Science Reveals The Ideal Body Type Of A Woman And Officially Declare Who Owns That Perfect Body


In 2013, a British website conducted a survey on the most popular body shape for women, and turned out gone are the days for those porn-type bodies in favor of the curvy soft body type popularly possessed by Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks. Sixty-eight percent of women preferred a plus size look than a slender or thin look.

On the other hand, researchers from Georgia Gwinnet College shows that curvy body is more attractive as it symbolizes fertility and good health as reported by NBC News back in 2010. Details of the study findings as published at the journal PLoS ONE.

On the other hand, BuzzFeed demonstrates various body types of women from different countries and how it changes over the centuries when it comes to the ideal body figure.

And, just recently as reported by, CuracaoChronicle and many others, University of Texas scientists reviewed their data collected over the past years and declared Kelly Brook has the perfect body scientifically. According to scientists, the perfect height measures 1.68 meters and vital statistics at 99-63-91 without any surgical manipulation.

This woman is completely natural and scientifically perfect.

What Does This Mean For Guys

Now that there’s a basis of a perfect body, would be looking for a partner with a perfect figure as Kelly Brook, or if you already have a partner, would you be forcing or persuading her to achieve such figure? Well, it’s your decision. But, to be honest, having this news about the perfect body does not mean you would aim a figure for your partner as perfect as Kelly Brook.

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Sure, there are many women out there who have similarly naturally curvy figure as her. However, don’t conclude figure as your ultimate trait for looking a partner. What matters most is the chemistry between you and your partner. With the proper chemistry and deeper intimate connection are among the best traits to a successful and more romantic relationship.

What Does This Mean For Women?

I’m sure when this news was first released there are sorts of different reactions. However, don’t let the word “perfect” fool you. Instead, take into account what the scientists mentioned that Kelly Brook didn’t have any surgical manipulation with her figure just to achieve a perfect look. Look how she achieved that figure naturally. According to in an interview, Kelly Brook is on the Atkin’s diet, which is a low carb diet.

You don’t have to follow her diet, but certainly following a healthy eating regimen and maintaining physical activity can tremendously help achieve a close-to-perfect figure. By avoiding highly processed foods and sugary bottled drinks, and opting for whole foods preferably organic, it’s the best way to lose weight and burn excess body fat.

Hence, in the end, instead of aiming the perfect body, aim at achieving and maintaining good health instead through good nutrition and staying physically active.


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