The Sex Position That Made Cardi B Pregnant


There are a wide variety of sex positions to choose and enjoy. Some positions are advantageous for small penises, while others seem to work well for conception.

Cardi B, a popular singer, rapper and songwriter reveal the sex position that got her pregnant. She did not say anything what it’s called but she simply pointed it out at the Ellen De Generes Show.

This is the Sex Position

While they were talking, Cardi B pointed out this particular position he made during her performance.

The Sex Position That Made Cardi B Pregnant

Would You Agree With Her?

Well, when it comes to conception, sex position may not matter. There are couples who do certain sex positions known to get pregnant easily and yet never get pregnant.

Moreover, many claimed the Doggy Style is a good one, too. But, regardless of what sex position you and your partner is engaging, it is just one of the factors that make a successful pregnancy.

Health Matters Most

Regardless of sex positions, perhaps, what matters most is the health of the couples. While there are certain practices like yoga that can lead towards better sexual health, fertility plays a significant role.

During sex, in order for the woman to get pregnant, both the man and woman must be fertile. Men should have healthy sperms, which make up a good level of fertility.

Of course, there are certain supplements that can help men maintain and improve fertility but the one factor that matter is healthy diet and lifestyle.

Additionally, this is also true for women especially that women need to have a proper hormonal balance to sexually healthy and be able to achieve pregnancy.


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