Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Pump For Individuals Who Are Serious About Achieving Amazing Permanent Gains

Recently, Bathmate introduced the latest edition of its Hydromax series. The new Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme hydro penis pump is available for Hydromax series such as X20, X30, and X40 models. This new powerful and efficient water pump takes its users to the next level of hydrotherapy penis workout. Plus, every package of the Hydromax Xtreme comes with a full set of accessories to maximize one’s penis enlargement goal.

Available models include; XX20, XX30, XX40, XX50. The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme XX50 is currently the biggest penis pump on the market.

If you are among those who are serious in your penis enlargement goals, Hydromax Xtreme gives the benefits and advantages of maximizing gains. It has the same unique globally patented design just as with the previous versions of Bathmate pumps, but this pump delivers more power and convenience of pumping due to the introduction of the handball pump, which makes it easy to deliver powerful pumping action.

Furthermore, it includes a new comfort pad insert, which makes it comfortable when contact with the skin. Experience individuals doing serious penis enlargement knows how comfort offer a significant impact to achieving gains. Being comfortable, it makes performing the routine fun.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Series

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Series Package Inclusions

Full Range Of Accessories and Attachments For Comfort and Efficiency
  • Hydromax Xtreme Penis Pump Unit (XX20 / XX30 / XX40 / XX50)
  • 15 inches hose with attachment between the pump and hand ball
  • Handball pump with valve
  • Comfort pad insert
  • Cleaning sponge with accessories and supply
  • Shower strap
  • Security Lock
  • Big luxury and sturdy carrying case
  • Measuring gauge
  • Cotton towel
  • Water-based lubricant / Pump lube
  • User Guide

XX30 vs XX40

What Are The Differences?

Here’s a quick reference between the sizes of XX30 and XX40, or refer to the reference guide posted here that includes sizes of the original Bathmate pump series. Note that, both XX30 and XX40 comes with a full range of accessories. The only differ in size as shown in the table below.

Max. Girth/LengthXtreme X30Xtreme X40Power
Maximum Girth6.5 inches (circumference)
or 1.8 inches (diameter)
8.0 inches (circumference)
or 2.2 inches diameter
0.65 bar
Maximum Length7.1 inches8.5 inches0.65 bar


A Powerful Pump For Serious Individual Who Want Amazing Results!

Hydromax Xtreme series is designed for power, comfort and includes full range of accessories helpful for experiencing an efficient and comfortable routines.

How To Use The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Series

Quick Video Demonstration With The Use Of Handball Pump

Using the Hydromax XX30 or XX40 is pretty much the same as the original X30, X40, Goliath, and Hercules models. The main difference is Xtreme series include a handball pump connected through an attachment hose to the main Hydromax pump. Also refer to the previously posted guide here.

Who Are The Guys Who Should Consider Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme XX20/XX30/XX40/XX50?

A Powerful Pump For Serious Penis Enlargement Enthusiast

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme series has been design not just for typical men who want or interested in doing penis enlargement, but it’s for certain guys out there who have experience some sort of situations, which are outlined below.

  • Guys Who Are Experiencing Gains Plateau

    Bathmate hydromax xtreme is for guys who are doing male enhancement for awhile like 2 years or so and experiencing a gain plateau. What’s a gain plateau? It is common to guys who do penis enlargement in awhile to have slow down the gains, or even noticed the gain seem to have stopped increasing.

  • Guys Who Have Outgrown Their Present Pump

    Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme for guys who have outgrown their current hydro pump such as guys who have used Hercules, or the original Hydromax X30 for awhile. Of course, if you do your best on using those pumps and implement the right routine and intensity, most guys would have outgrown and there is no more room for future growth. If youโ€™re among these guys, Bathmate Xtreme would be a great next option to your current pump.

    On the other hand, the size of Bathmate Xtreme X30 and regular Hydromax X30 is the same, so if youโ€™ve have the original X30 and there is no more room for growth, your next best option would be the Bathmate Hydromax X40 Xtreme.

