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Penis Advantage System Consist of Manual Exercises and Routines Designed For Natural, Safe and Permanent Gains

The Penis Advantage is one of the most comprehensive male penis enlargement programs, or should we say erection enlargement that teaches popular manual penis exercises in details. However, understand that it is NOT an e-book, it is an online resource that can be accessed instantly, once you purchase the program.

The Penis Advantage natural erection enlargement program has been online since 2001, and year after year there are more men who have benefited the effectiveness of performing manual exercises. If there’s one guide to consider as the penis enlargement bible, it’s PenisAdvantage.

Although penis enlargement is not well-supported with the medical society especially increasing penis size through exercises, the routines within PA have been proven to work by many men and give them back or boost their sexual confidence. Moreover, this online penis enlargement program is designed for both beginners and advanced users.

The first part of the entire program is focused on the introduction to penis enlargement and its safety. This is important as PE(penis enlargement) routines can injure the penis without proper execution.

Penis Advantage Erection Enlargement Program

Penis Advantage Quick Video Intro

Take A Peek Inside The Members Area

Things to learn from measurement, warming-up, warming-down, beginners and advanced routines are laid out in an easy to navigate and understand.

In order to to have a sneak peak about the contents inside the PA members area, watch the video to the left. It will take you to a virtual tour inside this online PE program allowing you to have a complete picture about what you are getting when you decide to purchase the program.

This video review provides a sneak peak inside the member’s area, so that anyone who is looking for a complete and natural penis enlargement guide can have a good overall picture about the entire system.

Benefits and Advantages of Exercising The Penis

Not Just For Size Enhancement But For Penile Health Therapy Purposes
  • Helps achieve harder and longer erections.
  • Helps achieve quicker erections.
  • Helps increase penis length and girth.
  • Helps the penis becomes fitter and muscular that makes the penis looks more attractive.
  • Potentially help overcome impotency or erectile dysfunction as regular penile exercise increases blood flow.
  • Potentially helps prevent prostate problems.
  • Teaches different levels of exercises from beginner to advance.
  • 100% all natural approach to penis enlargement.
  • Results can be seen as early as two weeks of following the program.
  • 8-week or 60-days 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Can be easily integrated into a present penis enlargement device like hydro pump and/or traction penis extender for better results.
Bigger Penis Size Advantage
Penis Advantage User Feedback

Nowadays, penis enlargement is becoming more popular among men. If you are one of those thousands of men seeking a natural means to gain penis size, chances you have come across or heard the Penis Advantage.

There is a phenomenal amount of reviews that are circulating online. However, many of these reviews are not detailed on telling what you will get when you purchase Penis Advantage.

Penis Advantage natural penis enlargement exercises does teach magical techniques that can guarantee overnight results. The techniques taught here are for long term results. One will experience gradual positive results and gain the maximum benefits overtime.

This course on natural penis enlargement exercises does not force anyone the use of any male enhancement supplements. One will learn through pure natural means of stimulating the penis to gain the desired size. However, using a proven male enhancement pill can help substantially to make the exercises give better results.

Male Enhancement Pills Plus Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

Perfect Combination For Achieving Great Results

Taking male supplement of any sort is not required when using the Penis Advantage recommended penis enlargement exercises. However, using potent male enhancement pills can maximize the results delivered.

Natural male supplements help relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis area. The rate of penis size gains can be doubled. In fact, there are reports inside the members area that using the Penis Advantage advanced exercises and supplements achieve better and quicker results.

Dietary Pills and Penis Exercise Program

Essential Beginner Level Stuff To Consider

For First-Timers Who Are Keen At Starting Penis Enlargement Journey

As mentioned earlier, the Penis Advantage program is designed for both beginners and advanced users. The program’s first section is focused towards beginners in introduce them to a whole new world of information regarding penile enlargement routines.

It is highly recommended beginners must read the introduction section as this teaches the basics and vital things to know prior to performing the first routine. The subsequent section is to tempting because this is where the real meat of the program comes to play. Unfortunately, doing the advanced stuff would not do any good without learning the basics first.

All these stuff are fundamentals to a successful penis enlargement journey. In addition to learning the basics, it is vitally important for an individual to develop as patience and faith about what he want to achieved.

This is where most men who attempted getting into penis enlargement failed because they have no patience and did not take the time to learn the fundamentals.

