6 Habits of Women That Men (Simply) Love


In a happy and fruitful relationship, reciprocation of good habits and gestures are vital. Women care about men just as men do to women.

Some men say women are annoying but are they? Personally, I don’t consider women that way. In fact, I love my wife very much.

So, women do you consider yourself annoying? Well, I don’t think so. But there are habits of women that men just can’t ignore, but love it.

1. Putting Her Head On His Chest

Woman's Head Lying on Man's Chest

This is sweet! Men simply can’t resist this habit and gesture from a woman.

Although I can’t be so sure this seems a sense of security and comfort.

2. Stroking, Playing His Hair or (Even) Kissing While Driving

Woman Kissing Man In Car

This is another gesture and habit of women that men simply can’t resist. Stroking the head gives a pleasurable and relaxing sensation.

Additionally, kissing while driving is a good one. But, ladies, be moderate and don’t let him lose focus while driving.

Men perceived these as an expression of love and affection.

3. Complimenting Him On Social Media

Woman Compliments Man On Social Media

There is no better feeling from a man’s point of view than a compliment from his girlfriend or wife.

Remember those courtship days?

4. She Listens Carefully To What He Says

Woman Listens To His Man Attentively

Men simply love this degree attention.

5. Texts and calls Him When She’s With Her Friends

She Text Him While With Her Friends

Men feel secure with this habit and simply love it.

6. Shows Affection In Public Places

Affectionate Couple

Some women are shy to express their affection with their partner. Although it does not mean she doesn’t love him, men feel better and have a sense of masculinity when women show affection even in public places.

As simple holding hands, a hug, stroking his hair and head while waiting for something, and even a kiss while sitting in the park.

All these are also good acts of foreplay outside the bedroom.


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