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How Sugar Feeds Cancer Revealed In A 90-Year Long Study

Many recent studies find that there is a clear link between sugar and cancer. In one study, consuming an amount sugar beyond the body can take causes depression in men.

In November 2016, one study1 released their findings on how the sugar industry paid scientists in the 60’s downplaying the health risks of sugar. Instead, the scientists put the blame on fat consumption as the cause of heart disease.

Sugar has been known as the white death. The statistics say that consumption of added sugar had increased dramatically since 1700. And, a recently published Belgian study2 in Nature reveals sugar stimulates tumor growth.

The rapid growth in cancer cells due sugar is known as the Warburg Effect3. Hence, reducing added sugar consumption can be beneficial to health and lowering cancer risk. As a matter of fact, CBN News reports an incident where one man reversed his cancer just by cutting sugar consumption.

Isn’t It Sugar Feed The Cells For Energy?

While it’s true that sugar or glucose feeds the cells in the body for energy, it also feeds cancer cells. Even worst is consuming the wrong type of sugar, which the body cannot metabolize and instead convert it to fat resulting in obesity, which also increases risk of cancer.

Therefore, minimizing consumption of added sugars is vital as it can trigger cascading effects of metabolic diseases.

Consuming The Right Amount of Sugar

It’s difficult to completely avoid added and refined sugars these days. However, sticking to the recommended amount can be helpful in keeping the body healthy.

The recommendations for daily sugar consumption are the following. Additionally, the amount is different for men and women.

  • 25 grams or no more than 6 teaspoons daily for women
  • 37 grams or no more than 9 teaspoons daily for men

Unfortunately, especially for Westerners like the Americans are consuming way beyond the recommendations. As a matter of fact, most Americans consume around 22 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is more than two folds than the recommendations.

And, here’s an even more shocking, when that daily consumption adds up, it is equal to 130 lbs of sugar a year. That’s equivalent to eating 260 cups of sugar each year.

Spotting The Hidden Sources of Sugar

There are lots of people trapped in sugar addiction who want to break free. One of the important ways to do that is minimizing the consumption of added sugars. However, it is even more important to know where these sugars are?

People eating mostly packaged and processed foods are likely consuming more sugar than they think. On the other hand, those eating mostly fruits and vegetables in their diet are on the right track.

Take note, not all sugars are bad and can cause obesity and cancer. Natural sugars from fruits are good as long as they’re consumed as whole fruits. Even the AICR admits added sugars are linked to obesity and cancer.

Eat More Of The Healthy Stuff

Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables especially dark green leafy veggies is a healthy option. Even vegetables like Okra has a lot of health benefits for diabetics and cancer patients.

These whole foods particularly those organically produced are healthy and nurturing to the gut. If you already have a cancer diagnosis, listen to Eric Berg on his recommendations.

What Are Added Sugars

We’ve been talking about added sugars. It is vital to know what are these added sugars to effectively avoid them.

Added sugars are added by food manufacturers to their food products. Therefore, these types of sugars are mostly found in highly processed and packaged foods. When you see the packaged foods in supermarkets and groceries, that’s where the added sugars are found.

If you want to make the most of your effort minimizing sugar consumption, go to the fresh produced. Or even better, visit the fresh farmer’s market and buy your foods from there.

Moreover, NBC News reports the shocking sources of sugar. You may think these foods are healthy. But, in reality, they contained a high amount of added sugars.

Watch and discover what foods to avoid and what to eat instead. Of course, food swaps are always available. The ideal food swaps are whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

Quitting Sugar For 30 Days

You might say it’s impossible to live without sugar. Well, in terms of added sugar, it is possible.

Here are other guys who have done similar quitting added sugar for 30 days.

These guys may have not totally eliminated sugar 30 days, but as you’ve noticed, their consumption has been dramatically reduced. If they can do it, you can, too. Personally, I’ve done it and continue doing it with good results especially when it comes to maintaining ideal weight and staying healthy.


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