Listening To This Music Reduces Anxiety By 65 Percent


Anxiety is very common these days and it affects millions globally. There are many science-backed natural ways to relieve anxiety. However, who would have thought that listening to this music reduces anxiety, too?

It’s true that regular meditation practice is an amazing way to combat anxiety and even weightlifting is just as helpful.

This Music Reduces Anxiety

The Mindlab in the U.K. has been providing neuromarketing solutions. They also discover that one song, Weightless by Marconi Union is the most relaxing song on earth.

Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, a neuropsychologist, and chairman of Mindlab wants to know which songs people should listen to reduce stress and anxiety. His team finds Marconi Union’s Weightless music is significantly beneficial.

In the Mindlab study, they took several participants to complete stressful puzzles as fast as they can. And, while solving the puzzles, they were listening to different songs.

Additionally, the researchers also monitor the participants’ blood pressure, heart rate and breathing while completing the puzzles. In the end, one song stood as a winner, the Weightless by Marconi Union.

It reduces anxiety levels by 65%, which is an amazingly significant reduction. However, Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson says this music should not be played in the car while driving. It might make the driver feel sleepy and might cause road accidents.

Here is the most relaxing music on the planet, Weightless by Marconi Union. You can also buy it via Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Stress and anxiety reduction is very important for health. For instance, one study1 finds stress weakens the body’s immune system, which is makes us vulnerable to diseases.

Furthermore, anxiety robs you of energy making you feel tired all the time throughout the day. Shockingly, the Atlantic reports a paper from Harvard and Stanford Business Schools that stress-related deaths are higher than Alzheimer’s, diabetes and flu.

Therefore, put more effort on keeping stress and anxiety under control. Even Tony Robbins has simple tips for avoiding anxiety. And, what could even more effortless by simply listening to Marconi Union’s Weightless music on a daily basis.

Of course, to make it more beneficial and effective, you can combine it with yoga and meditation. It’s just calming and relaxing. Furthermore, while Weightless is considered the most relaxing, of course, there is other relaxing music you can listen to.

Fortunately, we don’t have to look and compile them as INC provided us with a good playlist of relaxing music including Weightless, of course.

The standard length of Weightless is roughly 8 minutes but if you need it longer because you want to listen while sleeping, just set your player to repeat mode. Or, you can listen to this free 10-hour official version of weightless.


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