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How To Use Your Willpower For Weight Loss?

Achieving better health, losing weight and maintaining ideal weight all begin within the mind. So, power up your weight loss willpower.

In fact, everything prior to its physical existence or materialization it always begins in the mind as a thought. Hence, why not use willpower to achieve healthy weight loss and keep it off for life.

While it’s very tempting to set goals for weight loss, it is more effective when setting a goal to achieve and maintain an ideal weight, as well as consistent effort to stay physically and mentally fit for life.

Weight Loss Willpower

When losing weight especially controlling overeating and overcoming the cravings, it’s difficult if you don’t have the will or train yourself to use and direct the will to achieve what you really want to achieve.

It takes practice to learn how to use willpower, and if you take your time to do the effort to practice every little step at a time on every day, it will not only be helpful with weight loss but can be directed to anything you want to achieve.

Tips To Using Willpower For Weight Loss

Willpower has a limit. However, there are things we can do in order to keep it up and make it work to our advantage. Most things that are helpful to boosting the “will” involve mind works.

This is because willpower is a faculty of the mind.

1. Start Small

If you’re new to using the will consciously, start small. Willpower is very powerful and when directed it can achieve anything, but it has limitation.

It acts like muscles, it can be strengthened and hold its focus and attention, but it’s going to get exhausted.

For instance, if you’re stuck hanging on the mountain due to mountain climbing, with will power you can hold on for a few hours, but eventually, you lose that and perhaps fall off.

When it comes to weight loss, don’t terminate everything you can’t handle. For example, changing your diet and quitting smoking at the same time maybe difficult for you, and not to mention performing the exercises as your physical activity.

Instead of terminating or changing all those should be changed, do it one at a time. For the first two weeks to a month, change your dieting or eating patterns to a healthy one.

Next, start adding exercise to your healthy diet you’re following. Of course, when you’re smoking and performing the exercise, you don’t that much stamina and endurance.

After a few weeks of doing the exercises along with your healthy diet plan, start quitting smoking.

The trick is to do it one at a time. And, every little thing you achieved, pay attention to it and give yourself a pat on the back. This is a huge motivation booster.

2. Put Yourself As A Third Person

Consider yourself as the watcher of yourself. A good example is to think of someone who is in a process of shifting towards a healthy eating pattern, but almost fall to eating unhealthy once again.

See someone or yourself having good results with your first two weeks of healthy eating, but you see a box of mouth-watering donuts on the table and you’re about to open it, pick one and eat.

What would you feel then? Perhaps you could feel some sort anger there, or even regrets if that someone you looked at reaches and eats it, and later relapse to unhealthy eating.

This technique can help you overcome that emotional cues when feeling to reaching any types of sugary snacks.

If you feel the urge to snacks on sugary foods, remind yourself as the third person whom you’re watching from the distance. This will help you develop self-discipline, which is an essential to nurturing willpower.

3. Consider It A Trap

Sweets and Pastries

I’m talking about the sweet pastries sitting provocatively waiting for you to pick it up while paying at the counter. Don’t get caught on that! Consider it a trap, that when you pick it up, pay for it, and eat it, something going to happen in your stomach and it’s not healthy.

See it as something that can derail your track towards healthy eating journey and achieve the ideal weight for you.

Sugary sweets such as pastries are rich indeed in sugar, and if you don’t make something that can make you stay away from it, it’s always there waiting for you, and when you fall into the trap, it will definitely havoc your weight loss journey.

Moreover, doing so helps you dissipate the craving intensity, and your willpower starts to kick helping you resist the urge for cravings. It will only last a few minutes, hold on to it, and once you’re out at the store, you’re away and free from it.

4. Stay Committed No Matter What

This is important! Don’t make or set any “IFs” rules if you want to achieve your weight loss goals. This “IF” or “IF, Then” mentality means you’re not committed to following what works for your weight loss journey.

For example, let’s say you eat in a restaurant with healthy meal options. So, you order your healthy menu at the right portion size, but then you see chips and sweets that are tempting you.

Instead of considering those as traps, you say to yourself “Well, I will order chips and sweets, but I will also order a salad as my side dish”.

Well, that’s a very subtle trap, which in the long run you won’t notice you’re already going back to the old unhealthy habits. If you can’t avoid this, stay way from eating out. Instead, cook at home.

When I was first doing this, I thought I was weird and it was convenient. However, there is no other way I can of committing myself to healthy eating and physical exercise without considering it that way.

I was once heard in a reality TV show where a fitness instructor said, eating healthy initially when you’re losing weight is inconvenient. However, when it becomes a habit and part of a lifestyle, living healthy is easy.

No matter what tempting foods presented in front of you, you’ll be able to recognize whether it’s good for you, or not. No exceptions, if you’re committed.

Your friends or family members might say… “Hey, eat this! It’s just for today, and it won’t hurt you.” If you fall into that reasoning, you’ll soon fall-back to your unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Stick To Your Plan

When someone tells me something like that, I just say…. Well, I better stick to my new lifestyle. Otherwise, if I fall back to it again, or eat from time to time like that and havoc my goals, no one is going to take responsibility, but me. When I say that, they simply respect it.

Of course, there are those who tends to ridicule, but I don’t care. What I care is to achieve my goal.

A few months later, they are still on that fatty belly and carrying that unnecessary extra weight experiencing pains on their knees and back pains.

Me, on the other hand, they begin to see me as a different person. When you lose that unnecessary extra weight or fat, it feels light, and if previously you don’t want to walk, you’ll want walking every time now. In other words, it’s easy to move.

6. Relax and Visualize

The human brain has two sides working together during decision making. One side which s emotional and greedy, while the other side is calm and analytical. Learn to tap on the cooler side.

This is where visualization works well. Visualize yourself achieving the weight loss goal you desired enjoying a physically and mentally fit man or woman.

When you visualize, enjoy and bring in the sensation of happiness and calmness.

Do this as often as you can every day. Also, visualize yourself struggling on losing weight because you fall back into unhealthy habits.

Doing so, makes your brain think and switch to the cooler side, and this my friend is one of the keys to achieving a healthy weight without the struggle most people experiencing.

Cultivating Your Weight Loss Willpower

Doing these things can certainly impact your efforts positively. Through willpower, your persistence will become more resilient.

Always keep in mind that mental works matter. So, it’s just about eating and exercising, but also paying attention to what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling.


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