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8 Ways To Boost HGH Production Naturally

Human growth hormone has numerous health benefits including maintenance or boost in sex drive, muscle development, increase energy, and among many others. This is why it’s vital to maintain and boost HGH production in the body.

Unfortunately, as a man aged, his natural production of HGH also declines. Of course, there are ways to get the HGH level back up through injection therapy, and taking supplementation that stimulates the body to naturally produce growth hormone.

Fortunately, there is another way to help naturally boost the production of HGH, and it’s simple without requiring any injection shots, or taking supplementation, and that’s incorporating certain melatonin-boosting foods into the daily diet and healthy lifestyle practices.

HGH For Better Sex and Feel Young

Supplements Can Boost HGH Production

Of course, you can opt in taking supplementations since it can help stimulate and boost HGH production.

Just make sure the supplements don’t contain an actual human growth hormone, but ingredients to naturally stimulate the body’s production of HGH naturally.

But, there are other ways…natural ways. Why not opt including certain foods on a daily diet and get the benefit of boosting HGH production in the body naturally.

Using Foods To Stimulate HGH Production

Another good reason to opt for this route is you will be able to practice and stick to a healthy eating plan, which is also good for the heart and overall health condition of the body including (of course) sexual function.

Below are safe alternatives to boosting growth hormone naturally. However, make sure you continue to do physical activities specially strength training or weight lifting as this is one of the potent yet less known stimulant for human growth hormone secretion.

1. Eat Breakfast With Melatonin-Boosting Foods

Clinical Endocrinology conducted a study and found eating melatonin-boosting foods can help boost the production of HGH naturally by up to 157%.

Among the foods that are useful for melatonin production include pineapple, raspberry, fava beans, goji berries, coconut oil, grass fed beef, yogurt, raw chocolate, eggs, algaes, watermelon, organic parmesan cheese, nuts, raisins, beets, lemons, and among many others.

If you’re not familiar, melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain and responsible for regulating and maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm, which is about sleep.

2. Get Enough Amount Of Sleep

The amount of sleep has a strong effect on growth hormone. Hence, getting a good amount of sleep is vital to boosting HGH production naturally.

According to Journal of Clinical investigation, pineapple is a serotonin-boosting food. Serotonin is a hormone secreted by the brain and digestive tract that acts as a neurotransmitter for relaxation, which aid in getting good sleep.

3. Eat Fish (Preferably Wild Fish)

Salmon, when consumed raw as in sashimi provides 271% RDA of Vitamin D per 100 serving.

Vitamin D is vital to the production of male hormones, so don’t deprive yourself of it. Another way of getting the right kind of Vitamin D is through sunlight. So, if you’re out in the sun, don’t hide.

You just need at least 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure to get a good dosage of Vitamin D. Of course, always apply your sunscreen to block UV rays.

4. Get Healthy Oils

When it comes to healthy oils, most people will refer to olive oils. However, in this case… I’m referring to coconut oil.

If you take a pre-workout shake, add a little coconut oil into it to help boost HGH by up to 4 hours improving endurance and resistance during training.

When having your coffee in the morning, try preparing it cold brew and blend it with grass fed butter, along with coconut oil, and a little of cinnamon powder.

This makes the coffee more potent with lots of nutrients for focus, and stimulate the body to naturally boost HGH production.

5. Snack On Veggies

Fava Beans

Do you eat veggies for your snacks? If you haven’t, try soy protein as it’s rich in L-Arginine helpful in increasing hormone levels after half an hour of eating it.

As a matter of fact, L-Arginine can be found in lots of male enhancement supplementations including Male Extra plus numerous others sold at Amazon.com. Soy protein can be found in soy products like tofu.

6. Eat Fava Beans

Fava beans are mentioned earlier. It’s a rich source of L-Dopa that stimulates the pituitary gland to secret more growth hormones for the muscles.

7. Always Include Protein In Your Meals

One of the best source of protein is grass fed beef.

It contains amino acids that help synthesize L-Orthinine, which is a compound that increases or boost growth hormone levels up to 4 times from its baseline level.

8. Eat Yogurt

One study found consuming as little as 2 grams of foods rich in amino acid glutamine is good enough to naturally boost HGH production.

Yogurt is rich in glutamine. Experts recommend to eat it after dinner to increase HGH levels.


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