A 50% Sperm Count Decline In Western Men In 40 Years


Western men are in trouble as one study finds a 50% sperm count decline in less than 40 years. So, is this the end of the human species? Well, certainly not. Take note that it is only Western men and not all men across the globe.

This is the first large scale study systematic review1 on male sperm count. The researchers were shocked when they found a 50% sperm count decline on men in countries like North America, Europe, and Australia.

Sperm Count Decline Linked To Poor Health

In one study, binge-watching TV can cause a sperm count decline. But, there’s more to it such as an unhealthy diet and bad lifestyle such as too much alcohol, sleeping late and spending longer time on cell phones and blue light.

In this study, however, the researchers are still not clear on what causes the sperm count decline. They think increased exposure to chemicals might be one of the reasons. In a Disappearing Male Documentary, it demonstrates how chemicals like pesticides and plastics including BPA are causing infertility.

Certainly, if you care about your fertility, make an effort to minimize as much as possible exposure to EMF radiation, chemical exposures and make necessary adjustments towards healthy lifestyle practices.


Things To Do To Protect and Maintain Sperm Count

Fortunately, even if we’re surrounded by pollution everywhere, a lot of things can be done to minimize exposure. Start looking for ways to boost and maintain fertility through healthy lifestyle practices and even taking supplements.

However, never rely on supplements alone. Instead, make it as part of an overall healthy lifestyle and practices such as healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Moreover, make sure you have the proper level of Vitamin D can be vital for fertility, as well.

So, start making certain changes that can help you towards achieving and boosting sperm count. At the end of the day, a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and being physically active are all helpful for maintaining fertility in both men and women.

Assault on the Male Documentary

Here’s another very informative documentary exposing the truth and reasons for male infertility. Similar to the earlier documentary above, Assault on the Male also exposes similar reasons for the decline of sperm count.

The same primary cause, it’s exposure to harmful chemicals like pesticides and plastics.


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