The Sounds You Make During Sex Determines Your Personality


The noises or sounds you make during lovemaking means something to your personality. In article by Dr. Pam Spurr in she reveals that the sounds you make inside the bedroom have meanings.

What about you, are you a screamer, moaner, or simply silent? The Doctors picked up this and have an interesting conversation about it.

The 5 Sex Sound Profiles

Dr. Pam Spurr listed 5 main profiles of sex sounds in the article she wrote. The sex sounds profiles are;

  • The Shrieker
  • The Sigher
  • The Porn Star “Shouter”
  • The Silent One
  • The Sensual Crescendo

Should You Care Which Profile You’re In?

Among these 5 sex sound profiles, which one you belong to?

And, should you care?

Personally, I don’t care which profile I belong. I have a bit of each when I make love with my wife. The thing that matters is the intimate connection during sex.

I think it’s not about the sound, or gestures because both or either of these comes naturally during an amazing sexual contact. Much like the frequency of sex for happiness. It’s not how often and quantity, but quality matters.

When it comes to sex, plesaure should be effortless. There’s no trying hard. The key is connection and passion. Both of these comes naturally and result to an amazing sex experience.

The more you force hard to please your partner, the harder to reach climax. That’s because you’ll feel stressed trying hard and worried whether you’re pleasing your partner, or not.

Sometimes, this can lead to disappointments of the partner resulting to breakup. For married couples, explore sex in an excitingly and effortlessly as part of your marriage journey.

Start with foreplay and relax. Let the joy and pleasure engulfed both you and your partner. This relieves anxiety and stress and just be yourself. As a mattef of fact, a good sex is a good and effective way to manage stress.

What’s Next?

Well, as mentioned, be yourself. Work towards having a happy and successful relationhip. When something gets in the way you feel it’s difficult to handle, ask assistance from a professional therapist.

Continuously learning through various sex education programs can be a valuable endeavor. Even watching appropriate porn movies with your partner can be jus as helpful in making the relationship smooth.


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