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What Is Traction Wrapping and How To Do It Correctly?

The technique known as traction wrapping stretches the penis out and wrapping it in a comfortable fashion to prevent retraction.

Penis Traction Wrapping

Learning how to do traction wrapping right after a penis exercise routine can help achieve amazing penile growth substantially.

This wrapping technique is a widely-accepted procedure of maintaining penile growth used by many men who do penis enlargements.

Additionally, doing traction wrapping is an efficient way to prevent retraction of the penis, or commonly known as turtling.

Turtling occurs after performing a penis enlargement exercise routine.

Traction Wrapping Works With Other Methods

This penis enlargement technique works well with post-hanging maintenance, deconditioning break, and cementing routine.

The basic concept of doing traction wrapping right after a penis exercise routine is to allow the body to compensate for the elongated tissues.

The human body is prone to homeostasis meaning when something is stretched or elongated as it has a tendency to return to its previous state.

In the science behind extending penis size, it elongates the penis by stretching the tissues within the penis to break and form new tissues.

Over time, when this process is repeated constantly, the penis would gain an increase in size, a similar technique used in penis extenders.

Traction wrapping helps this size gained permanent(also check cementing the gains) by allowing the body to compensate for the stretched tissues.

However, one should note that over-stretching the penis during traction wrapping can hurt the penis itself.

Therefore, it is crucial to take the necessary precautions not to over-stretch to avoid injury or other undesired consequences.

Traction Wrapping Benefits

  • Feels comfortable to the penis when done correctly.
  • Wrapping can be concealed easily underneath clothing making it virtually unnoticeable.
  • Prevents turtling after a penis exercise routine.

Materials Needed

There are numerous comfortable materials that can be used as wraps such as self-adhesive bandages, or anything with an elastic property.

Typically, expensive materials perform well and comfortable to use. Many prefer the self-adhesive bandages as it tends to last longer compare to non-adhesive ones.

In addition, a single self-adhesive sports bandage can be used for several days. All that is needed to do is wash the wrap right after using it for hygienic purposes.

It is easy to spot when the self-adhesive properties are wear-off already.

When the stretchiness of the wrap is gone, or the self-adhesive does not stick well anymore, it is a sign the end of it. When that happens, simply obtain a new one and repeat the process in re-using the wrap.

5 Steps To Traction Wrapping

  • Step 1 – Make sure the penis is in its flaccid state.
  • Step 2 – Strech the penis out while holding the glands between the forefinger and thumb.
  • Step 3 – Start wrapping 1 inch below the glans, where the circumcision scar can be found.
  • Step 4 – Wrap the penis down towards the base spirally. The wrap should overlap with each other just as wrapping bandage on the arm or leg.
  • Step 5 – Secure the end with something that will hold it in places such as tape or theraband.

NOTE: When wrapping, make sure the tension of the wrap is not very tight that it prevents proper blood flow in the penis. Keeping this in mind every time traction wrapping is done can prevent injury to the penis.

Theraband Wraps

Traction wrapping the first time might be difficult for most individuals, but with constant practice, one can determine the number of wraps as well as the proper tension easily.

Hence, do not get frustrated if it is not perfect the first time. Remember, the more often it is done, the quicker the wrapping.

Additionally, experimenting with a different method of wrapping is also a great idea as small changes in wrapping can affect comfort. Always keep in mind, the wrap should provide comfort, allows full circulation of blood in the penis, and provides adequate padding.

Wrapping For Eliminating Discoloration and Gaining Girth

Wrapping the penis with an elastic material can help eliminate the discoloration. The veins that bring blood into the penis are found inside the shaft while the veins that draw away blood are on the outside of the shaft.

Using the wrap in such a way to slow down the blood of the penis shaft while allowing the inflow of blood unrestricted, the penis erectile chambers will begin to swell.

The main reason for this is more blood flowing into the penis erectile chambers than blood drained off the penis.

Achieving the right tension or tightness to get this effect requires patience and practice. It is very common to get this technique unsuccessful during the first attempts. Therefore, never give up as practice makes perfect.

It would take around 5 to 10 minutes for the penis to swell once the wrap is in place. If nothing is happening within this period, adjust the tightness until it achieved the results it supposed to have.

How It Helps Eliminate Discoloration

One theory of the cause of discoloration is the high-pressure penis exercises that push blood through the permeable layers of skin.

When the exercise is finished, the membranes of the permeable skin that were opened due to high pressure are now closed, trapping the blood resulting in the common bronzed appearance.

Setting up the wrap correctly as explained, the pressure will build up progressively until it will reach a point where the pressure is enough to open the semi-permeable membranes allowing blood to flow back normally.

Keep in mind, the pressure or tightness of the wrap to eliminate discoloration is not excessive, it is unlikely to help increase girth.

Wrapping with correct tightness will allow blood circulating, but prevent additional blood being trapped within the permeable membranes.

Instead, it will help drain out blood that is already trapped inside during the intense penis exercise routine.

Increasing The Girth

The procedure is the same as explained. However, the girth wrap is a bit tighter than the previous one. It is tight enough to restrict the outflow of blood even at high pressure allowing the pressure to build up continuously.

In theory, the pressure using this technique is strong enough to stretch and engorge the tunica.

Over time, performing this technique on a regular basis will allow a permanent increase in girth. The wrap can be worn for several hours.

In fact, someone had used a traction wrapping technique while using a penis pump resulting in less fluid retention.


  1. Hey useful info here. I got a question. I plan on using the traction wrapping after I perform the exercises to prevent contraction so will I have to unwrapped it to use the bathroom? If I understood the info you leave the head out but since you put some pressure on it might be hard to pee.

    Thanks again and hope you see this soon.

    • Some people do that… when they want to take a pee, they unwrap so pee can pass easily. However, if you just made the wrap just right, you don’t need to take off the wrap as pee can still pass without a problem. If you feel your glans is cold, and or start turning purplish color, it’s a sign you’re wrapping it too tight. Loosen it a bit and continue adjusting until you get the right tightness of the wrap. You don’t want it too loose either, or you don’t get any benefit out of it.

    • I would like to add my experience that pee can still pass even with the wrap on. However, I feel it very convenient without wearing an underwear when I do wrapping just like the times when I wear my extender. Always observe and check if you feel pain, numbness, cold glans, or glans turning into a color which indicate no blood flowing. You can wear the wrap all day if you want as long as you wrapped it the right tightness. You may not get it during your first attempt, but keep adjusting.

    • I haven’t tried traction wrapping, but planning of including it in my routine. I have no idea if that alone would be a good way to increase penis size, but based on what I’ve read and heard, it’s a good way to prevent retraction…hence maintaining the gains.

    • Good question, Steve. There is no definite answer as to how long you should wrap the penis. But if you’re just beginning, start with shorter time say 15 to 30 minutes and observe it. Also, wrapping in shorter time is useful while you’re finding the right tension for the wrap, which is very important if you plan of keeping in longer say like an hour, or even up to 6 hours. There are those who keep the wrap for one day, and make the next day a rest day.

  2. Great article info traction wrapping. I’m not sure if can use traction with sizegenetics. In reality, my girth is too thin to fit well into the sizegenetics without slipping. I’m thinking if I can make it work. The only way to know is to try it.

    • Hi Brandon, that’s a good idea, actually. I might put up an article about several tips of using the sizegenetics without slipping. Thanks for giving me an idea, which can helpful for others who have thin girth and have hard time fitting the sizegenetics extender.


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