Tony Robbins’ Tips On How To Beat Anxiety Quickly


Anxiety is a common mental illness affecting 40 million American adults. Globally, it affects 260 million people, which the WHO confirms. Fortunately, Tony Robbins shares his tips on how to beat anxiety fast.

Tony Robbins’ tips on how to eliminate anxiety involve;

  1. Recognizing the stress or tension in the body.
  2. Breathing and visualizing fear is moving past you.

He also mentions that thoughts are vibration and controlling our thoughts is essential on how our body reacts to our thoughts.

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Anxiety vs Stress

You might have come accross many articles in which these three terms are used interchangeably. But, are they similar? Well, first, knowing the difference between anxiety and stress allows us to recognize what we’re experiencing.

When we’re aware of our experience, we have a better way of responding to it. Everyone is experiencing anxiety and stress at one time or another. However, the difference is that stress is a response to the threat.

On the other hand, anxiety is a reaction to stress.

What About Depression?

Now that we have somewhat clear the difference between anxiety and stress, let us quickly explore anxiety and depression. Although both are technically different, they share common characteristics.

Here are the differences between anxiety and depression.


  • Apprehension over what could happen in the future
  • Thoughts of worry, or perhaps belief that something might go wrong.
  • There’s a feeling of the need to avoid things or run away.


  • Feeling sad and hopeless about the future.
  • Indiferent and lack of positive outlook in life.
  • Thoughts of suicidal may arise.

Things That Can Help Beat Anxiety

In addition to Tony Robbin’s tips on how to beat anxiety, there are other things beneficial to overcoming anxiety. For instance, study has found that weight lifting reduces anxiety symptoms.

While there are prescription medications for anxiety, you better opt for natural ways as taking medications has numerous side effects.

Additionally, proper nutriton plays a role in overcoming and beating anxiety. Hence, eat whole foods preferably organic. There are lots of mood-boosting foods that can help tackle anxiety problems.

On the other hand, avoid eating highly processed and packaged foods containing high amount of sugars. It has been proven unhealthy and causes depression particularly in men.


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