How To Use X4 Labs Penis Extender? Learn How To Effectively and Safely Wear The Device To Maximize Potential Gains


The X4 Labs extender is an innovative penis extender that employs traction for increasing penile size. The video below presents a few of the basic instructions on how to use the extender properly. Although every purchase of X4 Labs extender comes with a detailed instructional DVD, the basics of this video will be able to give you the basics.

How To Use X4 Labs Extender (Instructional Video Demo)

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Questions often arise for a certain product or services from individuals who are new and interested in it. X4 Labs compile these commonly asked questions into an easy list to help new customers learn and become familiar with the product. Below are some of the most asked questions relating to X4 Labs extender product line. You may check the FAQ below, and if you don’t find an answer to your specific questions, the support team is always available to answer your queries.

Some of these questions are specific to X4 Labs while others relate to the general topic of penis enlargement.

Does traction-based penis extender help correct curved penises?

Originally, traction penile extenders such as X4 Labs are designed to correct or straighten curved penises commonly known as Peyronie’s disease.

Clinical studies have proven extenders to correct curved penises up to 90% without the aid of surgical means whatsoever. However, results may vary from person-to-person due to certain factors such as the routine implemented, and how consistent the person is performing the routine.

Is X4 Labs extender safe to use?

Every X4 Labs extender manufactured are designed and tested to ensure it meets industry quality standards, safety, and comfort. In fact, doctors especially urologists are recommending traction penis extenders as a natural means of increasing penis size and correcting Peyronie’s disease.

Is a prescription required prior to using the extender?

A prescription is not a requirement prior to using a penis extender. However, it is a requirement to read the extender’s official user guide and follow the instructions on how to use the device effectively and safely allowing to achieve optimal results as well as avoiding injuries.

On the other hand, X4 Labs offers an online support through its forum where many other similar-minded men share their tips and experiences on maximizing the potential of the penile extender.

Which X4 Labs Extender Edition suits your needs or preference?

Below is a quick comparison of all the X4 Labs penis extender editions;

Extender DeviceWhiteWhiteBlueRedWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Extender FinishSilverSilverSilverSilverGoldSilverSilverGold
Hybrid SupportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Spring Tension (grams)30003300360033003600300033003600
Comfort Straps 46548248
Silicone Harnesses46548248
Ultra-Fit Velcro Straps 224224
Long Foam Pads46108122812
Short Foam Pads46108122812
Elongation BarsFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull Set
Leather Bound Case YesYes
Sinrex Dual Synergy 3 Months
Vitamin E Boost Pills3 Months6 Months12 Months
InfiniteFit SystemOptionalOptionalYesYesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Wide Girth BaseOptionalOptionalYesYesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Air Penis PumpYesYesYes
Measuring Tape YesYesYes
Peyronies Ruler YesYesYes
Cleansing Spray YesYesYes
Traction LubricantYesYesYes
Cleansing Wipes6610610620
Gift VoucherYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Device Warranty1 Year5 YearsLifetime5 YearsLifetime1 Year5 YearsLifetime
PenisAccess DVDYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Instruction ManualYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Instructional DVDYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Does penis extender like X4 Labs can help increase penis girth, or width?

Yes, traction penis extender can help increase both girth and length of the penis. Although it is a very common misconception that penile extenders are only good for length growth, it does help penile girth increase, as well. In the case of X4 Labs extenders, it has been able to successfully helped numerous men increase both penis girth and length size safely and effectively through a process known as a cellular division with the traction force generated by the extender. Eventually, this results in a permanent increase size of the internal erectile tissues resulting in a bigger penis size.

How long will it take to see noticeable and permanent results?

It is vital and worth knowing that X4 Labs extenders or any extenders in the market are no magical devices or tools that can provide results overnight. As far as results are concerned, it can vary from person-to-person due to several factors such as intensity, consistency, and possibility other forms of penis enlargement methods are also being implemented along with X4 Labs.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Usage Average Growth

Typically, during the first 6 months of regular wearing and use of the extender device, results can be obtained. However, it should be noted that results obtain at this period can possibly return to its original size because the truth is; in penis enlargement, achieving gains or desired size increase is only half-way of the entire process. Once you achieved your desired size, you cannot simply quit using the device, although during this time you may not be using the device as intensely when you first started.

