Stress-Relieving Benefit of Having A Pet


Stress is normal. However, if it becomes chronic, it can lead to mental health problems.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to relieve stress. Of course, traveling and doing yoga are among them. But do you know that having a pet such as a dog or a cat is a good stress reliever?

In one survey, 74% of people who have pets experienced improvements in their mental health.

Health Benefits of Pets

Health Benefits of Having A Pet

When it comes to having a pet, it is not limited to a dog. There are many animals suitable for pets like cats, guinea pigs, and even exotic animals like birds.

However, the most common animal pet is a dog. It is considered as a man’s best friend. But, know that if you don’t prefer a dog as a pet, you have other choices.

Regardless of what pet you have, there are associated health benefits as a pet owner.

1. Boosts Good Mood

Pets like dogs, for example, offer their unconditional love to their owners. The looks from their eyes reveal a loving look that can be so uplifting during times when you are down.

Indeed, pets can provide stress relief and naturally boosts your mood. In studies, researchers found that people who have pets are likely to suffer from depression.

Hence, having a pet and taking care of your diet by eating mood-boosting foods can be an excellent combination for fighting stress.

2. Helpful In Managing Blood Pressure

It is related to the mood-boosting benefit of having a pet. When your mood is elevated, and you feel good, it is healthy for your blood pressure level.

Furthermore, researchers found in their study that people who have dogs or cats have lower blood pressure and heart rates.

Additionally, one study1 in the American Heart Association’s Hypertension journal says;

Our findings suggest that higher center influences can modify stress responses and that coping skills may be related to increased cortical inhibition of the brain stem. 2001;38:815–820

3. Keeps You Physically Active and Encourage To Stay Outdoors

If you have a pet, you will likely to get outdoors and spend time with your pet. For instance, dogs need to be walked as they need it.

In turn, you’ll get the health benefits of walking. Moreover, one study found that walking exercise can equal the effectiveness of high blood pressure medication.

Hence, pets are beneficial to hypertensive individuals. Plus, the more often you stay outside, you can do get the benefit of sunlight, which is Vitamin D.

All these can add up to better stress management and boosting your moods.

4. Someone To Talk To

Although pets can’t talk, they can listen and feel you. If you don’t have someone to turn and talk to, your pet is always there to listen to you.

You may not be able to hear them, but if you tune your feelings to them, you’ll be able to feel their unconditional love. Pets, although you may not aware of it is non-judgmental.

When there is no one around to cuddle, your pet is always there for you. Keep in mind, cuddling a pet can be as effective as a hug from someone.

5. Good For Heart Health

In one study2, researchers say that people suffer from heart attack increased their survival for at least a year because of pets.

6. Beneficial For Children

A study in the CDC says that having a pet dog at home can have a significant impact on reducing stress and anxiety on children.

Having a pet dog in the home was associated with a decreased probability of childhood anxiety. Future studies need to establish whether this relationship is causal and, if so, how pet dogs alleviate childhood anxiety.

Gadomski AM, Scribani MB, Krupa N, Jenkins P, Nagykaldi Z, Olson AL. Pet Dogs and Children’s Health: Opportunities for Chronic Disease Prevention? Prev Chronic Dis 2015;12:150204. DOI:

Final Thoughts

Stress is terrible when it comes chronic. In one study, researchers say that stress is a predictor of heart disease. Moreover, stress may also have an adverse effect on men’s sperm and increase the risk of cancer.

Hence, do make an effort to keep stress minimal and under control. There are many ways to manage and keep stress low naturally. And, now you know having a pet is one of them.

Additionally, regular grounding can be helpful, as well.


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