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Credit Card Debts Could Make You Sick

First of all, this is not a financial advice. However, the majority of people today own a credit card, and in some cases several credit cards. Unfortunately, if you let loose the use of credit cards, your debts can soar.

Credit Cards

In many cases, high credit card debts can lead to sleepless nights and eventually can take a toll on your health.

Credit Card Debt Impact On Health

The USA Today reports that 86% of Americans regret about their credit card debts. The report is based on a survey done by Nerdwallet.

Most credit card holders main regrets include taking a long time to pay. This results in high interests, which eventually causing unnecessary stress on the credit cardholders.

In fact, nearly 2 in 5 cardholders say that credit card debts affect their general happiness. Moreover, one-third says credit card debts have a negative impact on their standard of living; while 1 in 5 cardholders say credit card debts affected their health negatively.

Escaping The Credit Card Debts

Credit cards are not bad. In fact, it is our friend. However, uncontrollable usage and not paying on-time builds up the burden of credit card debts.

Hence, it is important to practice good credit card management by paying the balance each month fully. If you can’t pay in full, always pay the minimum amount due in order to avoid penalties.

These penalties, although apparently in small amounts can add up over time if you don’t pay it. Hence, pay your dues on-time to avoid stress as stress has a significant negative impact on your health especially heart health.

Probably, this is another factor in achieving a total wellness, paying your credit card debts on time. Or, if you can cash, don’t get a credit card.

Perhaps, you can a lesson from Richard Arvin Overton, a 111 years old American centenarian. He is the oldest verified surviving and living U.S. World War II veteran. In a short film by National Geographic, Mr. Overton says he pays in cash, and not used any credit cards.

At over 100 years old, he is perfectly healthy. He even qualified to drive. He is also a minimalist. You’ll find how minimalist and practical he is at 3:30 timeline in the video, also mentioned he is not fooled with credit cards.

Financial Wellness Matters

As much as picking an appropriate diet and exercising regularly, staying financially health and debt-free is also essential for staying healthy.

That old man’s tips, as well as his minimalistic approach, is a good thing to model on. Of course, nothing hinders you from achieving financial freedom but make sure along the way, you’ll take care of your debts and pay them promptly.


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