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Does Your Penis Appears Bigger In Summer Than In Winter?

Summer is almost over. And, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed it. However, the summer penis topic is still hot and ongoing. Yes, you’ve read it right. There is something many call a summer penis.

During the summer some men are hitting the gym to achieve the summer physique they want. On the other hand, some men are already getting the summer penis.

Summer Penis

What Is A Summer Penis?

A summer penis is somewhat a puzzling experience. Somehow, it goes along with seasons. The fact, when it is hot, everything tends to swell including the penis. Perhaps, this is the science behind penis size fluctuation with seasons.

Basically, you do nothing on it it just becomes bigger. However, this swelling or size increase is temporary. Although not all men experience this but penis during summer is larger than in winter.

It would be like women’s breasts got bigger during the months of May to August.

Is Summer Penis Bad?

Summer penis happens when the temperatures reach 30 Celcius or higher. At this temperature, some people find it difficult to live and enjoy this weather condition.

The good news, it’s not that all bad. For one thing, it has a positive impact on men’s penis. Some guys truly experience having their penis grow bigger during the hot season.

This makes sense as heat tends to improve blood circulation to some extent while allowing the blood vessels and muscles to relax. Think of it like going to a sauna session, where heat helps the body experience relaxation.

However, summer penis and summer penile syndrome are totally different. So, don’t be confused when you hear someone talking about summer penile syndrome, which is about an acute hypersensitivity reaction1.

Of course, summer penile syndrome is painful and itchy while summer penis is not. Additionally, summer penile syndrome happens mostly in children2 while summer penis occurs in adult men.

Who Coined The Term “Summer Penis”?

The term “summer penis” is coined by MEL Magazine’s Tracy Moore after encountering some cases of men claiming having bigger penis during hot weather.

One of these cases can be found on Reddit.

Bigger dick in summer and smaller in winter? from r/bigdickproblems

There are a lot of people responded to this Reddit post. Surprisingly, many agree with it while others share their thoughts and theories about it.

Taking Advantage of Summer Penis

Note that a summer penis has no pain. It simply makes the penis swell and appears bigger. Men who are into penis enlargement can take advantage of this phenomenon.

In penis enlargement, it is essential to do a warming-up exercise before doing the main penis exercise routines.

The same is true for those doing routines using a penis pump or penis extender devices. One good thing about this is one does not need more time to warm-up.

Since the penis is already warmed-up and swollen to some degree, it would only take a little time to do light penis stretches and jelqing to fully warm-up.

This makes warming up quicker and easier. Then, do the main routines whether a manual penis enlargement exercises or using devices like penis pumps or traction penile stretchers.

Hence, during summer take advantage of this summer penis phenomena if you’re doing penis enlargement. As a matter of fact, even if you’re simply doing penile health therapy purposes, it can be a good advantage.

You may find putting more effort to warm-up during winter than in summer. So, take advantage of the summer penis phenomena. As long as there is no pain due to swelling, it is a normal thing men experience during the summer.

Lastly, enjoy your summer as this is the time of the year to obtain natural vitamin D from the sun.


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