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Starting A Workout Routine If You Are Overweight

It is obvious that being overweight or obese is bad. On the other hand, there are no shortcuts to losing weight but the benefits are priceless. If you are overweight, you don’t just exercise with any exercise especially if you feel something bad as a side effect of being overweight.

Moreover, exercising alone is not an effective way of losing weight. When you start your weight loss journey, it requires your decision and willpower. Previously, we’ve covered some good quick weight loss tips. However, if you’re still stuck on how to begin your journey, read on.

You need a routine that although it may be slow but constantly progressing. Don’t expect quick results especially if you accumulated your extra weight over many years. The healthiest way to lose weight is through a gradual process. And, although it is somewhat slow, progress is constant.

Losing Weight For Overweight People

How Do You Get Started?

First of all, the tips herein are based on real-life experience. If you feel hesitant or feel something is not right, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Moreover, you can also talk to a personal or fitness trainer and ask assistance on how to get started.

On the other hand, if you feel good and only want to get started your weight loss program on your own, it is still advisable to consult your doctor. This is to make sure you are in good shape before starting your regular workout routine.

One of the primary things you should keep in mind is making your thoughts working for you. Some people have negative thoughts when starting their weight loss journey. They are thinking; can I do this, or do I need to do this?

One of the best-kept secrets in losing weight is your thoughts. The way you think can either make or break your weight loss goals.

Why Your Thoughts Matters?

When you began exercising, physical changes take time to occur. But, of course, if you develop the right weight loss mindset, you feel you are certain you are going to achieve it.

This inner feeling and thought you have are amazing motivators. It keeps you right on track and do the exercises and stick to your good nutrition plan diligently.

Hence, before you began picking up those weights, or start your first walking steps, make sure your mindset is right. This makes your thoughts working for you instead of against you. There is a saying which says that when the heart and mind agree, the results are certain.

Your desire is in your heart and that is to lose weight and your thoughts should match your desires. In this case, it is to lose weight.

Appropriate Activities To Start With

One of the most notable causes of gaining weight is the food you eat. Hence, don’t just focus on physical activities but your nutrition. If you embark on a weight loss journey, avoid highly processed foods and begin eating whole foods.

If you have no idea, check these diets. Don’t do them all but choose one healthy diet you are comfortable of sticking to. Even intermittent fasting is worth considering.

When it comes to physical activity or actual exercise, simply keep yourself moving. If you are getting used to a sedentary lifestyle such as sitting excessively for long hours, get up and start doing something around the house.

You don’t have to begin with weight lifting or spending long hours in the gym. Start small and doing house chores is a good starting point. Try to track your number of hours you are sitting. Then try to lower it by getting up and taking a walk around the house.

When going to groceries, or malls, try to take the stairs instead of taking the escalators or elevators. These are among the small things you can do to get started and stay on it. Later you will realize that you are doing more and doing it happily and automatically.

Exercises For Losing Weight

Walking and Running

Here is one thing to know when you keep moving or exercising. Exercise or any sort of physical activities causes the body to release irisin, which is a weight loss hormone.

Perhaps, the next activity you should be doing as a part of moving on to the next level of exercising is walking. Scheduling a daily walk is a great exercise. It is simple but very effective.

Then, as you gain confidence and start losing weight a bit, running would be the next thing to do. But, take it one step at a time. In fact, you can combine walking and running into a regular routine.

For instance, walking for 5 minutes and run for 2 minutes and repeat it several times until you reach an hour of activity. Then, as you become more comfortable, gradually increase the time.

Of course, another key to a healthy weight loss is improving your metabolism. Check out these metabolism-boosting activities that you can incorporate in your routine as you go along.

Weight Loss Boosting Exercises

If you feel that you need to move to the next level of physical activities, try these exercises. Of course, don’t just ditch those simple activities like walking and running. Always make them a part of your overall routine.

Although this may sound overwhelming initially, it is not once you make them a habit and part of your healthy lifestyle practices.

Exercises For Losing Weight;

If you have no idea which exercises to begin with, check these quick full body workouts that you can do at home.

Start working on your fitness today. It’s worth doing. In fact, a study says that getting yourself fit before you reach 50 is a good way to prevent depression. Combine it with a DASH diet, and your’e on the right route to fitness.

Note that there are studies1 done on finding the effective ways to lose weight. But, unfortunately, the findings are disappointing. Probably, one reason why most people regain weight after some time is the lack of discipline.

Another thing that contributes to regaining weight is the lack of motivation to continue learning and adjusting to other healthy and helpful methods. On the other hand, some studies recognize the value of a low-carb diet when it comes to maintaining ideal weight.


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