X4 Labs Penis Extender Is Clinically-Tested and Doctor-Approved Natural Penis Enlargement and Penile Curvature Correction Device

X4 Labs is a penis extender that uses traction just as with other penis extenders available in the market today. Originally, traction penile extenders are designed to provide men a non-invasive or non-surgical means of correcting curved penises. In fact, X4 Labs extender has a package designed for individuals who have Peyronie’s Disease.

How X4 Labs Penis Extender Help You In Your Penis Enlargement Journey and Why You Should Choose It?

Just as with other male enhancement methods, penis extenders are also employed by men who want to increase penis size. Many clinical tests have proven the effectiveness of traction technique used by orthopedics for years to be efficient in lengthening penile length.

This discovery led many companies to designed and manufactured traction-based penis extenders and made available to men who are interested in penis enlargement. However, not all penis extenders are created equal.

X4 Labs 10 Years On The Market
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Sure, there are more than dozen traction penis extenders on the market, but only a few of them are worth spending the money. One of them is the X4 Labs, which is one of the medically-proven extenders in the market with proven effectiveness and has been in the market for 10 years.

Besides from the benefits of having the possibility to correct curved penises and increase in penile length, X4 Labs can also aid men improve cases of erectile dysfunction in many cases. Moreover, continuous use of the device according to the recommended routine can also help men overcome premature ejaculation over the long run.

Hence, men can benefit in a boost in sexual stamina, improved sexual performance, and able to last longer in bed satisfying his partner with an unforgettable sexual experience.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Innovative Design

Well-Crafted To Fit Any Penis Shapes and Sizes

X4 Labs is designed compactly that it can wear underneath clothing allowing men to wear it while at home, work, or even while walking in the park. It is barely unnoticeable especially when worn with loose clothing or pants such as boxers.

Moreover, X4 Labs is designed not only with effectiveness but comfort, as well. Combine comfortability and compactness, wearing the extender for long hours is easily achievable. Of course, the more often it is used according to proven suggested routines, the better gains can be achieved.

The device uses a silicone tube for its loop latch. The silicone tube holds the penis glands in place allowing a good traction stretch to the penis while providing comfort, and allowing proper blood circulation in the penis erectile tissue.

Infinite Fit Quad Support
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In addition, X4 Labs designs and manufactures numerous attachments and accessories for the main extender device, and some of these are available for free or add-on orders depending on the package chosen by the customer. Later, all the packages available will be covered in details so that you will have a complete overview regarding which package suits your preference.

Pick Your Preferred X4 Labs Edition, and BUY IT TODAY!

X4 Labs Offers Several Packages Based On Your Needs

From Deluxe to Gold Luxury and Peyronies Editions. Whatever your purpose whether it be for penis enlargement or penile curvature correction, X4 Labs has a package that suits your needs.

Advantages and Benefits Of Using An X4 Lab Penis Extender Device

  •  Helps improve both sexual stamina and performance
  • Designed to treat or correct penile curvature, or Peyronie’s Disease
  • Designed to cater small penises with sizes 4 inches and below
  • Can help improve erectile dysfunction
  • Discreet shipping and billing
  • Can help individuals suffering from premature ejaculation
  • Helps increase penis size
  • Help boosts confidence
  • Clinically-tested and doctor approved penis extender
  • Provides a 4-in-1 or Quad support comfort system
  • Offers several extender packages to suit everyone’s preference
  • 24-hours customer support
  • Proven to work and backed by customers positive feedback/testimonials
  • Fast shipping to US and Canada customers
  • Worldwide shipping available
Perfect Fit
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The Disadvantages

Are There Any?

Just as with many other similar products, some people may find some negative points on X4 Labs. On that note, there are two notable negative points that are spotted easily, yet these drawbacks can be solved easily turning cons into pros. However, for the purpose of details and transparency, we’ll show you them here.

  • Lower Editions Lack Some Goodies

    In the past, X4 Labs cheapest package was Starter Kit. Right now, there is no more Starter Kit and cheapest among the X4 Labs penis extender packages is the Deluxe Edition. This package somehow lacks a lot of the goodies offered on other packages. Good news, this drawback can be easily solved by obtaining the next package or edition, subsequent editions include more goodies. Although, the subsequent packages of X4 Labs are more expensive compared to the Deluxe, which lead to the next drawback, costs.

  • The Cost

    First impression, the cost is expensive for most typical individuals with the exception of the starter kit. The good news, X4 Labs understands the needs and capacity of its typical customers who are interested in increasing their penis size, or perhaps correct curved penises.

X4 Labs Cons
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X4 Labs Financing Options

Now It’s Easy and Affordable To Own A High-Quality Penis Extender Device

X4 Labs understands your needs and budget. Therefore, X4 Labs offers financing options in which you can pay in an installment basis for the product or package of your choice. This is really a great news and to date only X4 Labs offers such a flexible way of payment and owning the device of your choice.

