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How Lack of Sleep Impacts The Skin Health

It’s clear that sleep deprivation causes many unhealthy consequences both physically and mentally. Now, let us quickly explore how lack of sleep affects skin health.

Getting enough quality sleep regularly is vital not only for mental clarity but for beauty, as well. On the other hand, you might think that only women are concern about their physical appearance. You’re wrong.

One study1 finds that body image and physical appearance is not just a woman thing but for men, too. In 2014, the Today’s Show conducted a survey on how many hours women spend their time in front of the mirror, as well as men.

Interestingly, they found that men spend around 4.5 hours per week in front of the mirror. While that number is almost half less than women, men certainly have concerns about their skin and look on their face.

3 Horrible Effects of Sleep Deprivation On Skin Health

Now let us explore quickly the three common negative impact of lack of sleep on skin health. Even for just lacking a sleep for a night, there is an apparent negative impact on your face.

Fortunately, as you recover quickly through getting enough quality sleep regularly, the symptoms disappear. However, when lack of sleep becomes a habit, it can take a toll on your skin health in the long run.

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles do not appear immediately with just a night of sleep deprivation. However, one study2 says lack of sleep can eventually start forming wrinkles. When wrinkles start to appear, it makes the face look older than the actual age.

The reason for this is the body releases more cortisol when you have insufficient sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that breaks down collagen in the skin, a protein keeps skin appearance young.

2. Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark Circles Under The Eyes

In addition to wrinkles, lack of sleep also causes dark circles that are present under the eyes. It also develops eye bags and darks spots.

During sleep, the body releases HGH or human growth hormone, which helps repair dark spots and damaged skin including those eye bags. This is why HGH become one of the anti-aging solutions available today.

Sleeping two hours less than normal sleep hour range is enough to cause these negative impacts on skin health.

3. Makes The Skin Unbalanced

A regular good sleep prevents skin breakouts, redness, and even dehydrated complexion. However, the body cannot do these functions due to lack of sleep.

In turn, it decreases the skin’s PH level making the look either dry or oily. It also causes redness and breakouts.


There you have it! Know that if you continue to make the habit of depriving yourself of sleep, it can make you look older. Instead, always aim to get enough quality sleep every night. For men, it’s not just about the looks but getting enough sleep is also beneficial for prostate health.

Additionally, it is also a good idea to make it a habit to have an early morning sun exposure to maintain and facilitate good sleep. It is also a good source of Vitamin D, which is beneficial for many vital functions in the body.


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