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Phallosan Forte Penis Stretcher, Enlarger, and Curvature Correction Device

Phallosan is one of the modern innovators for designing and making an intricate penis extender device. The first impression, Phallosan Forte may appear just like another typical penis extender.

While it is true that Phallosan Forte uses traction to extend the penile length and straighten curved penises, it does more. In fact, it is not just a penis enlargement device but built for medical purposes as well.

Phallosan Forte Applications

Phallosan has been in the business designing and manufacturing penis enlargement device for many years. The Phallosan Forte penis enlargement, stretcher, and straightening device is a product behind the years of experience evaluating customer responses and research.

To date, the penis stretcher has been categorized as Class 1 Medical product by the European health authorities just as with the popular penis extenders in the market. In addition, it also satisfies and met all medical requirements to carry the CE mark and conforms to EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

Many people think of penis enlargement as a surgical procedure. Phallosan Forte has been developed as a non-surgical penis enlargement device. It is also used as a medical device for straightening curved penises.

Unlike any typical penis extenders that only uses traction, Phallosan employs vacuum, too similar to the innovation used by penis pumps. Its vacuum protection is well-suited for men with mild erectile dysfunction, penile shrinkage, and curvature.

Principle and Innovation

Similarly, it works on the same principle, just as with other penis extenders. The difference is in the design and the way it stretches the penis. It has been found in the medical world, continuously stimulating the tissues in the body(including the penis) employing force such as stretching allows the cells to form new cells.

However, force should have a limit that it does not create discomfort of the injury. In this case, the Phallosan Forte penis stretcher generates enough force that is painless while still allowing the device to provide incredible gains when used correctly.

Fortunately, the Phallosan system has an adjustable traction level that users can adjust from lowest to highest whichever is comfortable. Beginners should and advised to wear the device with the lowest tension. Low tension means little traction force to avoid soreness of the penis while wearing it over time.

This technique of stretching and allowing the cells to form new cells is not new. This principle has been used by primitive people for hundreds of years to increase the size of ears, nose, and lips. In reality, Phallosan Forte and other traction extenders available today simply makes it easy and safe to stretch the penis without inflicting pain and injury provided it is used appropriately.

Orthopedic extension procedures also used this technique. For instance, the leg extension is a procedure known in the modern medical world for over two decades. Whenever a bone of the leg is subject to transection surgical procedures, it is subject to a systematic and controlled stretching as part of the rehabilitation process.

It uses an adjustable threaded device in which it is adjusted mm by mm for a certain period extending the leg. The method does not only promotes and stimulates the creation of new cells in the bone but also generates connective tissues without any damage to the nerves and blood vessels.

Using it as a penis enlargement device, it stretches the penile erectile tissues inside the shaft, allowing it to extend overtime, gaining size in length and girth.

For safety purposes, the materials used in manufacturing the device adhere to the medical requirements of the European health authorities. It satisfies ISO standards as a manufacturer. For instance, the textile stretch belt is formaldehyde-free especially developed for Phallosan Forte.

Moreover, the suction bell condoms are free from allergen and latex. The materials are safe and have been tested for bio-compatibility ensuring it is safe for human users.

The Phallosan Forte Benefits and Advantages

  1. No side effects as long as the user follows safety guidelines outlined in the user guide.
  2. It can be worn underneath clothing making it unnoticeable even when wearing it at work.
  3. The innovation and technique implemented in the device has been proven effective and safe.
  4. Fits penis of all sizes.
  5. The device has an ultra-soft silicone protector cap making it comfortable to wear for long hours.
  6. Possible to wear overnight while sleeping.
  7. Built-in suction pump and tension gauge for easy adjustment of traction force.
  8. It can be worn either left or right in the groin.
  9. Manufactured with allergen-free materials.

Phallosan Forte Stretcher Applications

The Phallosan Forte penis stretcher device was primarily developed for penis enlargement and non-invasive corrections for curved penises commonly seen on men with Peyronies disease.

In order to be successful in using the device, it should be worn over a period of several months in order to form new cells permanently increasing the size of the penis in length and girth.

Although the device is designed for penis enlargement, there are other various situations in which the device can be used efficiently.

Remember, the traction force generated when wearing the device promote growth in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which is filled with blood during sexual stimulation resulting in an erection.

The vacuum and adjustable traction forces also help straighten or correct curvatures on some penises with Peyronies disease.

  • Penis enlargement device for both regular sizes and small penises below average known as penis hypoplasia.
  • Penile curvature correction as in the case of Peyronies disease.
  • Erectile tissue training for post prostate surgery.
  • Retractio penis in which causing the penis to shrink due to overweight and obesity.
  • Improving erectile dysfunction conditions.

