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Understanding Penile Shrinkage and What You Can Do About It?

The fact is that majority of men are not comfortable talking or consulting with their doctor about issues associated with the penis. One of such topics includes erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkage.

Penile Shrinkage
Penile Shrinkage or Shortening of the Penis

However, failure to cope with such issues in penile size and/or function can eventually impair a man’s life. Particularly, this affects his sexual lifestyle and activities.

Issues such as penile shrinkage, or shortening and noticeable deterioration of function can change a man’s self-esteem, and even cause issues including stress and depression.

Let us explore and learn more about this condition. One of the natural solutions is employing a traction devices such as Phallosan, SizeGenetics or Penimaster Pro.

Through understanding the potential health issues that could arise while experiencing this condition, men should tackle it.

In the end, it results in a boost in overall health and wellness, gain back penile size and improve erection quality.

The penis can often change its size and shape due to certain environmental influences such as cold and hot weathers and during sexual arousal.

These normal changes and do not negatively impact the penis size and its function.

Additionally, redistribution or body fat accumulation can make the penis appear smaller than normal. Although there may be no change in its real size.

Penile shrinkage or also known as shortening or atrophy refers to a real decrease in penile tissues, and even its ability to function normally could also change.

Shrinkage is a common condition that occurs in older age such as those age 60 have higher chances to experience penile shrinkage.

Nevertheless, in some specific cases, younger men may also notice a long term change in shape and the size of their penises.

4 Common Causes of Penile Shrinkage

By now, hopefully, you have an idea what is penile shrinkage and it’s possible, and it could happen to anyone.

Even during heavy exercise one can experience some noticeable changes in penile shortening, but this is temporary and nothing to worry about.

Penile shrinkage can happen during exercise especially with lifting heavy weights because according to experts, the body sends more blood to areas that are well-stimulated during the workout.

It makes sense because, during exercise, you are not using the penis unless you’re doing some sort of penis exercises.

On the contrary, there are some factors that can affect penile shrinkage over a long period of time. Moreover, this could potentially become permanent if nothing is done to address the issue.

Here are some the common issues that can cause long-term or even permanent penile shrinkage.

1. Reduced In Blood Flow To The Penis

A decrease in the flow of blood to the penile tissue can bring about a decrease in size.

Health issues including atherosclerosis, cardiovascular-related health issues, and poor circulation of blood due to wearing tight clothing can deprive the penis of the blood it requires for penile tissue nourishment.

Men with circulatory difficulties could also experience a decline of erectile function, as the blood that’s necessary to flood the erectile chambers is inadequate.

2. Low Testosterone or Low-T Level

Men who have significant declined in testosterone, or men with a Low-T may also experience a shortening of the penis.

When in doubt about low testosterone causing the shrinkage, it is worth noting to see if there is also a reduction in the size of the testicles.

Testosterone levels dropped noticeably due to the process of aging. Also, certain health conditions and chemotherapy or radiation therapy can impair and drop the levels of testosterone, particularly when used for treating prostate cancer.

There are also various means to boost low testosterone levels naturally.

For instance, performing regular exercises like Kettlebell, and short high-intensity cardiovascular workouts can both help revved up testosterone levels.

3. Connective Penile Tissue Problems

Penile health conditions like Peyronie’s disease that alters the connective tissues of the penis can result in an overall loss in length due to curvature or bending.

In some cases, Peyronie’s disease it can inflict pain and cause erection issues. We have an article detailing Peyronie’s disease.

If you’re interested in reading more about this particular penile health condition, you can do so by visiting and reading this page on Peyronie’s disease.

4. Obesity or Being Overweight

Obesity issue is not just about the overall weight concerns, but the build-up of fats around the belly area, or waist size causes the penis retracts inward.

As the fat tissues in the waistline protrude as it builds up, down lower where the penis is located retract in an inward direction. This is a natural pull of tissues below the belly area causing the penis to go inside or inward resulting in a smaller and shorter penis size.

The good news, if you could start losing that fat build-up, penis size also starts to come back out. A small change of losing an inch in waist size can be a great help on gaining back that penile shrinkage or shortening due to fats.

Also, losing the unwanted extra fats around the belly can be of huge benefits to overall health, as well. There’s a good reason why do it as outlined in this article about how belly fat affects a man’s sexual health.

Addressing Loss Of Penile Tissues

The loss of penis size treatments would be based on the underlying root cause of the problem. Men who are experiencing tissue loss are highly encouraged to consult with their doctor/urologist in order to be diagnosed the real root cause of the problem.

In a situation where a decreased blood circulation is the cause, lifestyle changes such as eating healthy particularly anti-inflammatory diet, losing weight and maintaining it at an ideal or healthy level, and taking medications for a heart-related disease can help to restore depleted tissue. So, talk to your doctor about these matters.

Furthermore, men experiencing a Low-T may opt for hormone therapy. Although there are certain side effects or health risks that should be weighed in this situation when taking hormone replacement therapy.

There is also natural supplementation that encouraged the production of HGH(human growth hormone) that when combined with a healthy lifestyle can be effective. There are also numerous other alternatives for treating issues associated with the penile connective tissue.

In some instances, men experienced significant progress when taking or having treatment with vitamin E. In some cases, surgical procedures are required and even putting penile implant or prosthesis is recommended by the doctor.

External Means Of Penis Nourishment

Aside from the possible solutions mentioned earlier, regularly applying penis cream containing vital nutrients may provide additional health benefits to the penis.

There are various penile creams that are formulated with specific vitamins that can enhance penile health. Some of the components included in these penis creams or oils may help the penis regenerating tissue growth.

Through a regular application and making it a part of a daily routine, men who have penile shrinkage issues can take the full benefits of these vital nutrients. They provide a lot of beneficial impact when applying it directly to the skin of the penis.

Among the common nutrients that are proven to work when applied externally includes Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.

These are also useful when it comes to antioxidants, moisturizer, and tissue-building amino acids. These vitamins are also considered natural male-enhancing nutrients.

Lastly, typical penis enlargement devices like penis pumps and penis extenders are also good when use appropriately to restore penile length due to shrinkage.


  1. Hi my name is james i ha e a shrunken penis what can I do to get it back to normal I’m to embarrisedembarrass to see doctor

    • Hey bro, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure that I’m affected by that condition, however I am under the impression that things are changing in a bad way lol. In my case I wonder if it could be related to various back injuries and a strong daily regiment of opiates (Pretty sure it can lower the testosterone). Although it’s not significant, I feel like the size might be affected and I know for sure that my libido is. Anyway, I saw this Video on youtube the other day, I think it was a Vice Documentary, about a surgeon who performed surgery to help men in such situation. It was in the US….In Florida, I think The guy even said that most insurances covered the cost of the surgery since the psychological damages caused by this condition can be very difficult to live with. There’s nothing wrong with fixing something that you consider to be wrong. If you start fixing every part of your body, obviously you have a psychological problem, but if fixing something that is caused by a medical condition can make you feel better about yourself, Go for it!!! If you do, please post some feedback here, I’d love to hear about your experience….if it’s not too personal, of course.


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