4 Steps To Getting Out The Comfort Zone And Live Your Dreams


Most people including myself want certain things in life. These could either be a nice home and car, comfortable bank account, career promotion, or even vibrant health. Of course, a loving and successful relationship should be on everyone’s list.

But what would be the steps in order to achieve the dreams of your life? Some people may already have in their mind the proper steps they should do but something is holding them back to do it.

Staying in the comfort zone feels good but it won’t allow us to achieve our dreams. If you feel stuck, don’t worry as Jack Canfield shows us the steps. These steps are helpful in getting out from our comfort zone and live the life we want.

Tips To To Getting Out The Comfort Zone

Jack Canfield author of The Success Principles and many other motivational and sel-help books shares the steps on how to get out from our comfort zone.

He is also a seminar and motivational speaker, corporate trainer and an entrepreneur. Here are the four steps to getting out the comfort zone.

But first, he mentions one reason people tend not to go further beyond their comfort zone. The primary reason people don’t get out of their comfort zone is due to the perceived negative images. Or, perhaps the effect of toxic experiences that have not yet been processed.

All these can lead to negative belief and self-doubt resulting in not doing something to materialize the dreams. Here’s Jack Canfield’s formula for getting out the comfort zone;

  1. Let go of your limiting beliefs.
  2. Focus on the reality you want to create.
  3. Lean into the goals you want to accomplish.
  4. Get into action on your biggest goals.

Jack Canfield also mentioned the significance of affirmations on achieving dreams. What are affirmations? Jack says;

Affirmation is a statement that affirms your desired goal has already been achieved.

Hard Work and Attitude

Most people think that hard work alone is enough for achieving success. However, this is not true. If hard work alone is good enough, all workaholics should now be millionaires and living their dream lives.

However, the truth is somewhat the opposite. Hard work plays a role but it’s only a part of a bigger equation. Proper mindset and attitude along with hard work are winning combo.

This way, you don’t need to get addicted to working for long hours while doubling the results you want. Moreover, being a workaholic or working for long hours has been proven not good for your heart.

Furthermore, regular meditation practice along with these steps outlined by Jack Canfield allows you not only to cure work addiction but achieve your dreams.


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