Sugar Increases Risk of Allergies Even On Unborn Children


Consuming a high amount of sugar, particularly refined and added sugar is really a bad thing. In fact, one study says sugary beverage is linked to heart problems. Well, another study1 published in the European Respiratory Journal found similar findings.

In this study, researchers say that women who consumed a high amount of sugar during pregnancy are putting their offspring at risk of atopy and atopic asthma.

What Type Of Allergies The Offspring Are At Risk?

The researchers at the Queen Mary University of London looked at nearly 9,000 mother-child pairs with data from an ongoing Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. They track the health of the families and their children who were born between April 1991 to December 1992.

The lead author of the study Annabelle Bedard says that during the last 50 years, there is a dramatic epidemic of asthma and allergies in the West. And, yet the cause of the epidemic is unexplained but with one potential culprit, a change in diet.

In reality, during this 50-year period, the production of refined sugar particularly high fructose corn syrup increased substantially. She added that prenatal period is a critical stage for determining risks of allergies and asthma.

This has been confirmed that diet during pregnancy plays an important role.

Know More About Unhealthy Effects of Sugar

Note that we are referring here to refined sugars like the high fructose corn syrup. This type of sugar is present in almost any package foods you can find in supermarkets.

Just recently, although the sugar industry tried to hide it, the truth starts to surface. Hidden findings on the bad effects of sugar have been uncovered. And, a 90-year old long study reveals how sugar feeds cancer cells.

Moreover, another study also reveals that men consuming a high amount of sugar are likely to get depressed. Although the sugar industry denied these facts, we as consumers should take it into consideration.

Sugar is not bad. After all, the body utilizes it as energy. However, high consumption always lead to a bad end and very difficult to minimize the consumption due to its prevalence. Perhaps, one of the best keys to minimizing sugar consumption is knowing its many names.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Sugar has many names. Unfortunately, we consumers only know sugar but in reality, it has many names. In fact, there are many food products that contain two or more variety of sugars.

This is why it is really difficult to minimize consumption.

Is Avoiding Refined Sugar Doable?

Initially, it may be difficult for most people. However, knowing the names of sugars is an essential tool. On the other hand, substituting packaged foods with whole foods is an effective move.

For instance, instead of buying canned or bottled beverages, eat whole fruits. Likewise, if you’re always eating out, choose the place where healthy foods are cooked and served.

Yes, it takes some effort but if you persist, it’s doable. The lesser your consumption of refined sugar can also boost your gut health and immune system.

In other words, look at your current diet. If you have no idea how to get started a healthy eating plan, check out the top diet trends. Even simple and little healthy dietary changes can have significant benefits on your health, especially for pregnant women.


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