What Men Are Thinking When They Stare At Women’s Boobs?


Scientists were able to determine the perfect shape of women’s breasts. But would science be able to tell what men think while staring at women’s breasts?

It may be impossible to tell but scientists conducted studies and here are what they found.

What Men Think Looking At Women's Breasts

Now, let us quickly explore five studies explaining the relationships of men on women’s breasts. Besides the best source of baby food, women’s breasts fascinate men. The relationship between men and women’s breasts is more complicated than you think.

Men don’t simply attract and stare at them, something is going in their brain.

1. Size Matters But Not So Much

Now, let us hear what science says about what men think about breasts size. You might have heard the phrase size matters. Similarly, this is true on the perception of men towards women’s breasts.

In one study1 scientists found that medium-to-large breasts are preferred by men. On the other hand, not all men prefer large breasts. In fact, in this study, men who have less sexual restriction care more about breasts size.

Moreover, the Sun reports one survey suggesting that medium size boobs are popular among men and women.

Therefore, the bigger a woman’s breasts do not always mean attractive to men. Some studies suggest that women with large breasts would better off keeping a C cup size.

2. Income Influences Boob Size Preference

Do you prefer small boobs? Don’t feel bad. You may be earning high and feel more financially secure. In one study2, the researchers found that low earner men find big breasts attractive. On the other hand, men who have higher earnings prefer the opposite.

3. Staring At Boobs Boosts Longevity

One man confirms that picking a good wife is good for longevity. What could even better if your wife has the boobs you prefer and staring at it could further boost your longevity?

Yes, you’ve read it right. There is evidence that staring at a woman’s boobs may increase a man’s lifetime, the Men’s Health Magazine reports.

Moreover, the Daily Record reports one German study supports the findings of the aforementioned study. The researchers say that staring at boobs for 10 minutes a day is beneficial for men’s cardiovascular health.

But there’s one caveat, make sure you have permission to stare at one’s boobs. Otherwise, when you’re caught staring at one’s boobs deceptively, it could shorten your life.

4. Dads Have Different Perception About Boobs

Psychology Today reports one study that men who are decided and ready to become a father prefer larger breasts. In this study, men who do not have but wanted to have kids are attracted to larger boobs.

On the other hand, men who aspire to have a family are happy with smaller breasts. If you’re a dad who prefers larger boobs, there’s nothing wrong with it. Perhaps, you just want your kids to have an ample supply of baby food.

Final Thoughts

Whichever breasts size you prefer, and you don’t fall any of these categories, it is your personal preference. Don’t worry, everyone is normal and unique. You don’t have to conform to your friends’ boob size preference, or perhaps in your culture.

It’s clear that boobs can add to a woman’s attractiveness. However, think it this way, just like a man’s penis, women’s breasts are a part of an entire system that needs to be healthy at all times.


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