5 Practical Ways To Avoid Getting Sick And Stay Healthy Always


One of our wishes in our lifetime is to have a healthy body at all time. However, sickness is always lurking, and if we don’t do something about it, we might catch it.

Sickness Prevention Tips
Stay Healthy and Prevent Getting Sick

While many admit that sickness is unavoidable, it’s not true at all. We can prevent sickness if start doing something that can prevent it. Normally, common sickness like cough, colds and flu, diarrhea, and others are preventable if starting these practical tips.

Furthermore, among the most vulnerable to these sicknesses are young children. Hence, we must pay attention to training them doing these sickness-avoiding acts. As long as we do this as a habit, our bodies can resist sickness.

Our bodies may not be entirely immune, but without these habits, sickness like colds and coughs tend to linger longer. On the other hand, doing these simple and practical ways, our bodies can quickly get rid of them allowing us to feel better sooner.

1. Make It A Habit To Wash Your Hands

Of course, you’ve heard this perhaps, a thousand times already. But, do you know what? A lot of people forgot and ignored this essential action. Washing hands is a significant step especially before eating. We may be using spoon and fork, or chopsticks, but sometimes we can’t avoid touching the foods we put in our mouth.

Washing Hands Prevent Infection and Spreading of Disease

We touch many things in an hour. For instance, an average adult touches his phone many times a day. And, the sad thing about it, a phone contains more harmful bacteria than a toilet has.

Imagine kids exploring his or her surroundings touching anything he or she comes in contact. Forgetting or even ignoring to wash hands regularly can cause viral infections.

So, before eating, always wash your hands. Even if you’re not eating, you may unintentionally touch your lips, eyes and even the face.

2. Maintain Eating A Healthy Diet

Boosting the body’s immune system is one of the best ways (if not the most practical) for preventing sickness. Hence, make sure you stick to a healthy diet at all times. Particularly, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and Vegetables Boost The Body’s Immune System And Resistant To Sickness

Of course, don’t forget to include dark green leafy vegetables and a wide variety of nuts like Brazil, pistachio and walnuts.

Also, these foods are not only immunity boosters but also helpful in boosting the body’s metabolism.

3. Maintain Getting Quality Sleep Nightly

We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping. Unfortunately, ignoring the importance of sleep. Others are working the night shift, which makes them vulnerable to sickness due to a weakened immune system and higher chances of gaining weight.

Regular Quality Sleep Keeps The Body Healthy
A Good Sleep Nightly Keeps Sickness Away

Sleep deprivation has many unhealthy consequences, which some are apparent even with just missing a night of sleep. But, in reality, the habitual the lack of sleep occurs, it will take a toll on the body’s health in the long run.

Depending on a person, aim at getting quality sleep between 7 to 9 hours a night.

4. Clean or Wipe Your Stuff

For adults, one of the most frequently touched or held is a cellphone. For kids, it is their toys. Other things that are often in contact with hands include a remote control, doorknobs, computer mouse and keyboard, and a lot more.

Cleaning a phone
Clean Your Phone Often

Basically, anything that you hold especially things and devices indoors where children may come in contact, as well, clean them regularly.

This tips is a good complement of the first tip, washing your hands.

5. Manage Your Stress and Keep It Low and In Control

Today, stress is pervasive whether you’re staying at home or working in a corporate environment. Studies have shown that stress can weaken the body’s immune system.

Stress management
Relaxation Is An Effective Way To Manage Stress

So, whatever you do that makes you stress, always allocate time for relaxation. When you relax, your body and brain connection recharge allowing you to feel better. There is a surge in serotonin, which makes you feel happy.

Additionally, stay active with regular exercise as this can increase your dopamine level, which is responsible for reward and pleasure. The happier you are, the healthier you become. So, manage your stress sooner before it becomes chronic.

Final Thoughts

Adults and kids should remember these things. Making these practical, hygienic habits keep you clean and healthy.

Train your children to do the same. The earlier they learn and make it a habit, the better and healthier as they grow.


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