So, here’s how it works, X4 labs will ask you to pay 50% of the total order amount and remaining amount can be paid in either 2 or 3 payments. To avail the financing option, it involves 3 steps process;

  • STEP 1

    Pick the product or combination of products of your choice that meets your preference when it comes to growth priority, or curvature correction purposes.

  • STEP 2

    At checkout under “Payment Method” pick X4 Labs Financing.

  • STEP 3

    Select the number of payments or instalments you prefer, 2 or 3 instalments.

X4 Labs Financing Options
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Pick Your Preferred X4 Labs Edition, and GET YOURS TODAY!

X4 Labs Offers Several Packages Based On Your Needs

X4 Labs is somewhat expensive, but the QUALITY of the device backs the price. Plus, X4 Labs offers financing options which means owning a high-quality device is not difficult anymore. It’s now affordable!

Available Packages

X4 Labs Offers Packages That Suit For Every Man’s Penis Enlargement Needs

Right now, there are 9 packages to choose from; and each package contains different inclusions and features, which are outlined below. Additionally, each package is geared towards a certain purpose, and budget.

The most expensive, most complete and the ultimate X4 Labs package is the Gold Luxury package and the cheapest, which also comes with the least inclusions is the Deluxe Edition. As part of a decade providing quality penis extenders, X4 Labs celebrates it with additional special packages, which is why the total number of editions or packages to choose is now 9 compare to 5 previously.

Extender DeviceWhiteWhiteBlueRedWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Extender FinishSilverSilverSilverSilverGoldSilverSilverGold
Hybrid SupportYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Spring Tension (grams)30003300360033003600300033003600
Comfort Straps 46548248
Silicone Harnesses46548248
Ultra-Fit Velcro Straps 224224
Long Foam Pads46108122812
Short Foam Pads46108122812
Elongation BarsFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull SetFull Set
Leather Bound Case YesYes
Sinrex Dual Synergy 3 Months
Vitamin E Boost Pills3 Months6 Months12 Months
InfiniteFit SystemOptionalOptionalYesYesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Wide Girth BaseOptionalOptionalYesYesOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Air Penis PumpYesYesYes
Measuring Tape YesYesYes
Peyronies Ruler YesYesYes
Cleansing Spray YesYesYes
Traction LubricantYesYesYes
Cleansing Wipes6610610620
Gift VoucherYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Device Warranty1 Year5 YearsLifetime5 YearsLifetime1 Year5 YearsLifetime
PenisAccess DVDYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Instruction ManualYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Instructional DVDYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Have You Chosen Your Preferred Edition For Your Purpose?

Pick The Edition That Matches Your Preference and Purpose

X4 Labs Gold Luxury Edition Quick Video Review

Have A Sneak Peak Inside X4 Labs’ Ultimate Penis Extension Device

This is the ultimate and most complete X4 Labs extender package. Everything an individual needs for achieving amazing gains is in this package. The Gold Luxury Edition has maximum stretched length of up to 14.5 inches.

The Gold Luxury Edition includes all the components that compliment the penis extender device including leather bound storage, penis exercises guide and many more as you can see on the comparison table above for all X4 Labs Editions.

Clinically-Proven and Doctor-Approved

Traction Devices Have Been Used By Doctors For Medical Purposes

The designed and efficacy of X4 Labs penis extenders is approved and prescribed by various physicians and urologists around the world as a safe alternative for non-invasive penis enlargement purposes.

Additionally, X4 Labs has been recommended by doctors as a means of correcting curved penises as well as post penis surgical treatments.

As a matter of fact, X4 Labs extenders earned CE mark approval as Class 1 Medical Device. The device design has undergone rigorous testing to meet quality standards when it comes to safety and effectiveness.

X4 Labs Extender Customer Testimonial
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User Experiences and Feedback

X4 Labs Happy Users
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Since the the introduction of X4 Labs penis extenders to the male enhancement community, it received a lot of good feedback. It might not be all are satisfied due to various factors, but many of the men who have tried X4 Labs extenders are happy with the results they have achieved.

Results may vary from person-to-person this due to a number of factors including consistency, frequency and intensity of using the extender. Individuals who are aggressive at using the traction force usually achieve better and quicker results. However, for beginners, it is essential to follow recommended routines for safety and avoid any potential injuries.

What Guarantee Does X4 Labs Offer?

X4 Labs Backed The Quality and Efficiency of Their Penis Extenders

X4 Labs offer 12 Months or 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure its users/customers will achieve their penis enlargement goals. This makes a potential user purchase absolutely risk-free. The 6 months time period is more than enough to see results with X4 Labs penis extender when used as directed.

Feel free to open the package upon receipt and use the extender for 6-months risk-free. X4 Labs extenders received a 99% Approval Rating from its customers/users/clients who have achieved gains beyond expectations. Once you have it in your hands, use it as directed to achieved results just as others enjoy their gains.