  • Guys Who Have Ample Time Performing Manual Routines

    Bathmate xtreme X30 or X40 is well-suited for guys who do not have time to performed manual penis enlargement routines such as Jelqing and stretching along with their advanced variations. Yes, manually performing penis exercises can be a tedious job and for anyone serious doing it 5 to 10 minutes of manual routines is not enough not mentioning the additional time for warming up and down.

    There is one side though for those who have time to do manual routines as performing it along with Bathmate hydro pumping can aid increase more expansion of the penis, which basically means more gains. Jelqing manual routines, in particular is useful if implemented along with hydro pumping. Of course, it’s gonna require additional 15 minutes at least considering the warming up and down when doing Jelqing, but there is a price for it as it makes the penis erectile tissues more warmed up and ready for the hydro pump main routine.

    Basically, Bathmate xtreme picks up where Jelqing is left it off and from there expansion can a lot better especially for guys who experienced gain plateau, previously mentioned. This particular technique is useful for girth achieving girth gains.

  • Guys With A Budget For It

    Seriously, Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme is a great and effective hydro penis pump, but it’s also expensive. For guys who have the budget for it, go for it. Otherwise, if you are on a tight budget, think about it and you might want to delay your ownership of this amazing and powerful pump. However, if you’re serious and made up your mind to pursue penis enlargement, it would be worth getting the Xtreme series. For size comparison, check the chart/table above which one fits your size with room for future growth.

    Guys who are not decided about pursuing penis enlargement seriously should not get this pump. It’s expensive, and if you get it without making the most of it, it would be a waste of your money. And, this is true. There are guys who buy stuff for penis enlargement, never used it, or never make the most out of it and later complain that penis enlargement or the device he bought is not working, a scam. If you’re like that, then don’t buy it.

    For serious individuals, on the other hand, this would be an amazing addition to your arsenal. Bathmate Xtreme includes lots of goodies that you can use in order to make the most of it whether you are aiming for more gains, or simply using it as a penile hydrotherapy for penis health maintenance purposes.


If You Fall Into The Category Of Men Who Are Doing Penis Enlargement, Don't Hesitate To Own An Xtreme Series

If you’re serious enough about your penis enlargement goals, Xtreme series helps you achieve those goals. Sure, you can achieve them without Xtreme series, but if you’ll be using it, it can surely speed your results, plus enjoy the experience.

Expected Gains and Benefits Using The Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

  • Lasting and Permanent Gains

    Guys who are committed and serious about achieving amazing gains can achieve permanent and lasting gains with regular and consistent use of the pump.

  • Immediate or Temporary But Usable Gains

    It is a known fact that hydro pumping can give its user an instant boost in size both in girth and length. Now, this gain is temporary and can only last for a few hours, but it is totally usable for sex. So, if you want to give your partner a surprise, do pumping before having engaged with her. You’ll see, she’ll notice about the instant gains.

  • Fun To Use

    Penis enlargement routines using a hydro pump is not as difficult as lifting weights at the gym. Hydro pump is more fun and comfortable to use than conventional air vacuum pump because with hydro pump, in this case Bathmate Xtreme, you can use warm water with it, which not only will stimulate the proper blood flow inside the erectile tissue but it feels comfortable, too.

  • Totally Safe When Used As Instructed

    While there are many people or men who would tell you pens pumping whether using air or hydro pump can damage the penis tissues, these guys opinions are based on hearsay. They’ve just heard it and mimic it and in fact, these guys don’t even use or have used the pump in their entire life. Penis pumping with Bathmate pumps is totally safe as long as you don’t over pump and over do, or over-train the penis. All these over usage can lead to injuries, there is no doubt about that.

    However, taking the time to read the safety recommendations and carefully observing one’s limit when it comes to pressure or discomfort, pumping can’t do any harm to the penis but improve blood circulation and expands erectile tissues that can lead to permanent gains for a bigger penis.

X30 Xtreme

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts On Xtreme Series

There you have it, the quick overview of the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme series penis pumps. The newest among the Bathmate lineup of water-assisted penile vacuum devices including the Bathmate XX50. Whether you’re an experience penis enlargement individual or have no prior experience as long as you’re serious about what you do towards achieving bigger penis size, Bathmate Xtreme series is the right pump for you. Even for those guys who simply want to use it for penile health maintenance can hugely benefit from Hydromax Xtreme efficiency and comfort.

