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5 Unhealthy Sleeping Habits That You May Unaware Of

Sleep is vital for health and well-being. Today, however, a lot of people are taking for granted of simply going to sleep with certain habits. Unfortunately, there are some unhealthy sleeping habits in which people are doing because they’re unaware of it.

Therefore, getting good quality sleep is not enough. Although it is quite valuable to avoid the unhealthy consequences of sleep deprivation. On the other hand, it would be more appropriate to get regular quality sleep while avoiding unhealthy sleeping habits.

Unhealthy Sleeping Habits

Let us quickly explore a few of these unhealthy sleeping habits. Some of you may already be doing it without experiencing any side effects. However, to be on the safer and healthier side, it would be better to know them and make a more informed decision later.

For most people especially those working individuals, they simply get home and sleep without changing clothes, removing their makeups, or simply living their watches on.

But are these habits naturally safe and healthy for us? Well, let’s explore.

1. Never Sleep With Your Wristwatch

Unhealthy Sleeping Habits - Wristwatch On

While there are not much enough studies to back up this claim, it has been said that wrist watches emit radioactivity to a certain degree. This is true on those glow in the dark wristwatches.

Hence, it may be safer to take off your wristwatch while sleeping. Use an alarm clock instead if you want to check the time whenever you woke up sometime in the middle of the night.

Although there are no adverse effects reported, the effects may be accumulated over time.

But what about those smartwatches that monitor sleeping habits? Well, they’re safe as far as the medical community says. However, if you’re concern about radiation since these watches have active Bluetooth connections, it may be safe to avoid it.

Of course, unless you’re sleeping on a grounding mat, which is effective at neutralizing EMF, that might be OK.

2. Women, Never Sleep With Your Bra On

Unhealthy Sleeping Habits Sleeping with Bra

While this is something that sparks a debate, my wife says it feels better sleeping without a bra. She considers it as one of the unhealthy sleeping habits while having a bra on.

On the other hand, there are experts who do not recommend sleeping with a bra specially if it’s tight. In a Cosmopolitan article, Dr. Seth Rankin of London Doctors Clinic warns;

With regard to the breast tissue itself: if your bra often leaves impressions in your skin from being too tight, then wearing it 24/7 won’t give the skin a chance to recover and bounce back from these, leading to long-term indents in the tissue.

While there are reports and rumors that bras can cause breast cancer, it’s not true. This has been supported the findings of a case study at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research in 2014 that wearing a bra has no correlation to breast cancer.

However, wearing tight bras especially those with wire may impede the lymphatic system particularly the spleen. Moreover, tight bras can restrict blood flow to the breasts and its surrounding areas. Of course, these areas include the lymph nodes.

Additionally, removing and sleeping without bra allows your breasts to rest and breathe naturally after a long day of wearing a bra.

3. Never Sleep With Your Phone Near or Beside You

Sleeping with Your Phone

Today, due to the wide availability of smartphones, a lot of people sleep with it. They read articles on it while drifting to sleep. Most people use it browsing with their social media accounts while lying on the bed.

It’s clear that excessive and irresponsible use of cellphones is bad. Moreover, excessive hours of use in front of a screen is bad for the eye health, too.

But what’s damaging to have a cellphone near you while you’re sleeping is the harmful radiation. Even the World Health Organization regonizes its potential risks. Plus, there are studies that support it.

Therefore, regardless you’re sleeping in a grounded bed, why take risks? Put your cell phone away from your bed. Even better, leave your cell phone outside of your bedroom and don’t use it as your alarm clock beside you.

4. Women, Never Sleep Without Removing Your Makeup

Makeup complements women’s beauty. Of course, it’s OK during daytime while at work. But what about during night time, is it safe to leave makeup while sleeping?

Some women do this while some consider it as one of the unhealthy sleeping habits. The Daily Mail reports of a woman’s extreme experiment leaving her makeup not just for one night for a month.

At the end of one month, the experts estimated that the woman’s skin was 10 years older. Well, you might say, it’s too extreme and no one will do it just like she did. However, take into consideration the number of hours you sleep with makeup.

It may not manifest immediate damage to the skin just like the extreme experiment, but certainly, the accumulation of small side-effects is happening. The damage may be unnoticeable initially, but after years, it may surprise you.

5. Never Wear Tight Pants While Sleeping

This is applicable to both men and women. It is very common for some people to sleep with their pants on because they’re tired to change. But what does it do to you?

Sleeping naked is better and has many health benefits. For men, sleeping without pants or with loose pants maximizes sperm production.

Furthermore, women who sleep without pants or even without underwear is good for vaginal health as it prevents bacterial and yeast infections.

So, feel comfortable wearing loose pants or boxers while sleeping. Wearing tight underwears could be undesirable, too. Or, better make yourself comfortable sleeping naked.


You may feel uncomfortable doing some of these. However, let your common sense kick in and along with science, make it a way to come up with a more informed decision.


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