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Cigarette Smoking Even With Just A Stick Day Is Not Safe

Studies found that cigarette smoking can damage human DNA. There is no doubt that cigarette smoking has numerous negative health effects. Some people even the ones I personally know thought that a stick of cigarette a day has less health risk.

But a new study1 finds even a single cigarette a day or less has health risks.

This study provides evidence that individuals who smoke fewer than 1 or 1 to 10 CPD over their lifetime have higher mortality risks than never smokers and would benefit from cessation. These results provide further evidence that there is no risk-free level of exposure to tobacco smoke.

Therefore, there is no safe level of cigarette smoking. As long as the person smoke he or she has a similar level of risk.

Quit Smoking

The only way to avoid and reduce mortality risk is to quit smoking. One of the side-effects of cigarette smoking is sexual dysfunction, which is also preceded by hypertension and eventually resulting in heart-related disease.

This is not the first study to link smoking less means less deadly. In 2010, one study2 says that regardless of light and intermittent smoking carries substantial health risks.

For most smokers, quitting is a struggle. Nicotine in a cigarette is addictive as we know. Therefore, it takes one to have the courage and fully decided to quit smoking for good.

If it’s too intense to resist the urge of smoking during the process of quitting, find a support group. Even asking your doctor’s support is a vital move to increase chances of quitting successfully.

Moreover, keeping yourself busy with other things when the smoking urge presents is also vital. Hence, find something you love doing and keep focusing on doing it when you feel like reaching a stick of cigarette.

Diet and exercise are also important factors in quitting smoking. Start looking at your diet and shift to a good nutrition plan. Then, start making physical activities.

Yoga is another great tool while recovering during the quitting smoking journey. Additionally, high-intensity interval training or HIIT is effective in controlling food cravings, and it might just be as effective for quitting smoking.


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