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Practical Tips On Choosing The Right Male Enhancement Pill

With 100s of male enhancement pills to choose it could a tedious task in choosing a perfect solution for one’s needs.

In fact, there are lots of concerns when it comes to male pills effectiveness and safety. We know today, there are lots of rip-offs out there whether it be online or offline sources.

To avoid getting caught into these unproven pills available and waste money on a something that does not work, refer to the criteria below in choosing the right male supplement.

Take note, though, the criteria provided below are simply based on common sense and there are/is no exact rule(s) for it.

So, it’s also a smart idea to use common sense, a bit of investigation and research than simply getting into the benefits promised.

Additionally, there is no all-in-one solution when it comes to male performance pills, probably the reason is due to there is no two supplements that contain similar ingredients.

Male Performance Pills

Each company that manufactures male performance supplementation has its own tweaks based on their experience and testing.

Hence, the criteria given below is not for a specific supplement but as general guidelines.

Criteria For Choosing Male Performance Pills

Consider spending a few moments to ponder these criteria in choosing your first male enhancement pill as it could be difficult especially when all you’ve read are throwing sweet promises about their products.

Criteria #1 – Safety


Although there are no exact means of knowing whether the male pill is safe or not, this is one of the criteria.

There are numerous male enhancers online that are not helpful any means of improving sexual health but in fact, could do harm, instead.

One of the things you should look for in a male enhancement supplement is whether it is clinically tested.

Yes, there are products that have been tested clinically whether in actual human or through animal-based trials.

If these supplements can provide actual proof and perhaps some recommendations from people who are experts in the field, that is a good sign of a safe product.

Of course, there could be some side-effects, and the product manufacturer should state it in their product label or on their website.

This is a very common occurrence for natural formulation as there are herbal ingredients that could potentially interact with certain medications.

So, even it is a natural-based pill, it is not advisable for a person to take if he is taking some sort of medications.

Ingredients Quality Monitoring

The FDA monitors the quality of ingredients found on natural supplementation making sure there are no active components that are only allowed in prescription medication.

Moreover, FDA monitors the manufacturing quality of these natural male pills. So, one way to look at whether the supplement is safe to take or not is to check the manufacturing quality of the pills, and this is usually indicated with cGMP(Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

So, while there are articles online saying the FDA does not regulate the natural supplementation industry, it does monitor the quality and good manufacturing practices.

Hence, one of the important to look at when it comes to safety, and also for effectiveness is the cGMP. To learn more about cGMP, click here.

To give you a bird’s eye-view the process of how FDA ensure the safety of natural supplements, this is what the FDA does.

Of course, you can always check with the FDA themselves for verification of certain product that you are dubious with.

  • The FDA continuously monitors the dietary supplement manufacturers or companies on their marketing claims such as making sure a supplement companies not claim their products as cure or reduce symptoms for certain diseases.
  • The FDA goes through the process of reviewing and approving newly formulated natural ingredients to the market through affirming GRAS, or Generally Recognized as Safe status.
  • Whenever the FDA found evidence indicating an ingredient contain within a particular supplement is harmful or pose potential harm to its users, FDA release a warning, and later a recall mandating removal of an ingredient from the market to avoid being consumed.
  • The FDA regularly inspects the manufacturing facilities making sure supplement manufacturers adhere to the latest GMP(Good Manufacturing Practices) covering everything from verification of raw materials, testing finished products, and accurate product labeling.

Criteria #2 – Effectiveness

The effectiveness of a pill based on user testimonials, but most of the time…it is not the most way to based on.

Clinical trials, on the other hand, specially if there is an actual proof or recommendations can be a good basis for a product’s effectiveness.

A true male enhancement pill should not only offer a boost in sexual stamina but should also offer other nutrients that can help boost sexual or overall health.

Also, it is important to realize that dietary supplementation whether it be for general health or male sexual boosting purposes are only supplements.

And, know the fact that supplements do not work instantly. In fact, while it may seem a marketing strategy, manufacturers will tell you to take supplements for a few months, say at least 3 months before full potential results begin to take effect.

In fact, if you take supplementation you should have a long-term perspective on it and should continue taking it for as long as you can. Male enhancement supplementation is not similar to ED medications like Viagra or Cialis that can give instant results.

These ED drugs are prescription medications formulated to treat certain conditions like erectile dysfunction, while supplementation is for maintenance for purposes, hence, it should be taken continuously.

