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One Hot Dog Bite Stopped A 9-Year Old Boy’s Heart Beat

The mouth-watering look of a hot dog is irresistible. Why not? It tastes good, too! However are you aware of the health risks of eating hot dogs?

The WHO(World Health Organization) declared highly processed meats including hot dogs as carcinogens. In one incident, one hot dog bite is all it took to cause an instantaneous harmful effect.

A 9-year old Turkish boy has been reported to have his heart beat stopped while enjoying a hot dog. The suddenly collapsed after taking a hot dog bite. Those who were around him assumed the boy was choking.

However, it turned out, what happened as more serious than they thought. The boy suffered a cardiac arrest.

The 9-year old boy suffers from a rare condition known as Brugada syndrome. CNN reports an interview with Dr. Anne Dublin, a pediatric cardiology expert says that there’s nothing to panic as the condition is very rare.

Would You Take Chances For Your Kid’s Health?

When it comes to choking, Johns Hopkins Medicine says that kids under 3 years old are at risk of choking. However, it’s been a fact that hot dogs are not good for health especially for kids.

In one study1 by researchers at the University of California Medical School found that processed meats including hot dogs can increase risk of leukemia in children.

What’s even more alarming, the researchers say that even with fruit consumption does not provide any protection.

Children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia. –The LA Times

What You Should Give To Your Children, Instead?

Instead of giving and familiarizing your children’s taste with highly processed meats, train them to eat more fruits and vegetables. Even nuts are good for them, too.

These are whole foods packed with nutrients like vitamins and minerals, as well as dietary fibers. All of these are vital for nurturing your children’s gut health. Moreover, with regular consumption of these types of foods allows their body to detox naturally.

Furthermore, it is important for parents and guardians to set as children’s model by encouraging them to stay active physically. It does only keep them happy and active, it makes them healthy, too both mentally and physically.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to buying fresh produce, always choose organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. When we say organic, we’re referring to foods grown the traditional way without the use of chemicals.

On the other hand, when that is a difficult option, make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables well to eliminate or at least minimize chemical residue. Here’s how you should do it?

Are There Any Healthy Options For Hot Dogs?

You may one of the people asking this question. The tradition of hot dogs is irresistible. However, instead of buying ready-made and packaged hot dogs, which you don’t know the actual ingredients, why not make your own.

For Vegans, here’s how you can make your own hot dogs vegan version.


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