4 Ways To Overcome Fatigue Through Dietary Changes


A healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet is essential for the body to facilitate self-healing. In some cases, there are foods essential to overcome fatigue.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is very common today appearing as a sore throat, joint pains, impaired memory, debilitating fatigue, headaches and many others. To aid in reducing the effects or even overcome chronic fatigue, try the following tips.

4 Dietary Changes To Overcome Fatigue

Here are four dietary changes you can implement to help lessen the symptoms or even overcome fatigue. There are no magical formulas; hence, take time to implement and see which one works for you.

Sometimes, doing just one of these can have significant positive impact. Otherwise, implement a combination of the following or even do them all.

  1. Lessen protein intake to 10% of your daily calorie requirement. Furthermore, focusing on consuming plant-based proteins can be helpful plus the dietary fibers, which is good for appetite suppression and avoiding food cravings.

  2. Increase your fruits and vegetables intake as they contain protective phytochemicals.

  3. Eat garlic regularly as it contains natural antibiotic. There are garlic supplements available but prefer to eat fresh and raw garlic.

  4. Include in your diet immune-enhancing mushrooms such as maitake, oyster, enokidake and shiitake mushrooms.

However, if you’re in the process of switching to a healthy way of eating and feeling fatigue, here’s what you should do.

Feeling Fatigue While Switching To A Healthier Diet

There those who put their efforts to switching towards a healthier diet and yet, they feel fatigue. If you’re one of these people, here’s how you can overcome fatigue with Dr. Justin Marchegiani D.C. tips.

As Dr. Marchegiani explained in the video, during the first week or two the body relies on fat for fuel and less on glucose. This is more like a ketogenic diet, isn’t it?

Well, what if you’re in ketogenic diet already and yet, you feel tired?

Overcome Fatigue While In A Ketogenic Diet

Now, you’re eating a ketogenic diet and yet you feel tired, why? To help us clear the answers, Dr. Eric Berg explains more.

Watch the video and you’ll very interesting info. You might be lacking the B vitamins particular vitamin B5, or Pantothenic acid.

So, if you’re feeling tired while on a ketogenic diet, you might be low or lack of vitamin B5. However, in Dr. Gominak suggests getting all the B vitamins instead of zeroing on one B vitamin.

Fatigue Fighting Foods

When it comes to nutrition, you should be eating energy-boosting foods to help overcome fatigue. However, it’s not just solid foods but certain beverages like Macha Tea, which is a type of green tea.

Or, simply eat whole foods (preferably organic) that are mood-bosting. However, prior putting those organic foods in your mouth, make sure to wash fruits and vegetables appropriately with apple cider vinegar.

Furthermore, healthy energy and mood-boosting foods are also known as aphrodisiac foods. Regular intake of these foods is good to overcome fatigue, which includes dark chocolate and pistachios. In addition, eating nuts like walnuts has many health benefits as they contain healthy fats, dietary fiber, and other beneficial nutrients.

What Foods To Avoid Fatigue?

If there’s one food that you should avoid, it’s sugar. Consuming sugar is not bad as long as it’s beyond the body can metabolize. Hence, minimizing sugar consumption is vital.

There are studies that prove the health risks of eating way too much sugar such as depression in men and sugar feeds cancer cells.

Of course, regular exercise, drinking coffee, ensuring proper hydration, and achieving good quality sleep all play a role to overcome fatigue.


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