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The Perfect Woman’s Breasts Shape and Proportion

We’ve revealed the scientists findings on a woman’s perfect body. Now, another study revealing what is a woman’s perfect breasts shape and proportion.

The researchers published their findings in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery1

This study reaffirms the authors’ previous findings that the 45:55 ratio has universal appeal in defining the ideal breast. The authors propose that this proportion should be used as a basis for design in aesthetic surgery.

Venus de Milo – The Perfect Woman’s Breasts Shape

Venus De Milo Perfect Woman's Breasts Shape Proportion

In this study, British doctors surveyed 1,315 men and women including plastic surgeons who were given of photos of various breasts sizes and proportions.

Their task is to pick the best proportion breasts shape they liked.

At the end of the study, their choice is a naturally shaped breasts more like of the Venus de Milo.

It has a 45:55 ratio meaning 45% of the breasts tissue descend above the nipple line while the other 55% falls below it.

Therefore, fake orb-like boobs are not the ideal.

Exercises To Achieve Perfect Breasts Shape

Women who don’t possess that type of breasts size should no worry. There are exercises that can make your breasts firmer and even result to achieving the ideal proportion.

Among the very common breast-lifting exercises include the plank and reverse plank, chest fly and single arm push-ups. To further demonstrate some of these exercises, let’s watch PopSugar Fitness video.

If you prefer to do yoga, don’t worry. Here are some helpful yoga poses that can lift-up and make your breasts firmer.

Sleeping Without Bras

Sleeping naked has health benefits. But what about sleeping without bras, would it be beneficial for achieving the perfect breasts size?

While there is no particular study that shows sleeping braless can improve breasts size, some reports say it’s beneficial.

The benefit may not be beneficial for size but comfort. What’s even more interesting is that one French study recommending young women to stop wearing bra.

Best Foods For Breast Health

Food and good nutrition can do wonders to your health. Just as there are mood-boosting foods, foods can also boosts oand maintain breasts health.

Among these foods include cruciferous vegetables, which are also testosterone boosting foods. Moreover, plant-based proteins like lentils and legumes are powerhouses in protection and prevention against breast cancer.

Other breast-healthy foods include flax seeds, oily fish and turmeric.


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