The Good and Bad Effects of Alcohol In Sex Life


Some people vouched that alcohol can make their sexual performance better. However, is it? The truth is that the relationship between drinking alcohol and sex is somewhat tricky.

Alcohol lowers inhibitions
A Little Alcohol May Help But Too Much Can Hurt

While there are those, who say they feel and perform better while in the influence of alcohol, an opposite something is happening from within.

Let us quickly take a look at the effects of alcohol on our sex lives. Well, for sure, there is good and bad about it. However, let us explore them for our benefit of becoming aware.

Lowers Inhibitions

Being in the influence of alcohol allows a person to overcome body image concerns and worries. One seems to have a better ability to pleasing the partner. Erotic talks seem to flow flawlessly.

While these things are positive while in the influence of alcohol and seem to boost sex drive, these are short-term effects, and on the contrary, alcohol does not increase libido.

Having a glass of wine before making love may seem helpful especially if a man keeps focusing and worrying about his performance. Additionally, being able to maintain an erection for long is possible as the alcohol influence eliminates the anxious feeling for a moment.

Although a little alcohol helps in lowering inhibitions, this is just temporary. For long term solutions, this is not a good option.

Ability To Focus in the Present Moment

When it comes to making love, being present is crucial. An excellent sexual encounter should have an intimate connection and romance between partners.

Unfortunately, today, stress is so prevalent, which makes optimal sex very hard to achieve. Most of the time, it is the reason for having sex less frequently. Studies have shown that frequent sex has many health benefits and specific sexual frequency makes couples more connected and happier.

Alcohol can slow down the neurons in the brain due to its depressant property, at least temporarily. It causes to lower the tension and pressure worries, which are vital for optimal sex.

To have sex while stressed does not contribute to a romantic experience. To experience optimal sexual experience, one should be free from stress even for a moment. It allows being in the present moment focusing on body sensations and the partner, as well.

Alcohol can be helpful on this but only temporarily. Of course, a little amount of alcohol or moderation is crucial as too much of it may cause one not to be able to perform.

Better Partner Attraction

There is a study that backs this up. In Oxford Academic’s Alcohol and Alcoholism, a study1 finds that mild alcohol intoxication makes people perceive others attractive.

Moreover, it also allows others to see a person with mild intoxication attractive.

Induces Closeness To Others

Alcohol can affect the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which regulates emotions. It encourages us to get close to people including our intimate partner.

Moreover, under the influence of alcohol, a person becomes communicative allowing expressions and feelings of love towards the other person.

If you want your partner to be more open and connect with you emotionally to feel sexy, a moderate amount of alcohol can be useful. However, never drink large amounts of alcohol as it can have the opposite effects.

Alcohol Is A Substance with Inherent Risks

People who drink alcohol very often and beyond moderation have higher risks into addiction. Alcohol addiction is real, and it comes with many health risks, as well.

Moreover, people who take medications can have more problems as alcohol negatively interacts with medicines. Additionally, studies have shown that regular consumption of alcohol is linked with cancers and other illnesses2 including alcoholic fatty liver disease3.

Inability To Make Good Judgment or Decision

While in the influence of alcohol, it may cause a person to have sex with an unsafe partner, which make him or her vulnerable to the risks of unprotected sex.

Poor Performance in Bed

While a little amount or moderate alcohol can be helpful for good performance, too much alcohol can have the opposite effect. In men, too much drinking can cause erectile dysfunction temporarily.

Women, on the other hand, too much alcohol causes vaginal dryness due to alcohol’s dehydrating effect. It makes sex uncomfortable and painful.

For men who want to last longer in bed, you better opt for natural ways of improving your stamina. One of the ways to do that is a regular jelqing exercise and Kegels.

If you’re more serious, regular use of penis pumps like the Bathmate is significantly useful.

Final Thoughts

A little or moderate alcohol occasionally may not be a bad thing. In one study, researchers found that consuming alcohol at a particular time can be helpful for better memory retention.

On the other hand, another study says that no amount of alcohol is safe. Even a single shot of alcohol is enough to shorten one’s life.

The good news is that, when it comes to sex, alcohol is not necessary. Experiencing amazing sex requires focus and attention towards the partner, appropriate foreplay, and constant intimate connection.


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