Of course, there is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. The effectiveness of male enhancement supplements can give a boost to one’s healthy lifestyle, and maintain or making the healthy life a habit can lead to long-term health and sexual performance boost, as well.

When that time come, supplementation might not be needed anymore as one’s habit and mindset are fixed towards keeping it healthy through a lifetime.

Criteria #3 – Ingredients

Male Pills Ingredients

When it comes dietary and natural supplementation, there is no regulating body for it. The FDA only monitors dietary pills, and it found an active ingredient that could potentially cause harm to its users.

If that happens, the FDA will announce a recall of the product, or even cease the production and selling of the product. So, it is important to stay up to date with FDA’s warnings and recalls list.

So, if you stumbled upon a male enhancer on your local store, always take the time to read the label.

And, if possible, don’t buy it immediately, instead try to list the ingredients listed on the label, instructions, daily requirements, dosage, and of course the name of the product, then do a little research about it especially if you’re not familiar with it, or it’s the first time you’ve heard it.

Otherwise, if you stumbled it online, try to find reviews online that details the ingredients and its specific functions to boosting one’s sexual performance, or health.

Read the official website of the product where it mostly presents its clinical trial results and its ingredients in more details.

Criteria #4 – Current Health Condition

Health Condition

Anyone who is taking any sort of medications should avoid taking natural supplementation for sexual performance boost without consulting a healthcare provider first.

Some of these naturally potent herbs can interact with certain medications and can lead to unwanted side effects.

Always be on the safe side consult your health care provider and talk about it… and if your doctor gives you a green light, then take it, otherwise, just follow your doctor for your safety.

Criteria #5 – Cost and Guarantee

Definitely, opting for male enhancement pill is a lot cheaper compare to penis enhancement surgery. And, you should keep this in mind always that supplements are NO penis enhancement or enlargement strategy.

Most supplements work after a few months of regular intake of it.

In fact, the majority of reputable male enhancement pill manufacturers offer guarantee and money back offer after 60 days and beyond of using the product.

You might not find a lot of supplements being offered with 30 days money-back guarantee because they know taking the supplements for one month might not be enough for most users.

Of course, there is an exception for this as those who are truly deficit in certain nutrients might experience a boost to some extent upon taking the supplements that provide the lacking nutrients on that person, hence boosting the results quickly. But, it’s a rare situation.

Moreover, when ordering supplements package worth for a few months, bonuses such as free bottles or additional products are offered, hence, a better deal or value for money than simply buying worth a month of supplement supply.

Criteria #6 – Avoid Hype Claims

This is important especially when it comes to male enhancement supplements/pills. Remember this, no pills can increase penis size permanently.

If you see/read a male enhancing-performance product online that says it can help you gain 2 to 4 inches in a week or two, stay away from it as there is no truth about it.

Yes, a good dietary male supplementation can enhance or boost erection quality achieving harder and somewhat bigger erection size, but it should be noted once erection subsides, size returns to its original.

If you truly want to achieve a bigger penis size, avoid supplements as your main method. Instead, implement manual penis enlargement exercises, or in combination with devices like penis pump and traction penis extenders.

Supplements can be used along with these devices, but supplements alone cannot be a penis enlargement method by itself.


So, there you have it. You might be thinking it’s expensive to take supplementation in order to achieve a boost in sexual drive, stamina, erection quality and overall performance.

Well, honestly… it can be expensive and it is not advisable to go for it if you don’t have a budget for it. If you have the extra money you can spend for supplementation, then it’s good and pick your choice… check male pill reviews.

Fortunately, every man does not need supplementation if he practiced and lived a healthy living.

When I say healthy living that means, eat the right kinds of foods, and physically active, which include doing a regular workout, or doing meditation for relaxation purposes allowing a full mind and body control when it comes to health.

It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle if you make it a habit. It might be difficult at first, but eventually, you’ll get there and supplementation can help on this.

Once you’re into healthy lifestyle mode, you’ll become physically fit and healthy…and so does your sexual health and performance.


    • Dietary male pills work regardless of penis size, but of course, not all pills available are of equal quality. However, if you’re looking for a way and planning of taking pills for penis enlargement. You won’t get much benefit out of it. Pills are good for improving erection quality, and boost stamina. If you’re looking to having a bigger penis size from 3 inches to (say) 4 or 5 inches, you better opt for a device like a penis pump or penis extender devices, or even consistently performing penis exercises is also effective.


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