4 Cups of Coffee A Day Is Beneficial For Heart Health


The Framingham Heart Study found that coffee consumption is good for the heart. In that study, researchers say coffee may help reduce the risks of stroke and heart failure. Studies after studies, slowly coffee has gained more popularity not just because of its taste but with its health benefits.

In one recent study1, the researchers were very specific as to the amount of coffee to benefit heart health.

How It Works?

The researchers say that drinking four cups of coffee a day enhances the mitochondrial p27. This is a protein that promotes the migration of endothelial cells for protection of the muscle cells of the heart. The mitochondrial p27 enhancing effect of coffee lead to the beneficial chain of events.

Moreover, the regulatory proteins of caffeine have the ability to bind to certain DNA parts. This role has something to do with gene expression. In turn, this is just another way of protecting the cardiovascular cells from damage.

Also, coffee contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants with a function to depend on the cells against free radicals. These free radicals are also known as ROS(reactive oxygen species).

In other words, regular consumption of coffee can have an anti-aging effect on humans. Perhaps, this is the reason coffee is linked to longevity. In fact, it’s not just coffee but tea, as well.

Enjoying The Most Benefits From Coffee

Today, when you go to a supermarket, you’ll find varieties of coffee. Even though many coffee products say it’s coffee, not all of them have the health benefits as authentic coffee offers.

Hence, in order to reap and enjoy the most health benefits from every sip, make sure you drink the right type of coffee. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to make a healthy cup of coffee at home.

Additionally, if you feel the strong acidic effect coffee and you still want to drink and enjoy its benefits, try cold brewing your coffee. Enjoying the long-term benefits does not only offer better heart health but also prostate and brain health.


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