Beginners Section Topics

  • Dry and Wet Milking
  • Lubricants
  • Jelqing introduction
  • Stretching exercises
  • PC muscle exercises
  • PC muscle introduction
  • Warming Up
  • Safety tips
  • Pre-workout considerations
  • Growth recording chart
  • Measuring the penis
  • Warming down
Maximize Penis Enlargement Gains

It is also important to remember at all time, performing manual penis exercises are not magical spell that deliver results overnight. The penis needs time to develop, and it is the responsibility of the individual to harness the effectiveness of exercises in order to help develop and grow overtime safely and effectively.

Before you proceed to the advanced stuff, it is very important to read and understand the fundamentals prior to attempting to perform the exercises. At first, be easy and gentle on it as it can hurt if done wrongly.

As you can see on the stuff listed above, warming up is part of the process in every routine. Therefore, take the time to learn it as this helps prepare the penis for the main routine maximizing growth and higher chances of achieving the desired results quickly and safely.

The Workout Section

The workout section contains the actual exercise routines. It is divided into 7 easy to follow sections;

  • Advanced PC Muscle Workout
  • Week #1 – Intro Workout
  • Week #2 – Beginners Workout
  • Week #3 – 6 Standard Workouts
  • Week #7 and onwards – Custom workouts
  • Roger’s Advanced Workout #1
  • Speed Combination
Bigger Penis Size Surprise

Targeted Workout Section

Contain Two(2) Subsections Designed For Certain Male Sexual Issues
  • 6
    Premature Ejaculation (14-Days Solution)

    In this section, Penis Advantage reveals the 4 techniques to solving premature ejaculation issue. Not exactly a routine, but a series of tips on what exercise routines to perform in order to overcome premature ejaculation. This is can be helpful to those who are suffering rapid or early ejaculation for a long time.

  • 5
    Erection Strengthening and Curing Impotence

    This workout is primarily designed for older men or anyone who is interested in improving erection quality particularly those who have a problem achieving an erection. In this section, the workouts are mainly aimed for improving penile health.

    Take note, the exercises for improving penile health can be done alongside with the normal workouts designed for increasing girth and length.

Advanced Targeted Exercises

In this section, there are total of 8 advanced routines designed to target a specific part of the penis including head exercises, correcting curved penises, super dry and wet jelq, length stretcher, towel hanging, and erection builder.

Furthermore, there are various workouts created by Penis Advantage members. These workouts are a series of routines that have been proven to work with first hand experiences by these members.

Obviously, most of the routines included in their own set of routines are advanced. Please do read the beginners introduction to penis enlargement before attempting to perform these advanced ones.

Going further into the advanced level, penis advantage program also numerous additional advanced workouts. Explore these workouts when you are ready as they are advanced and could inflict pain or injury to the penis if done wrongly.

There are also workouts designed for gaining girth and length respectively. This is useful when you feel you hit the plateau when performing normal workouts only.

Advanced Targeted Exercises

62-Day Hard Gainer Crash Course

For Advanced Users
Advanced Workouts

Yes! You’ve read it right. There is a 62-days penis enlargement program within this program. However, one very important thing to note before implementing this program. One must have completed the 6 weeks penile exercises outlined earlier in the program.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to remember this as this 62-day penis enlargement crash course is considered very advanced training program designed for experienced individuals.

The creators of this 62-day PE crash course(within penis advantage) are confident it can deliver gain up to 1 inch guaranteed if the routine are followed exactly. That is a truly bold statement from the creators of the program, but there are members who vouched to have achieved such gain after implementing the course.


  • The penis enlargement exercises are proven to work.
  • Penis size increase is permanent
  • Does not require to take pills or supplements, but if you take a good dietary supplementation, it can surely help on the process
  • The use of penis enlargement devices like penis pumps and traction extenders is not a requirement, although for those who have these devices or who can afford to buy it, it does help
  • Achieve better ejaculatory control preventing premature ejaculation
  • Forum availability where users can share their experiences and tips


  • Requires long perseverance and patience performing the exercise routines, which is very common in penis enlargement. Anyone looking for quick solutions in penis enlargement, this is not for you.
  • No clinical tests conducted, though majority of the users achieved good results. In fact, personally… I don’t think I would wait for clinical results before I get started. For almost 2 years now that I’ve implemented most of the exercises, I’ve gained not only in size, but stamina and erection quality.
  • Results are slower compare to using a penis pumps or extender, but if you don’t have the budget to buy the devices, Penis Advantage program is a great starting point.

Testimonials From Those Who Implemented The Program

Penis Advantage Natural Erection Enlargement Works

The effectiveness of performing manual penis exercises has already helped thousands of men worldwide. Below are some of the men who have implemented the various routines inside the Penis Advantage program. Most of these positive feedback are sent through email and Penis Advantage members area chat box.

