Exercise

Jelqing is among the popular penis enlargement exercises. Men who have used this exercise reported having achieved good results. Jelqing stimulates both the muscles and tissues of the penis, resulting to an enlarged size. Jelqing is also known as the milking method due to the process involved.

When doing Jelqing exercises, the thumb and index finger wraps around the penis while it is partially erect. Then, draw the fingers repeatedly away from the body which force the blood towards the Corpus Covernosa. This exercise is good for increasing the penis length.

There is one crucial thing to keep in mind prior to performing Jelqing. The penis needs to be warmth up by wrapping it in a warm towel few minutes before exercise. Wrapping the penis with a warm towel simulates a third or fourth stage arousal which brings the penis towards erection. Warming up the penis before exercise will loosen the muscles and expand easily during the milking action.


Clamping is another useful penis exercise. Clamping involves using tight cock ring or cable clamp designed to constrict the penis. The constriction device is firmly clamped at the penis base. While the clamp or constricting device is on, the penis is brought to full erection and masturbated for an extended time.

Removing or taking off the clamp or ring must be taken with extreme care. Using a tight cock metal ring is not recommended due to risks involve. The penis could be trapped while it is in full erection with the significant amount of blood flow it is difficult to take off.

Pubococcygeus Muscles In Men and Women
Pubococcygeus(PC) Muscle[courtesy cnx.org]

KEGEL Exercises

Kegel is yet another penis enlargement exercise that works. It targets the pubococcygeus muscle rather than aiming at the penis directly. The pubococcygeus muscle is responsible for delaying erection.

Having full control on this muscle through exercise and practice, it helps achieve a longer and better erections. Men wanting to last longer in bed should try Kegel exercises.

Penis enlargement exercises mentioned here follows one fundamental principle… to simulate both muscles and tissues in the penis to achieve a larger girth and longer in length. To learn more about natural and manual penis enlargement exercises, checkout the Penis Advantage Program here.

Furthermore, using penis enlargement devices such as SizeGenetics extender, or penis pumps like Penomet and Bathmate help achieve better results.



  1. The only thing I haven’t tried is hanging weights. It looks terrible unless maybe you owned various ranges of weights.

  2. Since I was a teenager, I was very keen in penis enlargement but didn’t push through. On the other hand, I had this in my mind that male enhancement pills like extenze and vimax pills are easy ways to achieving penis growth, turned out they’re not, although I have tried both and are helpful in boosting erection, sex drive and stamina. Now, I realized, the only way to increase my penis size is through various penis exercises… I’ve done it for a week now and I’ve notice some soreness, but erection is harder even without taking anything. Of course, I do shifted my lifestyle for the better since 3 months now with regular exercise and eating right. So, I guess that helped, as well. Still, I wanna go on doing penis enlargement exercises with just the basic and I’m eager to see what’s coming at the end of this year….still over 6 months to come… wish me luck 🙂

  3. Me and my girlfriend are just getting more intimate and had sex. Sadly, well I guess she was just being honest with me… he said I had a smaller penis size than the guy she had with during her previous relationship. This makes me curious and measured my penis, and it’s only 2.7 inches when fully erect. And, as I was reading one article, my size is well below the average penis size of most men. I think it’s a good idea for me to do penis enlargement… I’d be happy even if I just increase my size in length at 1 inch.


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