Regular Tea Consumption Is Good For Your Heart


Just as regular coffee consumption, tea offers many health benefits including heart health. In fact, one study1 says that regular tea consumption reduces bad cholesterol level.

On the other hand, it also slows down the decline of the good cholesterol. Yes, there are two types of cholesterol in our body and both need to have a balance level. And, researchers say tea consumption particularly black and green tea are both good at keeping a healthy cholesterol level.

Tea Heart Health Benefits

Tea Consumption Lowers Cardiovascular Disease

CVD(cardiovascular disease), or in other words, heart-related diseases are very common these days on a global scale. However, it’s not too late to give up and simply accept the fact.

A 6-year study in China involving over 80,000 people proves that tea consumption decreases cardiovascular risk by 8%. Although it may not sound significant but making tea consumption as part of healthy lifestyle practices and healthy diet, it can be significant.

Two of the most commonly consumed teas around the world is green and black tea. In this study, however, researchers say green tea has a slightly stronger effect than black tea. Both black and green teas are anti-inflammatory due to their catechins and antioxidants polyphenols content.

Effect On HDL and LDL Cholesterol

And, about its positive benefit on cholesterol levels, both green and black tea are beneficial. HDL or the good cholesterol level decreases with age but tea consumption manages to slow it down.

In this study, the effect is more apparent in men whose age ranges from 60 and above. It is also apparent in men with risk factors for heart disease like;

  • Smoking
  • Larger BMI(body mass index)
  • Low-level physical activity

Of course, when regular tea consumption is combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet, it can achieve better results.

Furthermore, this is not the first study to link tea consumption to heart health benefit. An earlier study2 also found similar findings.

…freshly brewed green or black tea appears to be a reasonable dietary choice to consider as part of a lifestyle and dietary approach to prevent heart disease.

In another study3, researchers say tea consumption reduces risk of ischaemic heart disease. But, what is IHD(Ischemic Heart Disease)?

Watch below to learn more…


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