Clinical Studies Done On Phallosan Forte Stretcher

Click here to view the results of the clinical study.

In addition, the conclusive results of the study conducted at the German Urological Clinic, Phallosan Forte has also been mentioned in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine”, the year 2006.

Unfortunately, the entire Journal Of Sexual Medicine is not freely available, so a screenshot taken was taken and provided(see image below).

Phallosan Forte Mentioned On Journal Of Sexual Medicine
Clinical Study Results with Phallosan Forte Penis Stretcher

Manufacturer’s Recommendations and Precautions

The Phallosan Forte penis stretcher device is designed with meticulous consideration on efficiency, safety, and comfort. Pay careful attention to the instructions provided that come with every package of Phallosan Forte.

Just as with any device, disregarding safety precautions and recommendations from the manufacturer can potentially lead to injury.

On the other hand, taking the time to learn how to use it properly, you will be able to achieve desirable Phallosan Forte gains either you are aiming for penis size growth or curvature correction.

Important Reminders

Owners and users of the stretcher device must read the instructions and follow recommended guidelines for the safety and efficiency of the product.

Should there be any particular concerns about the product, do not hesitate to contact the support. Contact details and various telephone numbers are provided at the official Phallosan website.

Below are recommendations and safety precautions suggested by the manufacturer.

Tension – Tension is necessary in order for the device to function for its intended purpose. In fact, it designed with comfort in mind as mentioned previously. On the other hand, it can be very tempting to set the tension of the belt so tightly that it causes pain instead.

Allow a balanced tension that is not so tight or loose. The recommendation during the first week of use is not to pull the penis tightly. Later, as the penis becomes accustomed, tension can be adjusted to a comfortable yet enough tension to make the device effective.

Protector Cap – As a standard usage procedure, use the protector cap to cover the glans or head of the penis. This protects the glans against swelling due to excessive force. Moreover, redness of the penis head cannot occur of if the cap is used accordingly.

Although, slight swelling of the glans may occur if the tension or force is excessive reaching up to 3kg, it will disappear in a matter of minutes. It is also helpful to massage the penis head or glans to help minimize swelling.

Contraindications – Whenever the protector cap is not in use for some reasons, setting it at low tension is highly recommended. Not using the protector, the orthopedic stretch belt may cause an excess pull that produces a strong vacuum within the suction bell causing a suction effect on the glans skin. When this happens, small blisters on the glans may occur, which will heal after 2-day treatment using a wound and healing ointment.

When this happens, stop using the device immediately, and wait until the blisters disappear. Also, reduce the tension prior to using the device once again. This is the very reason why using the protector cap is highly recommended for safety purposes.

Final Thoughts

Just as with any other penis enlargement device like hydro pumps Bathmate hydromax, or similar traction penis extender device that uses traction like SizeGenetics, results can vary from person-to-person.

The reason why this happens is different individuals have different biological makeup. Perhaps, the most important thing to know right now is it works, and the only way to know if it works for you, as well…is to try it yourself.

The creators and designers of Phallosan penis stretcher are confident with the product they have produced.

The clinical study alone is a good indication the product works in various conditions and situations on men whether simply wanting to increase penis size or a solution for a certain sexual health condition.


  1. I’ve heard things like having edema when using this thing. The demo video looks good and convincing but the edema thing is disappointing. I was about to buy it online but hold it off and opted for sizegenetics instead. I have it now and been using it for a week…so far, so good.

  2. This my top priority but heard a lot of about edema when using it. I’m not sure if they’re just wrongly used, but based on what I’ve read at pegym there have been any support about it provided publicly. Now, I’m leaning my favor to sizegenetics extender.

  3. Been striving to employ my phallosan over the last few weeks nevertheless I have realized which it’s not for me, encounter many issues on it.

    I have a jes extender nevertheless the issue is the fact that it has provided my penis a slight upward curve because there’s more traction found on the underside of the penis unless I pull the plastic noose truly difficult to create my penis somewhat longer than the device plus I receive cold glans almost inside minutes. Been trying both the comfort strap (continual slippage) plus the soft attach that equally causes tonnes of slippage. The plastic loop is truly the only thing which functions perfectly.

    I’m a bit intrigued by the Sizegenetics 58 techniques to wear, it appears more comfortable than the jes extender however, it looks like it’s almost the same device.

    Which extender is the best, more comfortable, causes less constriction of the blood flow?


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