Checkout what these men are saying about their experiences, gains and success achieved implementing the routines. These are actual testimonials submitted by individuals who have gone through the penis advantage program. You will find more testimonials if you head over to the official website.

Penis Advantage Works
  • 4
    1 to 3 Inches in 3 Months

    I came into this thing thinking that claims of 1 to 3 inches in 3 months would be hard to come by, but I did think that this would work, but it will take more time than that. I have already seen gains for myself, without being truly dedicated to my workouts, but since I am seeing the gains… I am making it a point to stick to it now. My erections do feel stronger and heavier. (posted inside the members only chat room)

  • 3
    .25 to .5 Gain When I Am Truly Pumped

    I’ve been on the program for about 3 weeks or so. I’ve notice about .25 to .5 gain when I am truly pumped after a workout. Just thought I’d share that bit of info. (posted inside the members only chat room)

  • 2
    I Gained 1 Inch By The Programs They Recommended

    I gained 1 inch by the programs they recommended for the weeks 1 to 6. I recommend you to read the manual again and by word for word and stick to it. I did exactly as they recommended for weeks 1 to 6 but continued it for 2 more weeks and then had grown an inch in erect length. (posted inside the members only chat room)

  • 1
    0.2 to 0.3 Inch Gains in Girth and 0.3 Gains in Erect Length

    Stop asking if it works, just try it and see. I am currently on week 3 of my program. Have seen about 0.2 to 0.3 inch gains in girth and about 0.3 gains in erect length. Flaccid size unaffected but who cares erections are much more powerful and my penis looks veinier and more powerful, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of dicks. Can’t wait to see the results I’ll get in to 2 to 4 months at this rate. Thank you penis advantage! (posted inside the members only chat room)

What To Do Beyond The Penis Advantage Skills and Knowledge?

What To Do After You’ve Gone Through The Entire Penis Advantage Program and Routines?
The Trinity Blueprint Penis Enlargement Guide

The PenisAdvantage erection enlargement program is a complete set of penis exercise programs and routines. For most people, it’s more than enough(honestly) to get started and get your feet wet putting yourself in the right mood and thinking about doing penis enlargement successfully.

It has all the basics and when you’re done with the fundamentals, the advance 62-Day Hard Gainer Crash Course is a great next stepping stone to take your results next step further. Now, in order to master the basics, it might take you time, and don’t attempt to move on into the advanced stuff unless you’re immersed yourself with the fundamentals, or have seen some good progress with it.

Furthermore, there are those who want to take a more serious approach to penis enlargement by taking further steps to understand on how to achieve better and bigger results. Of course, the use of penis enlargement devices or aids like pumps and traction devices are helpful, but there are those who want to take further approach through natural penis enlargement(N.P.E) with a combination of penis exercises and understanding the psychology behind it, and even consider overall health including, of course, sexual and penile health.

If you’re one of these elite individuals who take one more step further, PenisAdvantage has an optional upgrade for you called The Trinity Blueprint especially offered as an upgrade option for PenisAdvantage users and subscribers. It is optional, however, if you do feel the need for more, this is a great option. The upgrade link is found inside the PenisAdvantage members area, and you’ll be able to see this once you’ve logged into your account.

The Trinity Blueprint brings together a revolutionary and diverse penis enlargement elements allowing its users to achieve effective and successful penis enlargement results using an efficient program. The Trinity Blueprint not only looked at penis exercise routines but also take an additional approach by taking care of health through proper dieting when doing penis enlargement.

It also includes on addressing stress as it affects one’s results and performance. There are plenty of good stuff inside, and although many don’t consider these essential to penis enlargement efforts, they all do matters in reality especially if you’re serious about getting long-term results in both gains and performance.

As a matter of fact, one chapter of The Trinity Blueprint is dedicated to diet, fitness, motivation and mental attitude, and stress management. It also includes a tracking system that is helpful in tracking your progress, which in turn can boost your motivation further.

So, if you feel you need more when you finished the Penis Advantage program, The Trinity Blueprint is a good upgrade option. When you reached and logged in to your Penis Advantage account, you might want to check more on how The Trinity Blueprint could give you some edge in your penis enlargement journey.

Final Thoughts

Taking The Results To The Next Level

The penis enlargement exercises taught within the Penis Advantage guide as truly an all-natural means of enlarging the penis. However, these exercises can be taken to the next level and achieve better results.

