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Women Require More Sleep Than Men Due To This Reason

Quality sleep is vital for health. While sleeping longer than the other may not be a big deal for some couples, others have issues on it. Personally, I don’t mind my wife sleeping longer than me as long as it keeps her healthy and feeling good all the time.

However, there are actually couples who end up arguing on who gets more sleep. And, it is common for many couples where men sleep longer than women, but the study says women should sleep longer than men.

Yes, you’ve read it right. The Daily Mail reports one study wherein the researchers find women require more sleep than men.

Women Need More Sleep Than Men
Who Needs More Sleep, Men or Women?

Reason Women Require More Sleep Than Men

In this study, researchers found that women require approximately 20 minutes more sleep every night than men. The reason for this is due to brain complexity and its activity during the day.

The study by the scientists at Germany’s Max Planck Institute involving 160 men and women. The scientists found women require more sleep to restore brain power.

They clarify, however, that this is not due to any basic neurological differences between men and women. But due to performing different tasks during the day. More tasks done during the day require more brain power. In a typical household, it’s the women who are doing and switching different tasks.

Although many of the tasks are small, still they require brain power. At the end of the day, when all of these add up, they can take a substantial portion of brain power.

One expert says that constantly switching from one task to another can be exhausting than sitting and doing only one task throughout the day.

Focus On Getting Quality Sleep

The 20-minute more difference in sleep between women and men should not be a big deal. Instead, especially for couples, put more focus on getting quality sleep. Share some household works to make the burden a lot quicker and easier.

Note that there are serious side effects of sleep deprivation. It affects performance and efficiency. Sleep deprivaton even it affects skin health.

Hence, as a couple, take time to talk about it instead of blaming one for sleeping longer. As a couple, you can even sleep naked and enjoy the benefits from it.

Through open and constant communication between you and your partner, it opens a whole new meaning to your relationship. One reason relationship fails is that one partner is looking to fill-in the gap or lack.

Therefore, talk about it. Common topic such as financial matters, sex frequency and sleep should be in your conversation more often.


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