MultiVitamins Have No Benefit For Heart Health Support

Today, supplements is a huge market and a multibillion-dollar industry. There are essential vitamins that support overall health while some have a particular purpose such as the dietary male supplements. But one study1 finds that multivitamins seem to have no positive impact on heart health.

The researchers’ conclusion;

Our meta-analysis of clinical trials and prospective cohort studies demonstrates that MVM supplementation does not improve cardiovascular outcomes in the general population.

Cleveland Clinic’s Leslie Cho, M.D. has similar views of that supplements particularly multivitamins have no benefit on heart health.

Moreover, this is the first study to explore this area. In fact, another study2 has similar findings.

Supplements Are Not Magic Bullets

Only if realize and take it seriously that supplements are no substitute for healthy lifestyle practices. Although supplements are effective when taken appropriately, its benefits can be fully enjoyed without proper nutrition.

Instead of focusing on taking multivitamin supplementations solely, increasing fruits and vegetable intake can offer better results. Additionally, quitting bad habits such as smoking and alcoholism are just as valuable for overall health including the heart.

Moreover, a study finds that drinking coffee is good for heart health. Of course, it depends on the type of coffee. Always opt for real coffee and not a coffee with unhealthy added stuff.

Exercise is also essential for physical fitness. And, you don’t have to do rigorous long exercises at the gym. Practicing gentle exercises like yoga and tai-chi is both beneficial for the heart.

Combining The Best of Both Worlds

You don’t have to choose or prefer one for the other. Instead, enjoy the benefits from good nutrition practices by eating whole foods, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle practices.

Don’t make a mistake into thinking that supplementations like multivitamins can solve all your health needs. Even specific heart supplements like CoQ10 and Omega-3 are not enough without prioritizing proper nutrition.

Speaking of proper nutrition, avoiding certain foods that are bad for heart health is extremely helpful. The great thing about making proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes to a higher priority, supplements can provide better results.

That is what these supplements for. It supports one’s healthy lifestyle practices including a good diet rather than taking it solely and expect to be healthy. It does not work that way.

Other good supplements include Vitamin D and Vitamin K2. But again, take them as supplements or support to healthy lifestyle changes. The human body is consists of many systems working together in harmony. When one system is affected, other systems are also affected.

Taking a holistic approach to healing and health is essential. And, there is no better way to holistic healing than employing natural means and simply letting the body do its own healing.

And, one more thing, vitamin E is also beneficial for the heart but study has conflicting findings. Here is why?

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