The penis exercises can be compared to typical body workout without the aid of machines or equipment. Furthermore, any exercise that is use along with some sort of machine, gadgets or equipment the results can double or even triple in a short amount of time.

What do I mean? Penis advantage exercises are best used along with penis enlargement devices such as penis pumps and extenders. Among the best penis pumps in the market are Penomet and Bathmate while SizeGenetics when it comes to penis extender devices.

If you can get any of these penis enlargement devices, results can be achieved in a short amount of time. However, keep in mind that the Penis Advantage guide does not oblige its users to buy any of these devices such as pumps and extenders, as well as earlier mentioned, pills like VigRX Plus.

However, if you are serious about increasing the size of your penis, you can go the extra mile and use Penis Advantage along with these devices and pills. Of course, it will additional costs and if your wallet does not allow it, simply stick to the Penis Advantage comprehensive penis enlargement exercises guide.

More Gains with Penis Advantage
Penis Advantage Routines Commitment

Lastly, never overdo any exercise outlined in the program as it might inflict negative impact instead of positive gains. The primary goal here is to encourage the penis to grow, not to force it. Most importantly, remember phenomenal results cannot be achieve overnight.

This program requires persistence and 100% commitment. Performing these exercises daily as described, then within 2 to 8 weeks, significant difference can be noticed in both size gains and increased performance of the penis, sexually in bed.

Join The Thousands of Happy Men Who Have Maximized Their Penis Size Gains and Achieved A Much Better Active Sex Life Using The Techniques In The Penis Advantage.

This program works, unless you just buy and simply read it without taking action, it will not work. It simply comes down to frustration. In fact, this is the primary reason why some people call this program a scam, or penis enlargement a scam because they simply read it and did not perform any of the exercises outlined.

To make this program work for you just as with others who have already enjoyed what they have achieved, read and apply the techniques. PE is no difference with any other aspect in life towards achieving the goals successfully.

Purchase Penis Advantage at Official Website


  1. Try a good penis enlargement pill such as Extenze (black) and use a penis exercise routine.

    Take other supplements too such as Zinc, B6, Vitamin E, Stress B-Complex, Vitamin C and a good multi-vitamin for men. And drink plenty of water! And eat well and get plenty of rest!

    It is starting to work for me and I am over 50! Stay focused!

  2. This somewhat opened up my eyes about penis enlargement. I used to buy a variety of penis enlargement pills, or should I say now…male virility enhancement only pills. My experiences was great on certain pills, but what I’m really looking forward to achieving is increasing penis size, but haven’t realized it. Therefore, I will get myself into penis enlargement exercises… I’ll give myself time…say about a year from now and see how much size I could gained at that time. I have no prior experience on penis enlargement except for taking pills…that’s all it.

  3. I have just recently get interested in penis enhancement and searching for the right method as well as some reality to it. It’s challenging but I guess I’ll have to start somewhere and go with this one. I understand you’re not the product creator, but hopefully, I can come back sometime here and chat, or perhaps you have some tips for me.

  4. I was confused as to which penis enlargement supplement to take, but sadly as what I’ve read here and in other popularly dedicated penis enlargement site, supplements should not be taken as a primary strategy to increase penis size. As I’ve pondered on it, it does make sense. I thought, it would be best for me to pick a guide that I can reference from now and then because as a beginner I think I have a lot to learn and reading from various sources can be time consuming although I’m open to such a thing. For now, I’ll go for this route. Thank you, btw for the excellent explanation. It really is a wake up call for me and for those who are looking for shortcuts.

  5. I’m no desperate with my size, but I’m definitely trying out what’s in the guide. I’m 22 years old with just 4+ inches when fully erect.

  6. Ok, I’ve decided to pull the trigger and get it a few days ago when I first stumbled on this page. There are lots routines inside and of course reading them can take a day or so, but implementing these routines really takes time and you’re right on your advocacy Michael, penis enlargement should be look at and approach with long-term goals and commitment. That was a real eye-opener for me who thought I could achieve amazing permanent gains in just a month or less.

  7. First of all, I honestly know here are certain penis enlargement techniques that in fact work. About a year ago I made use of these hand penis exercises like jelqing and stretching and it made my penis thicker (bigger circumference) within months of doing the exercises consistently a few minutes everyday.

    To my surprise, it didn’t extend the length of my penis, so now I’m planning of continuing the exercises and at the same time getting and using a penis extender. I think that’s a good combination for me. I aiming to gaining 1 to 2 inches in length.