To learn more about being effective in your penis enlargement efforts, read this article. Additionally, read more about cementing or making penis enlargement gains permanent. If you’re a beginner in penis enlargement and want to get started on it, both these articles are helpful in succeeding in your journey in PE(penis enlargement). So, read it and forget about those hyped and shortcuts you’ve read as there are no shortcuts to achieving amazingly permanent gains plus improved stamina and erection quality. It’s a slow process, but the good news, it’s possible to achieve amazing gains and tools or devices like X4 Labs extenders are a great aid to achieving such goals.

What about money-back guarantee?

Definitely. X4 labs offers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If you need more specific answers on this one, contact X4 Labs support by visiting their official website. Right at the top of the X4 Labs website, you’ll find the contact number to call on and ask support team regarding your specific questions.

In addition, you can also email them by filling up the contact form, which is accessible through “Contact Us” page/link that can be found at the bottom of X4 Labs official site. Plus, as of this time, X4 Labs offer a Live Chat where you can talk to an expert, which is a great consultation process interacting directly with X4 Labs experts.

I’m concern about my private information, how is it handled?

Both shipping and billing are processed discreetly. This means, if you order using your credit card, there will be no appearance of X4 Labs or penis extender in the credit card bill. The same is true with the packaging during shipping. The X4 Labs extender box is boxed inside a discreet brown box, or any other box that does not mention or without the label indicating or mentioning X4 Labs, or penis extender. Instead, you will find your name and merchant name and address but no mentioned of anything that connects with penis enlargement device.

Didn’t Find Anything You’re Looking For?

If your specific concerns are not included in this list, you may contact X4 Labs support team through the link provided above. The link leads you to the official website. Or, you can simply CLICK HERE.


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  1. i looked on a bunch of different sites. how do you know if your using to much tension? also how you find the right tension or the general tension position. I was supposed to get a how to video but i never got it.

  2. Does your penis have to be completely erect to use this? I literally just bought this thing and have no idea how to get started with it :/

  3. Hello hi there i want to enlight me about the extender how many inches i will gain permanently I am 30 year old man with erected penis of 15cm for 2years use for gold program how many i will gain 66% in length and in thickness how much; please i want to know honestly and if i combine with other things to have maximum results.

    Thank you for your time i hope to speak again have a good day

    • Aiming for 66% gains is pretty tough, I think, but it’s possible. Based on experience from 3 years of using a penis extender along with stretching and jelqing, I had never reached such gains of over 50%. I’ve gained over an inch in length, and .5 inch in girth. I’m pretty much happy about that although some will say it’s not that phenomenal. The other gains I’ve gained like better erections and longer stamina are priceless. I’ve heard some people are able to gain even more than what I’ve achieved. I truly believed there is no such fixed percentage of gains for everyone because everyone is different and the amount of effort invested plus consistency matters. But for sure, when you do it consistently just as I do, you’ll get results. It may not be as what you’ve expected which is in this case 66%, but surely there will be gains to some degree.

    • Ideally, it’s not good to wear the extender while sleeping. Yes, there are people who are doing this, but I’m not wearing it during night time as I have a different habit of sleeping. It may be different to yours and the others who have worn this during night time successfully. Find your time to wear this during your free time, perhaps a couple of hours each day.

  4. I’ve been researching for awhile now about how much tension should I set while wearing the device? Usually, I put the tension settings at the very first line from the glans, but couldn’t tolerate it for over an hour as the glands looks purple and feel cold. Also, the user guide suggesed increasing the tension overtime, but how can I increase it even on the first it hurts already? Any idea????

    • You should not force when it’s hurting yourself as it is not good and might have negative impact overtime. Keep the tension light while working slowly and progressively to the next level. This won’t happen overnight, but perhaps after a couple of months you’ll be able to increase tension of the device. Also, check if the elongation bars is not too long as it might be stretching too much. There are ways to adjust, experiment which provides you comfort.

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