Sex During Pregnancy – Is It Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant?


For women, conceiving fulfills the ultimate goal of womanhood, which is becoming a mother. However, is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Pregnancy should not be a burden, and having sex should not be a problem, too. And, if you’re asking it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy? Yes, it is normal to have sex while in the period of pregnancy.

Of course, if there are certain risks with the pregnancy, sex should be avoided. It is important to have constant communication with your OB making sure everything is fine.

Sex During Pregnancy Period

One study1 highlights these key points on having sex during period of pregnancy.

  1. Sex is generally considered safe in pregnancy.
  2. Abstinence should be recommended only for women who are at risk for preterm labor, or antepartum hemorrhage because of placenta previa.
  3. There is little evidence to show that sex at term may help induce labor, but this practice is considered safe in women with low-risk pregnancies.
  4. The resumption of intercourse postpartum should be dictated by a woman’s level of comfort.

8 Benefits of Having Sex During Pregnancy

When conception begins, it’s a new journey for the woman. And, if it’s the result of a happy relationship, the couple might consider it as the fruit of their companionship.

During pregnancy, while the fetus is developing, women experience many benefits. However, it is vital to consider healthy practices particularly on diet and nutrition, as well as physical activities.

Probably, the most important thing to consider is diet and nutrition. Moreover, there are certain exercises suitable for pregnant women including yoga.

As pregnancy advances, men who are about to become fathers also experience the benefits. As matter of fact, married men with children enjoy these benefits than those who are single and childless.

One of the benefits include longevity. In another study, men who enter into fatherhood experiences positive changes in the brain.

Now, let us look what are the benefits to women during pregnancy. And, keep in mind, having sex during pregnancy is normal. Hence, you should not postpone having sex right after childbirth.

Furthermore, having sex during pregnancy also helps strengthen the muscles that are important during labor and child delivery.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Having regular sex during pregnancy helps lower blood pressure. This is due to the release of oxytocin, the love hormone that helps boost bonding between partners.

The act of sex releases the oxytocin hormone. Moreover, the release of oxytocin helps in reducing stress level. Hence, it’s appropriate to say that having sex is one of the activities for managing stress.

Maintaining regular intercourse during pregnancy also helps the woman feel calmer. More importantly, it helps lower the risk of heart attack. In reality, both low stress and heart health are benefits of having sex.

Note that a high blood pressure during pregnancy can cause preeclampsia2. Hence, the benefit of maintaining proper blood pressure is vital during pregnancy.

2. Helps Achieve Quality Sleep

There are women who feel sleepy during the first stage of conception. However, as the pregnancy progresses, certain discomforts might occur ranging from frequent urination to back pain.

The other discomfort during pregnancy is a decrease in a number of sleeping hours. As the fetus grows inside the womb, sleep gets shorter. Hence, getting deep quality sleep is important to make up the lost hours.

So, how does having sex during pregnancy helps achieve better sleep? When oxytocin is released during orgasm, a good feeling and sensation arise and reducing stress level. This helps the body feel more relax and able to sleep well.

Additionally, while having sex during pregnancy is relaxing for moms, the rocking motion relaxes baby to sleep. Therefore, it’s a win-win!

3. Boosts Sexual Intimacy and Orgasms

When it comes to sexual intimacy, don’t let pregnancy stand in your way. Experts say it’s safe to have sex during pregnancy. So, why not do it?

Of course, you have to check with your OB and make sure there are no risks and complications.

During orgasm, oxytocin is release. This love hormone increases bonding and emotional attachment. For pregnant women, a higher level of oxytocin makes them more sympathetic such as trusting and supportive to the partner.

Therefore, having sex while pregnant develops a stronger love connection between partners.

4. Lessens Pains

During sex, hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin help increase blood flow in the pelvic area. Of course, this includes better vaginal lubrication and sexual sensation also increase.

5. Reduce Trips To The Bathroom

During pregnancy, one of the common issues is frequent urination. Even sneezing or laughing could leak urine.

This is because as the baby is growing bigger, it presses towards the bladder. This can also cause discomfort.

Fortunately, as these pelvic floor muscles contract during sex, it strengthens making it easy to control urination. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is also helpful for labor purposes.

In addition, performing Kegels is another way to strengthen these muscle group.

6. Boosts The Immune System

Newsweek reports two studies that find having sex can boost IgA levels. IgA is an antibody that helps prevent colds and other infections. Boosting the body’s immune system during pregnancy is also beneficial for the fetus.

As simple and as enjoyable as having sex during pregnancy is one of the natural ways to boost a pregnant woman’s immune system.

7. Faster Postpartum Recovery

During orgasms, the pelvic floor muscles contract. This stimulation is helpful in preparing for childbirth. Hence, speeding up the postpartum recovery. Once again, Kegels is another means of stimulating these muscles for childbirth preparation.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles mean stronger contractions resulting to more pleasurable sexual sensations for both partners.

8. Helpful While Preparing For Labor

While there is no scientific evidence that having sex is beneficial for labor, it is helpful to some degree. The semen release during ejaculation contains prostaglandins3.

The prostaglandins induce ripening of the cervix, which is beneficial during labor.

Suitable Positions While Having Sex During Pregancy

Certainly, not all sex positions are suitable for sex during pregnancy.

Among the common and suitable positions include;

  • Missionary
  • Woman on top
  • Side-by-side(enter from behind while lying sideways)
  • Doggy style or entering from behind
  • Side-by-side entering at an angle
  • Woman on top while sitting on a chair
  • Missionary variation while at the edge of the bed

For visuals of these sex positions, check

Probably, the most common among these sex positions while pregnant is missionary and woman on top. On the other hand, the side-by-side entering at an angle is just as fun.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed and feel relieved knowing that sex during pregnancy is fine and safe. Of course, always consult your OB to make sure the fetus is in a good position and there are no complications.

Additionally, constant and open communication between partners is important. Sex is good and beneficial for health. Hence, you and your partner should explore it openly especially during pregnancy.


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