Although the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme series is designed to be more powerful than previous models, it is totally safe to use when used as directed. So, do not disregard the recommendations inside the user guide that comes with it when you purchased it. Additionally, even though this latest series of penile vacuum pumps are more powerful than previous models, they’re comfortable to use and also more efficient when used accordingly.


Enjoy The Experience Of This Powerful Hydro Penis Pump And Reap The Benefits In the End

Serious individual like you deserves an amazing device for your penis enlargement journey, and even using it as a penile hydrotherapy purposes. With the handball pump, it’s now easier and convenient to pump and maintain pressure while enjoying a warm bath.

Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. Hi Bathmate, question for you. I have a X30 (older) and an X40 (2013 issue), notice the Max Vacuum Water tech spec for both is 0.55bar. I’m considering purchasing an Xtreme X40, notice it is built on the same platform as my X40. Is the bar pressure upper limit raised on the Xtreme models ?…..or is it just easier to achieve and maintain those levels because of the handball pump. Thanks for helping.

    • Thanks for the question Joe. I think bar specs is worth adding to the table above. The bar for both Xtreme X30 and X40 is 0.65 higher compare to older X30 and X40 models both of which as 0.55 bar.

  2. Hey im jay im around 7 1/4 length and around 4.7 4.8 girth my goals are around 8 1/2 inches length and a girth of 5.5 will wouldnt the x40 bathmate be the best for me? Since i want to grow up to 8 length??

  3. I’ve bought a Bathmate penis enlargement pump nearly 2 years back. I enjoy it and was having wonderful increase in size using it. However, the one that I have is somewhat don’t have much suction power probably due to wear and tear? So, I’m getting this monster instead ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow! There are lots of goodies in the xtreme package. It’s tempting to get one, but what would I do with my X30? There is still room at present, when there is no more room for growth with X30, WELCOME X40 xtreme!

  5. A close friend of mine has actually been utilizing bathmate and has seen good outcomes in his growth, and he’s persuaded his close friend’s bro to use it. He’s just 15, so I was wondering if it was safe to utilize even if your penis isn’t really completely developed like his would be. And would you recommend utilizing it for such at young age?

    • Bathmat is a very effective penis enlargement device when properly used. However, at such young age, it is not advisable to do something in manipulating the growth of the penis. At age of 15, the body is still in growing phase, and the same is true with his penis.

      • Totally.
        Look, the reason why this kid is “gaining” is because he’s still growing, not because of the pump. He REALLY shouldn’t be using a pump at his age. It only goes to show how stupid this kid is. He needs to put down his parents credit card, and worry about college first.


        • You’re on the spot there… even if you search the internet, it’s the young boys who want to get bigger for unknown reasons(most of the time). That is why, when someone ask me about penis enlargement whether using pump or manual routine is safe for those who are still in growing stage, my answer is always NOT advisable, although it’s possible. It is always better and a lot safer to let the body grows naturally at this point, then decide later(when fully grown) whether it is the right thing to pursue to get bigger, or not.

  6. I got a Bathmate Penis Enhancement Pump around 2 years earlier. I love it and was having terrific outcomes from it, however then was away for a long time due to my work with work and not able to use it. Sadly, when I get back home, I’ve found it damaged due to some other individuals who are keen of playing it. So, need a need a new one ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I am considering purchasing a bathmate and was questioning which website is the very best one to acquire from? I likewise wish to know how long it took you to get your bathmate.

  8. This looks like a beast, indeed. But, I’ve heard from those who have used this new extreme version, it is wickedly powerful, but it may not be a good sign for all as it is easy to put pressure beyond what is safe. Experience pumpers might find this beast powerful and useful. For beginners though, stay within the limits and avoid over pumping. I haven’t get my hands on this thing as I just bought Hydromax X40 2 months ago. However, it’s a good choice for those who are planning…love the handball pump…reminds me of a blood pressure gadget by doctors ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing bathmate will release the same attachment for original X30 or X40, That would be amazing!!!

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