X4 Labs Money-Back Guarantee
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What’s even more good news if you’re serious about getting results in your penis enlargement journey and you choose X4 Labs Extender device for your needs, X4 Labs offer what is called “Double Your Money Back Growth Guarantee“. What this means? It simply means, X4 Labs is very confident the penis extender device can help you achieve your goals. There are certain requirements, though, in order to avail this offer. Read the steps to the right.

The steps are pretty simple and if you already have a clear goal on what you want to achieve, these steps are no-brainer. For those who are interested but have no clear goal about what you want and how you would want to achieve the results you’re wanting, you can take advantage of X4 Labs recommended usage and follow it to the letter. And, for any reasons your progress throughout the therapy period allocated, X4 Labs will double your money back. If you look it simply, it means you have nothing to lose, but gains.

  • STEP 1

    Buy an X4 Labs Penis Extender Edition you’re interested on.

  • STEP 2

    Register or create a Penile Traction Therapy Progress Tracker Account.

  • STEP 3

    Use the device as per X4 Labs recommended routine for 6 months during the first year.

  • STEP 4

    Take measurements right after each routine for progress tracking purposes.


X4 Labs Provided A Clear Choices According To Various Purpose

Whether you’re looking for penis enlargement, or curvature correction purposes, there are various editions to choose from that matches your budget and preference. And, speaking of budget, take advantage of X4 Labs financing option. X4 Labs is the only penis extender brand on the market that offers such payment options. Why settle on cheap unreliable penis extenders if you can get X4 Labs top-notch quality that have been on the market for a decade.

Accessories and Spare Parts

X4 Labs Offers A Wide Range Of Extra Spare Parts and Various Accessories

X4 Labs also offers a wide range of accessories and spare parts for its penis extenders. Spare parts are of the same grade and quality that comes with the original purchase. And, although they’re designed to be durable and to last a long time, it will be worn out at some point. So, in order to continue using and enjoying the benefits of the extender device without buying a brand new one, spare parts are available for order online.

These non-invasive or non-surgical medical device penis extenders have been developed to offering an effective and safe penis enlargement, or penile curvature correction. They’re designed to improve and encourage natural penis growth as well as minimize or eliminate penile curvature due to plaque build-up, in the case of Peyronies disease.

X4 Labs also carries other penis enlargement devices air vacuum penis pumps. Air vacuum pumps have been around for years, and still popular today, but for individuals who are really serious about achieving amazing gains using penis pumps, a better and more comfortable type of pump is a great option such as Bathmate hydro pump, which tried and tested to be not only effective in achieving permanent penile growth, but proven effective for penile and sexual health maintenance, as well.


Doctor-Approved Penis Traction And Enlargement Device

Whether you’re aiming for penis enlargement or penile curvature correction  purposes, X4 Labs has a penis extender device to offer. You’re backed with 1 Year guarantee, or you can avail the double money back guarantee by following X4 Labs requirements. X4 Labs stand by the quality of their product. You can be sure you’re getting the top-notch quality with the strongest traction force in the market up to 3600 grams.

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Readers Comments, Discussions and Questions

  1. The only penis extender I’ve heard to actually work is the x4 labs extender, this is it! Unless they’re all the same and technically do the same thing not sure, though. On the other side of the table, I’m might be a bit biased as this is the only thing I’ve tried 😀 But, it does work for me so why try look for another thing if it does the job and helped me achieve the goal I wanted?

  2. I don’t know but when I first started penis enlargement using an extender, Sizegenetics got my vote even to this day. I guess it’s a matter of preference, but personally… I go for sizegenetics.

  3. I was reading a testimonial for the x4 labs and size genetics penis extenders online and also in this website. And it look like both can do the same thing. I have no prior experience using either of the device, but I’m doing manual routines for more or less six months and I want to push it further as I see great results with it.

  4. This penis extender works, but I’ve switched to Sizegenetics as mine was damaged due to mishandling. I could have get similar replacement, but would like to try the popular sizegenetics ultimate. They work similarly but differ in the extra attachments that come with corresponding package. If you would ask me which one I recommended, I would say go with what you think better, although sizegenetics support is awesome and responsive, so it’s easy to track things especially during shipping and in case there are missing components when it arrived.

  5. I was wondering if it would be effective or bad if I used my X4 labs or sizegenetics extender in conjunction to jelqing, doing Ulis or clamping?? Im have been in the penis enlargement thing for 3 months now using manual routines.

  6. I was having a look at penis extenders and could not determine which one is better? X4 labs, sizegenetics or maleedge?

  7. I know for a fact penis extenders work although I haven’t owned one yet, but have few friends who vouched for it. They use it well over 3 to 4 hours a day even at work as they wear loose pants. Most of them have SizeGenetics while others have Andropenis and X4 labs. All of them have no complaints with their own respective choices, and now that I want one, I’m confused which one to buy 😀 I’m here to seek any tips and advice about which one to get or it’s just a matter of preference?

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