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Achieving Big Dreams Take A Lot Of Work, But It’s Worth It!

Unlike the piano player who experienced homelessness, the story of Dushun Wang is different.

He is an 80-year old Chinese artist who became a model by trade. He was featured in several Hollywood films such as Warriors of Heaven and Earth [2003], The Forbidden Kingdom[2008] and Detective Dee – Mystery of the Phantom Flame [2010]

In 2015, he made big headlines in mainstream media including the CNN and The New York Times when he walked in a fashion show. It was in 2015 China Fashion Week when Dushun Wang walked shirtless at 79 years old.

The entire globe was stunned by his appearance. He doesn’t even look like a 79-year-old man. Get to know him with this short video.

Here’s another video of him telling his catwalk story. As usual, he talks in Chinese but you can still understand what he is saying through an English subtitle.

Be Prepared To Materialize Your Dreams

Dushun Wang story is not only inspiring but very motivating. He proves that ambitions have no age boundaries. At that age, most people lose hopes for their dreams and just waiting for their time.

However, Dushun is different. Of course, there are other people like him. But even those others we don’t know, we can say he represents them all telling us that achieving dreams need a lot of work and does not happen very quickly. But, it’s worth the wait.

Dushun Wang, although he became an instant internet sensation, his success and fame did not come overnight. This also tells us that if we play life well, it will eventually yield the price in the end.

Hence, regardless of your goal, keep working on it. Of course, it may not be easy but the more you work on it along with a positive mindset, everything seems to fall in a proper place.

Thinking – An Inspiring Short Poem

One of the short poems even composed and inspired many people is a poem Thinking by Walter D. Wintle. Read and feel every word of this poem and hopefully, it can touch your heart and helps you propel to achieve your dreams.

Dushun Wang Healthy Aging Secret

Every man or woman who reaches 80’s and beyond with good health and amazing physique has somewhat a secret. In Dushun Wang’s case, we’ve learned that he exercises regularly.

Definitely, we can do something in order to maintain good health and well-being. Wang also made some dietary changes like consuming less alcohol. However, he says that his youthful mindset is keeping him energetic and feeling strong.

Additionally, he says he loves to try new things and set new goals for the future. All of these he does in his mind. In other words, Wang is not only healthy physically but also mentally.

Dushun Wang says;

Nature determines age, but you determine your state of mind.

Wang adds, as long as there are new things to work toward and something to make him busy, it’s fulfilling for him.


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