Overcome Fear With This Buddhist Simple Message


We all have fear. Even those who say they are fearless have some fears at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the majority of people today are living in fear. For most people, it’s difficult to overcome fear. This is why advertisements of all sorts have their fear factor that impacts the reader or viewer.

You might say, well, those ads have no effects on me. But in reality, it affects you subconsciously. The words in advertisements are carefully chosen to elevate the impact of fear in a subtle way.

What Is Fear?

In the book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, the author of the book says fear is a state of mind. This means we have control in changing the state of mind and turn fear into love.

Moreover, Tony Robbins says fear is energy. It is energy from the state of mind. And, guess what, the more you focus on fear, the stronger it becomes. Where your attention goes, the energy flows.

Unfortunately, most people are easily drawn to fear. Fear is a strong energy. However, if we know more about fear and how to defeat it, the higher our chances of winning.

Valuable Message To Overcome Fear

If fear is a strong energy, it should be difficult to defeat. Fortunately, familiarizing yourself about fear makes it easier to defeat fear. This involves getting to know how fear works, what feeds it and how to make it powerless.

Just like the military, in order to defeat the enemy and emerge victorious in a battle, military leaders study and make plans. Fortunately, for us, we don’t need to go to combat to fight fear.

Remember, fear is a state of mind and we should tackle fear through mental works. In a book When Things Fall Apart, the author, who is a buddhist describes how to overcome fear in a story format.

Here’s what he says on how to overcome fear.

Overcome Fear Tip

If you observe when fear strikes on you, there is somewhat a conversation in your head going on. Well, this is what the author meant. If you don’t follow what fear is asking you to do, it’s powerless.

Sounds simple, right? Yes, it is! However, if you’re programmed not to do this way, it’s difficult. Fortunately, there are tools that can help us in defeating fear by ignoring it.

Useful Tools To Overcome Fear

Probably, one of the most useful tools towards overcoming fear is meditation or mindfulness. It is an ancient practice, and yet it is a valuable for us today helping us deal anxiety, stress and fear.

Another tool at our disposal is yoga or even tai chi. Practicing more often either yoga or tai chi is helpful towards defeating fear.

Not All Fears Are Bad

This is an important thing to remember. Not all fears are bad. Therefore, you don’t have to aim to be absolutely fearless. Fear can save your life. For instance, you know you’re heading in a direction of a hurricane, it’s OK to stop or divert your route.

On the other hand, if you fear of something that only occurs in your mind, this is the kind of fear you should aim of defeating. For example, you’re not applying for a job because you’re afraid of being rejected. Well, it’s not happening yet, it only occurs in your mind.

Another example is that you want to court a girl, but since the fear of rejection is overpowering, you don’t do it. These are the kinds of fear you should overcome as it hinder you from achieving something bigger and better in your life.


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