Overcome Procrastination (Laziness) With This Japanese Technique, KaiZen


The majority of us feel tired at some point if not most of the time and often postpone a work or project. Instead of doing it right in this instance, we tend to do it next time, tomorrow or even the following week.

We procrastinate a lot and this habit can cause a lot whether in business or personal life. But is there something we can do to overcome this habit? There are experts in self-improvement say to set goal. However, regardless goals are being set, still, the habit of procrastination wins.

Well, one Japanese technique might just be the answer to overcoming procrastination or in other words, feeling lazy. The technique is called KaiZen, which comes from two Japanese words Kai meaning change and Zen meaning wisdom. In some other texts, zen means understanding yourself.

Here’s how KaiZen works.

Mindful Of Being Productive

One of the other things to overcome laziness is to make things simple. Most of the time, making simple things helps boost productivity. Hence, instead of aiming to work long hours and appearing to be busy, be mindful of your productivity.

Breaking bigger tasks into smaller chunks makes the job easier and faster. When the brain perceives it as easy, fast and simple, we tend to do it. Now, the key here is to organize smaller chunks in order to achieve bigger tasks.

For instance, if you’re planning on writing a book, work on it chapter by chapter. But prior to it, make sure you have a good structure or flow of the chapters of your book. Then, start working on it chapter by chapter instead of writing everything in one sitting.

Of course, if you have the focus, it can be done easily. But if you’re trying to overcome the feeling of laziness and tend to procrastinate very often, this is a good idea to start practicing mindfulness.


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