  8. Does masturbation can make my penis bigger? I mean, I’ve been doing it for years but not everyday. It just came to my mind as masturbation is somewhat stresses the penis during masturbation, right?

    • With the typical masturbation, not really…but with edging and ballooning it could, and combining it with jelqing and stretching it work a lot better.

  9. I’m looking at gaining 3 inches…currently my penis length is at 4.5 during full erection and 4 inches in girth, full erection, too. No prior experience, but I’m willing to get into it. Hopefully, this program will get me started and help me reach my goal.

    • Penis enlargement is a reality and anyone serious about it can achieve gains in penis size both girth and length. It is also the most exploit topic in spamming taking advantage of men’s weakness and low self-esteem of having a small penis size. But, it’s possible if you have the interest, goal, and determination to implement the routine consistently. Penis advantage program has been long available online, and even though there are those who fail to achieve their desired goal, lots have been persistent and enjoy the gains they want in the end.

  10. Hmmm…. I think this would be of great use for me. I’m taking male dietary supplementation, and this maybe a good complimentary to it. Supplements+exercise might make up a good combination. What do you think?

    • Although, doing penis enlargement routines does not require one to take supplements, it can be of great help. Go for it if you’re really interested in achieving permanent gains. Take note though, if you’re a beginner in penis enlargement, you should not expect overnight results, instead treat it as a long term commitment.

  11. Looks good penis enlargement workout program. This could be helpful ways to enhance stamina, width, size of the head, and increase length. But, one question… does this exercises can help increase semen volume and sperm quality?

  12. Although, the program stated no pumps and pills, I think it’s still helpful to use either or both especially for one who is in advanced routines already.

  13. I’ve already heard this since 2005(I think, if I can recall correctly). I always ignore it especially those being posted online that are spamming with this program. Until recently, I got very curious about it and bought membership for it. I was amaze the basic things can do help in improving sexual health. The beginners guide is detailed and safety is prioritized.

    Been following the program for 8 months now… no noticeable gains, yet but my sexual stamina and erection hardness are both improved substantially. I’m about to enter into its hard gainer crash course, but I think I’m not ready yet… But it’s good although there have not many videos, but the information are well-organized and laid out and easy to find. Great review here,,,,buddy!

  14. It’s been a while I became interested in natural methods of increasing my penis size and I think I’ve found what I needed. In fact, I’ve started doing jelqing for 2 months now and I think I’m in need of a more advanced routines I can stick to from now on. I’ll be looking into this later as it sparked my interests after watching the video’s virtual tour. I’m also planning of getting bathmate or penomet(can’t decide which one for now), but will stick to manual for now

  15. Probably, I was one of those excited individuals to know that natural penis enlargement is really possible although as it has been mentioned in the article, it’s not that easy, but possible. Firstly, I do want to take pills route, but it seems it’s not a smart idea at all. So, I’ll be going the exercises way… but before I’m going to get into this program, I think it may be ideal for me to begin with the basics that are provided here. To tell the truth, I’m excited and at the same time a bit worried and I can feel it, but the only way to move forward is to get it started.

    Btw, thank you for showing the entire contents although they’ve masked out for privacy purposes, but at least I have a good picture and know what to expect. I’m pretty intrigued with the hard gainer crash course 🙂

  16. I recently purchase a penis enhancement pills online and due to my excitement i didn’t do any research about it. I was in the notion of it would make the penis bigger as seller claimed. Too late to know it’s seemed I’m just getting ripped off and as I’ve read through, pills are really not the way to go, but thankfully I’ve found this penis enlargement program. I’ll get on this as soon as possible and thank you for making me informed about it that I should take it as a long-term effort.

  17. The first time I saw it I thought this is a pure rip off as reading many reviews online telling hype that are unrealistic. Now I come to realized that this thing is not easy and could work if the applied in a the right manner. I’m very interested in it, but since what I’ve read mostly are seem to be scammy, I didn’t bother trying it. However, with your guidance plus the tips a I’ve read from you… looks like it kicks my brain again to go with it. I’m no particularly interested in gaining 5 inches, but an inch gain would be awesome for me and health maintenance at the same time.

  18. It’s been awhile since I got interested in penis enlargement workouts and in fact, I’ve been looking closely at this particular program. I’m convinced after watching the video and took a virtual of the workouts inside the members area. It think this is a lot better than taking supplements because I’ve been taking supplements and have not achieved any gains at all, though it helped me gain improvements in erection and stamina. thanks for the informative video.

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