23 Simple and Practical Ways That Makes You Feel Good


Feeling good is something many people have a difficult time doing. On the other hand, it is absolutely true that what you feel first thing in the morning sets up the rest of your day.

However, feeling good all the time is easier said than done. But, you will find and see some people around who are happy and feel good, and it seems natural them.

Things That Makes You Feel Good

Well, it’s about programming and environment. This means anyone can train or program themselves to feel good and happy all the time regardless of the situation.

The Greek Stoic philosopher Epictetus once said;

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

One of the biggest hurdles to feeling good is stress. The good news, when you do any of these things, stress starts to melt away and you will be able to have mental clarity and eventually feel good.

Things You Can Do To Feel Good

The best time to start feeling good is right after waking up. Moreover, make your best to feel good while luring yourself to sleep. This helps you achieve good quality sleep and wake the next morning energize and optimistic.

1. Express Gratitude

Before you even get off the bed, feel and express gratitude for a good night sleep. In fact, if it was not a so good sleep, just be grateful about it.

Expressing gratitude causes your brain to produce the feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin since you feel love when expressing gratitude.

2. Look Into the Mirror and Smile

It is good to have a mirror in the room where you can see yourself upon getting off the bed. For no reason, right after expressing gratitude, just look yourself on the mirror and smile.

This simple act is so wonderful. It is easy and it is free. But the positive effect is enormous. Just by smiling yourself in front of the mirror, it makes you feel good.

Moreover, at work or while having your time at the mall, when you go to the restroom, sure a big mirror is there. Just do the same by smiling to yourself.

3. Take A Walk

Breathing fresh air outside is such a rejuvenating experience. This is especially true if you’re working in a closed environment with artificial light including blue light. In fact, bright light therapy has health benefits, but if you can go outside, just do it.

So, regardless if you’re at work or home, just get outside and take a walk. You’ll get fresh air and sunlight, which is the best source of Vitamin D plus a lot more health benefits.

4. Listen To Songs In The Past

One of the best ways to feel good is listening to songs you’ve loved. Most notably, the songs you loved that you’ve never heard for a long time.

Perhaps, these songs help you recall amazing memories during your childhood or school days. The good old times are worth reminiscing.

5. Sing Aloud

Yes, singing loudly releases tensions in the body allowing the brain to work and produce the feel-good chemicals. In Japan and some other Asian countries, the karaoke is a common past time.

Although most people singing in the karaoke may not be aware, it is one of the natural and effective stress relievers.

6. Exercise

This is the reason exercising regularly makes you healthy. The happier you feel, the healthier you become.

You don’t need to a gym membership to exercise. There are bodyweight exercises you can at home. Moreover, go jogging. And, if you play sports, go outside and play with friends or buddies.

7. Read Your Diary

Another stress-relieving thing to do is journaling. And, when you feel down and sad, go and read your previous entries on your diary. For sure, you’ll be able to find and recall good memories.

Moreover, it is also a good idea to evaluate what you’ve achieved so far. And, perhaps, come up with a plan on working out achieving your unfinished goals.

This stimulates your brain and motivates you to something unique, different and build up excitement.

8. Skimming Your Favorite Book

When you read a book, highlighting those quotes or sentences is a good idea. When you feel bad, you can just grab and open that book and re-read those passages or sentences that once stimulated you.

This creates a different environment in your perspective allowing you to think and feel happy.

9. Read Letters and Postcards

This may not be applicable to all especially during this time, the digital age wherein letters and postcards are simply posted and stored in phones.

However, if you happen to have these, open that box where postcards and letters are stored then start reading them. For sure, you will be able to get yourself smile when you remember the good memories in the past.

In fact, it is not just postcards and letters but dig that box for old photos. Perhaps, you still have your photos when you were a small child. What a perfect memory to recall.

10. Journaling

Having and maintaining a journal or diary can be a good thing. Writing alone is a good vent especially if you don’t have someone to talk to.

Just write what and how you feel. The more you write the better you express yourself what you are going through. Never hold back any negative thoughts and feelings. Express them through writing if you have no one to talk to or not want to share private stuff with others.

