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What Can You Do If You Feel Distracted During Sex?

Just a few minutes ago I stumbled on a discussion by TheDoctors about distracted during sex. Distracted During Sex Can Happen

You may haven’t experienced this, but for those who experienced it, it’s not funny.

Dr. Chris Donoghue, sex and relationship expert raised the question “are you having sex worth having?”

Well, that’s a very interesting question because sex is not just about kissing, licking, penetration, and thrusting.

Tips To Overcoming Distracted Sex

Here are some tips from Dr. Chris Donoghue for overcoming distraction during sex. I will be adding my thoughts about what can be done in order to put both partners in the mood.

Having sex while in the mood is so satisfying than just one partner enjoying it. Of course, in a man’s perspective, it could be difficult to maintain an erection, or perhaps not being able to get it up.

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both partners. In fact, having better sex has a significant impact in a relationship.

For men with premature ejaculation, it’s frustrating.

However, if tell your partner about it, she can understand. I’m talking here about a solid relationship and not just for a one-night stand or casual sex.

1. Talk About It

The first thing when a partner noticed some distraction during sex is to ask a question and talk about it in a calm manner.

Don’t scream to your partner immediately because you don’t know what’s going on with her. She may be experiencing some bad mood or feeling something uncomfortable, which are both pretty reasonable to get distracted.

Also, while having the talk, try to focus on one part of her body by touching it and see if it makes her comfortable, and get her in the mood.

2. Get Involved.

If you’re distracted during sex, get involved by sharing what you’re feeling and what causes your distractions?

Most people don’t talk about it because they’re shy discussing it with their partners. However, if it’s a problem related to work, family, or perhaps an issue with you partner, speak up.

The more you talk about it with your partner, the better it feels. It’s like a release valve opened up and released those tension inside you that causing the distraction.

What’s Next?

What if both of you fails to resolve the distraction during sex, and perhaps resulted in a more serious problem.

Before that happen, seek expert counsel of a professional sex therapist. Sometimes, there are problems we can’t solve by ourselves, but with the help of an expert, both partners may be able to spot something that causing.

It may be a thing in the past that triggered by a particular situation, which both of you are unaware of.

The key to a happy and successful relationship is a coordinated effort from both partners, and not just one.

In fact, doing orgasmic meditation might help a lot especially when it comes to rekindling sexual intimacy.


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