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Homeless Man Plays The Piano Beautifully

This is one of the many inspiring stories. A former U.S. Marines, Donald Gould is a homeless man. One day, while he was playing the piano in the side street of Sarasota, Florida, someone took a video of his amazing skill.

Donald Gould has no idea that this video will make him take back his life and give him second chance.

Makeover Time

Yes, this homeless pianist received a makeover courtesy of Inside Edition.

Later, he was invited to play the National Anthem at NFL Game!

Homeless Pianist Meets His Long Lost Son

Donald Gould is not only a former U.S. Marines and a skilled pianist, he is also a father. He lost contact with his son for 15 years. Now, he has a chance to meet him through the efforts of Inside Edition.

As a father to a son, it is one of the best thing that can happen in life. When you’ve lost your son that long, you may not be able to replace those lost years but simply meeting him is a dream come true.

It somewhat completes a man’s life.

One-Year After His Amazing Transformation

Now, let us follow Donald Gould a year after his discovery. There are positive developments on him. Now, he even has a website where you can buy his “Come Sail Away” piece.

Life Lesson

This is story full of lessons. One should not go through hard times before a break comes finally. Maintaining proper attitude towards life and continously working in boosting self-confidence is helpful.

If you have the skill…whatever skill you have and good at it, show it to the world. Use it to your life’s advantage. Nature favors to those who have the guts to do what needs to be done.


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