Eat Nutmeg To Boost Your Sex Life And Prevent Erectile Dysfunction


Nutmeg is one of the known aphrodisiac foods. It is popularly known as a spice from a seed of a nutmeg tree also known as the Myristica fragrans. Studies1 found nutmeg has medicinal properties. In fact, one study2 back in 2005 shown nutmeg is beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction.

Traditionally, nutmeg is used to treat male sexual dysfunction. However, recent studies were done on mice. In one study, an alcohol extract of nutmeg has shown to boost male sexual potency and libido.

Nutmeg vs Viagra

One of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs is sildenafil or Viagra. Hence, the scientists conducting the studies compare the effect between nutmeg extract and sildenafil.

The scientists gave various doses of nutmeg extract to a group of rats while sildenafil on the other group. The experiment ran for seven days. Durin the course of the 7-day experiment, the rats were carefully observed with their sexual activities.

The researchers found that nutmeg increases the male rat’s sexual activity. Moreover, no adverse side effects and toxicity was found.

The resultant significant and sustained increase in the sexual activity of normal male rats without any conspicuous adverse effects indicates that the 50% ethanolic extract of nutmeg possesses aphrodisiac activity, increasing both libido and potency, which might be attributed to its nervous stimulating property.

Additionally, another study3 found that seed extracts from nutmeg inhibits enzymes relevant to erectile dysfunction along with moringa.

In a another study4, researchers found that nutmeg and clove extracts are beneficial for sexual function.

Other Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Certainly, nutmeg is not only beneficial for sexual health but offers many other health benefits, as well. Among the other health benefits of nutmeg include;

  • Relieves pain
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Boosts brain health
  • Beneficial for oral health
  • Regulates proper blood pressure
  • Beneficial for treating insomnia and leukemia
  • Good for skin care

Other Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sex Life

You don’t have to rely on one thing or a single herb like nutmeg. Of course, it’s very helpful to know that such a popular spice can help improve your sex life.

Do other beneficial things towards improving your sex life like exercise, regular yoga practice and meditation.

The good thing about improving your sex life is you learning it as part of an overall system. Meaning, working on improving your sex life creates a domino effect that boosts other aspects including heart and brain health.

In fact, this is the amazing benefits of leaning towards the natural way of improving overall health and wellbeing. You’ll discover that a healthy lifestyle does not only involve one thing but a set of healthy practices towards the benefit of the entire body.

Generally speaking, hot and spicy foods are not only good for longevity and boosting metabolism but also for your sex life.


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