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Is Scheduling Sex A Good or Weird Idea For You?

Scientists say that having sex once a week is an optimal frequency for keeping a couple happy. Does this mean scheduling a particular day and time to have sex is a good idea? Yes, you’ve read it right…scheduling sex but is it common or weird?

Just like anything in life whether at home or work, we schedule the things we do to keep everything well-organized. Moreover, scheduling and organizing errands and chores make life easier and less stress. Does this mean scheduling sex with your partner is better than doing it spontaneously?

Did This Idea Come To Your Mind?

Unfortunately, for most people sex is not on their to-do list. The majority of couples tend to do it spontaneously. While spontaneous sex is good and full of surprises and excitement, wouldn’t it be more exciting to put on schedule?

Spontaneous sex very well suites for couples living together who have no kids, yet and not busy at work. However, married couples with kids with busy carriers, spontaneous sex may not be a good thing to achieve.

Of course, with spontaneous sex, timing is important. Having kids around the house spontaneous sex could be difficult to achieve. On the other hand, some couples are good at sneaking short-time whenever the kids are sleeping or busy playing.

Is Scheduling Sex A Weird Idea and Uncommon?

Perhaps, for some people, scheduling sex is an uncommon and even a weird idea. However, Health magazine reports one study that sex scheduling is not that uncommon. In that study, up to 36% of newlyweds plan sex.

In different report by the New York Post, a woman confesses she and her husband have fewer sex. She told NY post that she and her husband were having sex one every other week. This frequency is off from the study-proven sexual intercourse frequency, which is once a week.

Therefore, she took action and told her husband they have to be mindful of their sex and schedule it every weekend. With this move of scheduling sex, it turns their relationship for the better.

In other words, scheduling sex works for the better. Although it may be weird for some couple, give it a try.

What’s The Best Time To Schedule Sex?

Since the best condition to achieve amazing arousals is when both you are well-rested, it would be best to have sex after having a nap. Or, at least both of you achieve enough rest or sleep.

As a matter of fact, having sex at dawn would be ideal. It may sound weird to you, but having sex first time in the morning has many health benefits. If this is new to you, why not discuss it with your partner and put it on your schedule.

Another benefit of scheduling sex is both of you can prepare very well. The preparation might involve eating appropriate foods, and perhaps, plan arousal-boosting foreplay techniques. Even giving your partner a hug spontaneously can be a good form of foreplay.

If this is sex scheduling idea is weird to you, discuss it with your partner. You and your partner may find it great and exciting making your relationship turns for the better.


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