11. Never Over Stay In Bed

Staying in bed longer than you should make you feel more tired. Unless you’re doing some sort of creative visualization or meditation, get up and do something.

If you can’t find something to do, just get outside and have sun exposure. Take a walk or run and stay some time with nature.

12. Eat Something But Don’t Indulge

Eating or drinking something you really like makes you feel good. However, if it’s chocolate you want to eat or other sugary and high-carb foods, know your limits.

Indulging a lot on refined carbs, sugary drinks and foods could lead you to overeat and weight gain. If you have an organic cacao, make a hot chocolate and drink it. This will surely make you feel energize and sweating.

13. Watch Funny Clips and Movies

Watching funny clips and movies can be a good thing. It makes you laugh and feel good. If you don’t have movies available, go online and watch funny clips on YouTube.

On the other hand, if you have extra time and want to watch a movie, do so.

14. Cook

For those who can cook, cooking for the entire family can be a good idea. The appreciation you get plus the goodness of the dish you provide all make you feel good.

15. Play A Musical Instrument

Whether it be a guitar, piano, violin, or any other musical instruments, playing makes you feel good. Of course, you need to know how to play it. Although it is not a requirement to be an expert. Just play it.

Moreover, learning how to play musical instruments can be a good thing, too. It keeps the brain active and healthy.

16. Send A Note To Someone

For sure you have someone special. That person may be your spouse or someone you care. Send them a happy note, or a sense of humor that makes them happy, too.

Today, you can quickly send it via email, text, or even via private message on social media. Even a simple GIF or emoji will do.

17. Draw

If you love art, draw something. Expressing something what and you feel through drawing or art is useful vent similar to journaling.

Nevermind your art skill, just draw. Even if others don’t understand what you’re sketching. The important thing is you understand and have clear idea what you’re doing.

You’ll be surprised that someone comes along and understands what you’re drawing. This can spark a conversation and perhaps resulting in a more productive past time.

18. Reminiscing The Good Times

Silently thinking or recalling the best moments in the past brings back good feelings and sensations. In fact, if you’re sitting doing nothing, instead of thinking and worrying about the uncertainty of the future, do this instead.

The more you feel good, the better you can think how you want your future to be.

19. Clean Up And Make Things Tidy

One of the things that can make us feel bad is the unorganized and dirty environment. Here environment referring to your places such as your home or work desk. Before getting to work, or if you want to simply rest, arrange and clean up things around you.

If it’s at work, a tidy work desk can make you feel good, which eventually making you more productive at the end of the day.

20. Make Social Connections

Making social connections can definitely make you feel good. You may feel shy initially, but once you get into it, it is something worth doing. However, make sure you network with like-minded people whose goals are good and positive.

When you network and expose yourself in a bad environment, it may make you feel good initially but only for a short time.

21. Dress Up Nicely

If you feel good dressing up in a nice outfit, then do so. Even if you just to it indoor, it’s good. Combine this technique with the look in the mirror and smile.

Doing so makes you feel good. It’s a good start to keep that feel-good sense going.

22. Lend A Helping Hand

Doing voluntary work is one of the things that make people happy and satisfied.

If you see your neighbor doing something, just offer your helping hand. Your neighbor will be happy and you, too.

23. Call, Text, or Meet Your Best Friend

People say that friends are always there for their friends. In fact, it is true. Contact your best friends by whatever means available to you.

Of course, you have to be considerate, too. Ask your friend if he or she busy and if not, schedule a meet-up on short notice and talk whatever comes to your mind.

Enjoy the time together.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, there are far more other things to do to trigger the feel-good within us. These are just a few but feel free to do what makes you feel good.

However, it is worth noting that things that can have a long-term negative impact should be avoided. If you can, grab a copy of the book “Feeling Good”. Someone recommended this to me but haven’t read it, yet. You can grab a copy of it on Amazon.com.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, or having a career in a corporate environment, or anyone else who want to live a good life, practicing how to feel good is essential. It is through feeling good where we get positive intuition.

Moreover, the practice of feeling good can prevent and avoid depression and anxiety. Moreover, it makes a person more productive and stay motivated.

Doing things successfully whether it be personal or for work purposes, requires focus and concentration. It is difficult or even impossible to stay focused while feeling bad.


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