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Bathmate Has Been Recognized and Received Three Awards From Adultex, XBIZ, and Sign Magazine This Year 2014

The year, 2014 has been a great year for Bathmate as it received Adultext 2014 Award. Adultex is an adult trade exhibition based in Australia. The award was announced sometime back in April for Hydromax as the “Most Innovative Male Pleasure Product” for the year 2014.

Bathmate Hydromax Adultex 2014 Most Innovative Male Pleasure Product 2014

Moreover, Bathmate also awarded XBIZ Specialty Pleasure Product of the Year 2014 for the Hydromax, which was announced earlier back in January. XBIZ is a leading news and information publisher for businesses in the adult industry. It provides up to date coverage for the adult industry at their official website, XBIZ.com. It also has three trade publications namely, XBIZ Premiere(for the retail market), XBIZ World(for the digital media market), and XBIZ Sensuals(for intimate products market), and it also hosts annual trade events for the industry’s top awards show of the year, XBIZ Awards.

Bathmate Hydromax XBIZ Specialty Pleasure Product Of The Year 2014

Both awards have proved how committed Bathmate to providing high-quality hydro penis enlargement pump to its current and potential customers. Hydromax has amazing improvements over previous versions of Bathmate pumps, and it has two models, X30 and X40. Bathmate also designed and manufactured Hydromax Xtreme for both X30 and X40 models.

Bathmate Did It Again! Best Male Enhancement 2014

Bathmate’s never-ending commitment to quality and efficiency have once again earned its recognition. This time, the award is given by Sign Magazine as Best Male Enhancement 2014. The award was given during the event show for Venus Awards 2014 in Berlin in October.

Bathmate Sign Magazine Award 2014

The effectiveness of a man’s penis size has been studied and debated. Although, there are few products available to help achieve a bigger penis size including medical or sugical and artificial solutions, others include technical and natural solutions, but one particular technique that stands out that based on principle of physical stimulation is the penis pump.

The Bathmate hydro pump is designed by DX Products, which brought them Sign Magazine’s Award as Best Male Enhancement 2014. Bathmate has been designed as a device for taining the penis through hydraulic principle to generate negative pressure or vacuum inside the pump necessary to draw or allow more blood flow into penis making it bigger and harder.

The rest of the awardees can be found here.

Sign Magazine Awards Bathmate Pump Best Male Enhancement 2014

Checkout more details about Bathmate Hydromax, and Hydromax Xtreme.


  1. I’m from the UK and a long-time Bathmate user. They deserve it, the quality of the Hydromax is amazing and I’m sure I’m not alone in that opinion.

    Congratulations Bathmate and keep up the good work on developing more quality pumps in the future.


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